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25th Nov 2007, 15:33
Well that's what a wee bird told me.............

so hope the heid's not tooooo bad:E

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOSS:Ehttp://img.123greetings.com/eventsnew/birth_milestone_50th/1008-055-06-1060.gif

25th Nov 2007, 15:48
Happy Birthday.

Foxy Loxy
25th Nov 2007, 15:49
Happy Birthday Fos! :D


25th Nov 2007, 16:12
Happy Birthday Fos :-D xx

25th Nov 2007, 16:34
Right, let's get this straight. I am NOT fifty. All respect to those who are, but I am not. Snappy. thank you for that one.
Anyway, I'm not actually not fifty until tomorrow, yesterday was only a warm up. :ouch:
Here's a thread for you if someone wants to kick it of.
(Violins..ok) I was a very small prem baby, (violins) weighed two bags of sugar 4lbs, and what was my dad doing as I gagged for breath.. watching Star Trek on TV at home.

So what was your dad doing when you were being born.

25th Nov 2007, 16:48
My Father was fighting fires from bombs dropped onto the docks on Tyneside.

25th Nov 2007, 17:51

Many happy returns for the big 5.0. Fos!!

Hope you're going to have a party....

My Pa was doing the daily telegraph crossword and fretting as his tea was rather late that day. ;)

25th Nov 2007, 18:35
Have a good'en!

unstable load
25th Nov 2007, 18:36
Congrats, Foss! Many more.

25th Nov 2007, 18:43
Ey up our kid? How's tha' whippet? Sither.

(Trad Yorkshire birthday greeting).

May your shed be fruitful and prosperous.


Standard Noise
25th Nov 2007, 18:46
From one Old Grammarian to another, Many Happy Returns dear boy.
Now, in honour of your half century, I think we should abandon the traditional 'happy birthday to you.....' and instead, I shall teach our fellow prooners a song which I know is dear to your heart. All together now....

Comgall noster Columbanus
Sanctus noster Gall, Britannos
Effecere Christianos.
Floreat Bangoria,
Deo laus et gloria.

Sana mens in corpore sano
Hic quaeratur et humano
Quisque sit discipulus animo.
Ne pavidus exeat.
Laboraturus inter pares,
Oraturus, oraturus,
Fidem quolibet lauturus.

Now the plate will be passed around for a silent collection!

And look at it this way, if you survived seven years in the madhouse, then you've got the stamina to survive another 50 in the real world, o 'much respected and getting slightly older' Foss.

PS correct me if I'm wrong, but 50, isn't that the age you qualify for SAGA membership?:D

25th Nov 2007, 19:29

And Standard, that has brought back flashbacks. Just off the the phone to another old boy seconds ago. (but he went to a poor primary, snif, had to join the RAF, terrible barracks you know)
though he has put on a massive fecking extension on his house. bestard
When are you next over Standard?

25th Nov 2007, 20:20
Happy Birthday Foss. Have a great day and a better night. :p

Dea Certe
25th Nov 2007, 21:06
Happy Birthday, dear Fos! I hope you get to enjoy your birthday cake without Daze taking the first bite!

Many more to come! (by the way, 50 isn't so bad)


26th Nov 2007, 05:48
Boy, are you OLD!

Happy Birthday, servant of The Idiot! :ok:

26th Nov 2007, 07:27
Happy Birthday Foss. I hope your hangover isn't too bad!

green granite
26th Nov 2007, 08:05
Happy Birthday Foss, I hope Idiot takes you for a nice walk to your favorite watering hole.

26th Nov 2007, 08:17

Now's the big day!

Happy Birthday Foss!


Standard Noise
26th Nov 2007, 09:23
Foss - Nothing planned this side of Christmas, but I may have to visit Grandmama in Jan or Feb. I will let you know.

Howard Hughes
26th Nov 2007, 11:01
"50" You must be joking right?;)
Happy Birthday Foss, you are a living legend of JB! :ok:

26th Nov 2007, 14:21
When I was little, ohhh, must be at least 50 or 45 or 40 years ago, sitting in primary school, aged about six, a fellow pupil had the same first name. His birthday was on the 27th, tomorrow. But being young and ridiculously stupid we got each confused over whose birthday was whose by talking about it so much. So when the teacher doing form filling asked 'YOU, Fos, what's your birthday', there'd be a moments silence then frantic whispered conference with my namesake sitting in front.
'You 26th or 27th?' 'Er, 27th, or is that you.' 'Dear oh dear (hadn't learnt to swear yet) I think you're 26th.' 'Oh come on, right I'm 26th, I think.'

Teacher: 'Mr Fos, we haven't all day, you do know your birthday don't.'
'Well, I'm a bit unsure sir.'
Cue clip round ear.

26th Nov 2007, 14:24
Did you fall off that bike Foss?:E

26th Nov 2007, 14:41
Fall off the bike? What are you on about Snappy, you've gotta narrow it down a bit. ;)
I did fall down the back step about half an hour ago. If that counts.
Jackwolfskin all terrain cross trainers, keep you glued to a mountain, keep you stuck to a glacier, but they're bloody useless if they're wet and you try and turn quick on a wooden floor if you run to get the phone. :ouch:
Phone stops ringing. Inspect lacerations on right wrist, mutter darkly. Phone rings again...
My telephone manner, so charming. It was the gardener, do you want the grass cut.
'No, it's 'WET'.

Jimmy Macintosh
26th Nov 2007, 15:10
Happy Birthday Foss,

Is the 50 too high or too low? :E

I'm not sure what my dad was doing on my birthday but I do know that he was watching Cat Ballou at the cinema with my Mum when my brother was born. I hope cinemas were more hygenic back then.

Say again s l o w l y
26th Nov 2007, 15:23
Happy birthday Fos. Have a pint of the dark stuff for me!

26th Nov 2007, 17:51
Happy buthday, suh.

Like a fine bourbon, y'all is just starting to age well.................

Rather be Gardening
26th Nov 2007, 18:15
Happy not-50 birthday, Fos. Thanks for all the laughs this past year.

Habeas felicitatem in die natus es!

26th Nov 2007, 20:03
50??? Gee, that's old

DX Wombat
26th Nov 2007, 20:08
Happy Birthday Fos.:ok::ok::ok:
Ratty, any more remarks like that and you'll be lucky to reach your next birthday let alone your 50th. :E :E :E

26th Nov 2007, 21:46
Geeze FOSS....you really were blocked the other night when you told me you were 50 on Monday and that you were getting a new bike.....and me like an eejit believed you......NOT.

Hope you had a great day my friend;)

26th Nov 2007, 23:45
'Happy Birthday Foss':)

27th Nov 2007, 12:20
you really were blocked the other night when you told me you were 50 on Monday
'Did not.'
'Did too.'
'Did not.'
'Did too.'
'Did not.'
'Did too.' ;)
And I didn't get a new bike either. :rolleyes:
Had to sit through dinner last night feeling, well, ropey. :yuk:

27th Nov 2007, 12:45
Your a bad, bad boy:E

27th Nov 2007, 13:57
A belated Happy Birthday Foss welcome to the Half Century Club. Hope Idiot didn't eat all the cake!

Standard Noise
27th Nov 2007, 18:12
Hope Idiot didn't eat all the cake!
Nah, she couldn't have. Any cake that holds that many candles would have to be massive.:}

Foss old bean, looking at 11th-14th Jan forra trip home to visit the head of the family. (Just so happens it coincides with our home match against Bourgoin!) Keep you posted.

27th Nov 2007, 19:48
Could be a mini Norn Iron gat bash if any of the other better class of people are over for the hols.
needs a better name though.

27th Nov 2007, 20:42
What about......



west lakes
27th Nov 2007, 20:56
better with 2 25W low energy bulbs - but can be a bit shocking:\

27th Nov 2007, 23:26
Snappy, sitting here next to me on the desk, in longhand, is my first draft intro for Dog's Life the Movie, sorry, book.
well guess who's not going to be the first to get that PM'd for opinion now
And I'm missing the Soprano's is as well.
Fos :{

I think the the first NORN Iron bash should be traditional, nah wimmin.

27th Nov 2007, 23:31
Delighted to hear that Foss.........

but why not use your PC for doing it?????

Just keep at it, writing that is:E


WHAT????? why not are you a scardy cat are ya are ya

28th Nov 2007, 00:19
Watching TV at the same time. Multitasking.

Howard Hughes
28th Nov 2007, 01:04
No wimmin? Are you a fool man? Or just one of those girly men huggy fluffist types?:E

28th Nov 2007, 10:19
I am probably the leastest huggy fluffy type I know.
Take my word for it.
Nah, it would have to be a mixed sex bash, cause otherwise I'd get handbagged in a dark alley at a later date.

28th Nov 2007, 11:02
First draft?

did i read FIRST DRAFT?!!


(Snaps - any chance of a bed for the night for this norion bash?! ;) )

28th Nov 2007, 11:14
Sounds like sound idea :p

28th Nov 2007, 11:15
It's only the intro I was talking about Radar.. the rest is still in chunks.

28th Nov 2007, 11:21
First baby steps Fos, first baby steps in the right direction.... :ok:

Rather be Gardening
28th Nov 2007, 12:01
And of course, you'll need lots of photos of Idiot to illustrate the book - better start snapping. I can just imagine Idiot's response -

'I'm not ready for my close-up, Mr de Mille'

28th Nov 2007, 13:35
RADAR...he'd have 40 fits if we gate crashed his Bash LOL.......

Don't know if I will be in Ireland around that time or not, have to see how things pan out but if I were I'm sure we could work something out:E

FOSS....will it be Bangor???

Standard Noise
28th Nov 2007, 14:17
Snappybits - If it's 'the over 50's norn iron bash' I'll not be there, but you fill yer boots if yer that side of the wall mate.:}

I can see it now, afternoon (Guinness) cocktails in the Crown, dinner in the Dead Panda (or in Bengor, Guinness cocktails in Fealty's and dinner in Sally and Dean's) and finish off in the hotel bar. Then off down the beach next morning with her royal majesty Daisy, Queen of the Idiots, for a wander on the sands.

I'm still holding out for 'Dazebash'.

28th Nov 2007, 14:59
Bangor I'd say, Fielty's and Jenny's be good for me, because I'm a lazy sod. Failing that, Ward Park and a carry out.

(right Standard - I've told them, Bangor.. It's Belfast right.)

Standard Noise
28th Nov 2007, 19:24
Ward Park, a quarter bottle of Smirnoff and two litres of Old English! Hiding in the bushes from the Peelers!
Yeah, let's relive the good old days!!!!

Note:- For the non-Bengorians among you, that was the height of sophistication for us lot when we were teens. Blazing a trail for the Alcopop generation.

28th Nov 2007, 22:10
I see you picked up on the super secret invisible ink message it seems the world and his wife uses round here. :rolleyes:
So, would Snaps and Radar count as millies?

28th Nov 2007, 22:33



Standard Noise
29th Nov 2007, 11:19
Dunno about Snappy, but I'm not sure you could put Radar in the millie category. Very nice, sophisticated young lady she is and I never saw her drink it out of a dirty bucket at the WAKEbash, not even once!:}
Still, such skills can be taught if required.

29th Nov 2007, 11:25
:confused:can somebody PLEASE tell me what a 'millie' is?!! :uhoh:

29th Nov 2007, 11:38
A bubble gummer, a poorly educated 16-year-old girl from high school drinking bacardi from a quarter bottle.. that type of thing.

An insult... but a m i l d insult, honest.

29th Nov 2007, 11:43
well that's putting it mildly...........

29th Nov 2007, 12:04
Can always beef it up a bit. Call you a fecking millie.
Have to try a have a serious go at organising this. I was even think about logistics and stuff last night, well I was pretty bored.

Got the Fraggle Rock bit at long last (thicker than a piece of thickcut me).

Standard Noise
29th Nov 2007, 13:50
Or a 'dirty wee millie', but I definitely don't think she falls into that category.:\

'Ere, who mentioned Fraggle Rock, I'm not going there...........unless Flying Farmer offers a lift of course.

29th Nov 2007, 13:59
Just a conversation I was having with Snappy earlier. I didn't know what Fraggle Rock was.

29th Nov 2007, 17:39
So, would Snaps and Radar count as millies?

Excuse me, I was brought up proper, and never went to Ward Park chewing gum and drinking Vodka so there....shame on you both....:=

29th Nov 2007, 20:50
I was brought up proper too. I didn't go to Ward Park..

..I went to the pier. Running up and down the polo mints, surprised I'm still here.

29th Nov 2007, 21:01
I was in Bangor a few months ago boy oh boy has it all changed.....and very hard to find a disabled parking spot, infact hard to find any bleeding car park. :ugh:

29th Nov 2007, 22:07
You came to Bangor, and didn't call.. FINE, I'll remember that.
hmm hm hm, have to wait 13 seconds to post. hm hmmm hm. hm hmm. Spectator was even more boring than usual today, hmm hmm.. oh Pollocks lady was stabbed and robbed

29th Nov 2007, 22:10
Afraid you would tell me to **** off:=

29th Nov 2007, 22:29
That's hardly likely.

Standard Noise
29th Nov 2007, 22:33
...never went to Ward Park chewing gum and drinking Vodka so there...
Well I don't think I want to be consorting with the likes of you then!!!:=

Foss - it's going well, you've took their minds off the book!

29th Nov 2007, 23:18
First of all Foss, happy belated birthday!

Secondly now, what's all this about a Norn Ahland bash? Are Derry Girls invited?



29th Nov 2007, 23:27
Of course Whirls. The more the merrier. (what am I getting into here) We can even have the Londonderry, Derry, Stroke City argument and confuse the English.

Standard Noise
30th Nov 2007, 07:28
She is English, really.:E

But she does come from the Norfolk branch of the Stroke City Appreciation Society!

30th Nov 2007, 08:24
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1263/614025697_ea7c4104b3_s.jpg Is it up for sale??????

30th Nov 2007, 10:24
:ouch: Ouch S'Noise! I'm only half-English!



30th Nov 2007, 10:24
Jenny's for sale? Hope not, like, where'd I live.

30th Nov 2007, 10:37
Foss - it's going well, you've took their minds off the book!

(no he hasn't! there's only so much pressure a man can take, especially from members of the fairer sex....)


30th Nov 2007, 11:12
And my plan was working so well.

30th Nov 2007, 11:13
itt.salsabelfast.co.uk/maps/index.php?name=Je... (http://itt.salsabelfast.co.uk/maps/index.php?name=Jenny%20watts)

do you go to the classes ?;)

30th Nov 2007, 11:22
Yes, I have been to drunken salsa classes (University area, the old church place), but not in Jenny Watts, which by that map appears to have moved inland about 3 miles.

Standard Noise
30th Nov 2007, 14:25
Twas a very large cave so it was...........AAARRRRR!

Oh alright Whirls, half english. Good half or bad half?

Saw a story in the paper today about some bloke from NI who's been living in Wales for years and got jailed for 'racially aggravated harrassment' or summat similar for calling a neighbour a 'stupid english bitch'.
Quite funny really considering she was Welsh.

30th Nov 2007, 14:31
Depends on your definitions of "good" and "bad" :) :E



30th Nov 2007, 17:10
Whirls................indeed depends on your defination......nowadays I believe good can mean bad and bad can mean good.....but we know what we mean;)