View Full Version : "Presents I DON'T want for Xmas" List

26th Nov 2007, 12:37
Touch me with this (http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/invt/18792&bklist=) & I'll scream!

Flip Flop Flyer
26th Nov 2007, 13:24
Am fairly certain nobody in my family would be daft enough to get me something as useless as that.

My daughter will give me something useless she's banged together herself in school, but that's ok as it'll be made with love (and I can stash it away in the basement once back home).

I've really tried to get out of this whole present circus, but despite best efforts always seem to get dragged back in. It's only fun buying pressies for kids anyway, but as luck would have it my cousin's got a 3 year old boy who shall be spoiled with toys, toys and yet more toys. Daughter is now 12 and want's a bleedin' horse! Told her to forget it until such time she starts making her own money.

Me? Just get me a good book or a pair of black socks.

26th Nov 2007, 13:31
She is not alone. I believe Catherine the Great also asked for a horse.

26th Nov 2007, 13:52
"She is not alone. I believe Catherine the Great also asked for a horse."

Pretty sure she didn't ride it side saddle either...:rolleyes:

26th Nov 2007, 13:54
I'd LOVE that bodyshop massager ... especially if in control of it was a muscle bound hunkasaurus.

26th Nov 2007, 14:15
Get 'em while you can. The componentry manufacturer went bust last week.

26th Nov 2007, 14:20
Perahps he didn't stay abreast of the market? This just takes the biscuit.

26th Nov 2007, 14:43
Flip Flop Flyer
Daughter is now 12 and want's a bleedin' horse! Told her to forget it until such time she starts making her own money.

Just like me and my dad years ago.
If she's any good at nagging she'll get that horse by the time she's 15 :}

26th Nov 2007, 14:45
Managed to get my pony at 11 having been told I'd have to wait until I was 13! But I also took the responsibiliy seriously! Twice a day, every day of the year, birthdays and Christmas included!

26th Nov 2007, 15:31
I'm sure most of you are on my wife's xmas list. She seems to buy for the whole world :hmm:

Only a little something mind, oh and a special bag to put it in.

Costs a fortune and we end up with a house full of junk in return. There's only so much smelly stuff she can use and cups is another one. A cup with a stupid santa teddy sticking out of it.

Why do they do it?

26th Nov 2007, 15:46
Well it's a woman thing isn't it? The over the top present ritual. Ideas of usefulness are superfluous.

26th Nov 2007, 15:47
I'm quite happy with gift vouchers - Rigby & Peller, Penhaligon's, Jimmy Choo - all highly acceptable, easily purchased on line and require no special wrapping...

Flying Farmer
26th Nov 2007, 18:17
What use is a Jimmy Choo 10 voucher :}

26th Nov 2007, 19:44
Only a heel would be so cheap as give that.

26th Nov 2007, 19:54

27th Nov 2007, 06:42
Davaar you have no soul......

Loose rivets
27th Nov 2007, 06:54
Cobblers ;)

27th Nov 2007, 07:04
Got too much, can't find it, can't sell it, where the **** is when I need it. Apart from that Bushmills 10 year old malt please.

PS. I forgot, a brace of 40DDs as well for the comfort zone!

27th Nov 2007, 10:35
A 10 voucher for Jimmy Choo would pay for the (very nice) carrier bag. Alternatively, on an average pair costing 360, it would mean me only having to pay the remaining 350...

Howard Hughes
27th Nov 2007, 10:38
A teddy bear named Mu(o)hammed...:E

27th Nov 2007, 10:45
Aw shucks Howard.. That will be forty lashes for you. I'll send around a Sweedish blonde with a big whip.

Howard Hughes
27th Nov 2007, 10:47
Knowing my luck, the blonde's name would be Sven...:{