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26th Nov 2007, 20:23
Huv ye seen what the new Jag looks like?

Whit a mistake that is!!!!

having once been the very proud owner of one, i will not be looking forward to buying that s***e.

Help ma boab !! Where will it end?:{


27th Nov 2007, 06:57
This thread is useless without pictures.....

27th Nov 2007, 08:01

Jaguar XF

Always a pleasure to assist.

27th Nov 2007, 08:38
The new scooby's pretty pants as well!!:yuk:

27th Nov 2007, 08:41
The trouble with Jags is they've looked the same for forty years and nobody buys them anymore - probably not helped by dressing up a mondeo too. So you can't blame them for changing. Do or die for Browns Lane.

27th Nov 2007, 08:53

Whats wrong with it? It's far far better looking than that carbunkle that was the S-Type

27th Nov 2007, 08:57
The front looks like a Nissan Fuga.

James 1077
27th Nov 2007, 08:58
Mmmm, I want one!!!!

27th Nov 2007, 08:58
I was driving around Coventry a couple of weeks ago and one of these passed me - it is fabulous - really head turning.
This with their bi-turbo diesel should be quite a car.

Stunning car.

Trent Steel
27th Nov 2007, 09:05
It looks far better than most of the samey motors they normally churn out. Blatantly ripped the rear lights off an Aston but guess they just used, what were, the 'Ford' group of companies as a massive parts bin for making this!

Howard Hughes
27th Nov 2007, 09:40
The new scooby's pretty pants as well!!

27th Nov 2007, 10:11
It disnae even look like a jag, does it?

It's more reminiscent of a Skoda with the front grille and the badge, hardly instantly recognisable as a Jaguar.

ok they have had more or less the same design for a long time, but that is in my humble opinion what makes them special.

Why can't they do what Aston Martin etc do? that is pay homage to the design, quality and shape of previous models.

Oops i forgot Jaguar are still owned by Ford, says it all really!!:{

Out Of Trim
27th Nov 2007, 11:27
Well I'd like one - Looks Great!

27th Nov 2007, 11:41
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I behold it looks bloody great in the photo.. will have to see it up close...
In these days of CAD it's difficult for designers to avoid their cars looking like every other car....after all the computers are being fed the same requirements so all come up with the same answers... I'll bet it's stunning inside...Jags always are...
Unfortunately the days have gone when William Lyons would have the latest jaguar design fabricated in balsa wood to it's full size and parked in his drive-way so that he could look at it for a couple of weeks before suggesting any changes... those cars were a product of a mans mind rather than a number crunching computer... difficult to inject character into a design nowadays... but for my money this look pretty good and way better than the current boring mercedes designs (agreed the mercs are probably the best engineered ..mass produced... cars on the road )

27th Nov 2007, 13:04
The old scooby was pants.

Track Coastal
27th Nov 2007, 13:10
looks good to me (I'm an ex MkII owner). Be glad to be seen in it but does it go (and have that jag ride)?

Loose rivets
27th Nov 2007, 13:29
Nothing will ever compare.


Life's a Beech
27th Nov 2007, 13:33
The girl or the car? Both look rather decent to me!

27th Nov 2007, 13:35
The Hotty on the right or the Hotty on the left ???:E

Personally my dream is going to remain the XK150S ( with overdrive) DHC .. BR Green or Dark Blue.. Crome wires.. Connely hide interior... aaahhhhh

Out Of Trim
27th Nov 2007, 14:07
It's Very Nice!


And don't they like it too.. Yep!


27th Nov 2007, 14:12
British racing green 65 E-type coupé for me please :}


27th Nov 2007, 14:15
What is a Jag supposed to look like anyway? If you want retro. go buy one. New model looks the bizz. to me.
Be 'interesting' (yawn) to see what the schoolboys on Top Gear have to say.

Track Coastal
27th Nov 2007, 14:34
The 59 XK DHC looks mighty nice and would be lovely to own for a Sunday spin. ...but I drove one of these XKs in Canada for a day (LHD) and even tho LHD is like batting left handed its one sweet car (and blows my old MKII away)...


27th Nov 2007, 19:23
Blatantly ripped the rear lights off an Aston

Didn't the designer of the Aston DB7 (Scottish bloke I think) move to Jaguar? May well be totally wrong but it rings a distant bell from a year or two back on something I saw on Top Gear about the DB7 and if I recall they had him draw a 60sec version of a modern E-type on a flipchart - something like that?

27th Nov 2007, 19:40
Give that man a coconut!
Ian Callum:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Callum

In 1991, he was appointed Chief Designer and General Manager of TWR Design. During this period he was responsible for designing the Aston Martin DB7, which is probably the design he is currently most famous for. He also designed the Aston Martin Vanquish, the V12-powered DB7 Vantage and Aston Martin's Project Vantage concept car
In 1999, Callum was appointed to succeed the late Geoff Lawson as Design Director at Jaguar, which had become a Ford Motor Company subsidiary in 1990. For a short stint, Callum directed design at both Jaguar and Aston Martin and it is claimed that he laid the foundations for the DB9 which was later finished by Henrik Fisker, though the extent of his contribution remains unclear. At Jaguar, since the Lawson designed 2001 X-Type and 2002 XJ were well advanced his influence was initially felt through a series of concepts, the 2001 R-Coupe and 2003 R-D6. The first production Jaguar to bear his influence was the 2004 facelift of the S-Type followed by the 2004 X-Type Estate, of which he was responsible for the tailgate design.
With the next generation of Jaguar models Callum hopes to take Jaguar away from the Lawson-era retroism, which produced the slow-selling X-Type, S-Type, and XJ towards a language that is more dynamic and modern. This coincides with a change of strategy for Jaguar, which will see them becoming a more exclusive and low-volume manufacturer. According to Callum, ‘Jaguars should be perceived as cool cars and cool cars attract interesting, edgy people.’ The first next-generation model which reflects this ethos is his first complete production Jaguar, the 2006 XK, which bears striking similarity to the Aston Martin DB9, which Callum describes as being a result of modern safety legislation. This new direction is continued with the 2008 XF as previewed by the concept C-XF, which Callum describes as the ‘next significant step forward’ in Jaguar's design direction.

Loose rivets
27th Nov 2007, 19:49
Oooooh. Fancy having a car with a protuberance like that -- and having three sirens fondling it with such delac.............What the heck am I saying? Orf for a quick shower.

27th Nov 2007, 20:20
Navigate to YouTube by typing in address and typing search text 'Top Gear DB7' then clicking on mouse - half a minute.

Search result (http://uk.youtube.com/results?search_query=Top+Gear+DB7&search=Search) < 1 second (elapsed) as far as my primitive brain can estimate

Look at content of very first (of many) suggested clips but constrained by playback speed suitable for my brain to see if it matches my recollection - 10 minutes

How on earth did we cope without technology?

cvt person
27th Nov 2007, 20:45
'Do or die for browns lane' Apart from the trim shop Browns Lane closed some time ago. No jags are produced in Coventry anymore although they are stll designed at the Whitley design centre ( where the whitley bomber came from)

27th Nov 2007, 23:48
Great car :ok:
can you get the car in metalic pink?