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Granite Monolith
25th Nov 2007, 16:32
Group 1 Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Albania, Malta

Group 2 Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Moldova, Latvia, Luxembourg

Group 3 Czech Republic, Poland, NORTHERN IRELAND, Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino

Group 4 Germany, Russia, Finland, WALES, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein

Group 5 Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Estonia

Group 6 Croatia, ENGLAND,((:E)) Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Andorra

Group 7 France, Romania, Serbia, Lithuania, Austria, Faroe Islands

Group 8 Italy, Bulgaria, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Georgia, Montenegro

Group 9 Holland, SCOTLAND, Norway, FYR Macedonia, Iceland:ok:


Other notable draws so far are S.Korea v N.Korea and Australia v Iraq:ouch:

25th Nov 2007, 16:39
Not bad draw for England.

What do you make of Holland then Granite?

Lamenting Navigator
25th Nov 2007, 16:52
Well, bring on the runners up playoffs, then.

I'd pay good money to see Italy V Republic of Ireland as well as the grudge match between Aus and Iraq. Will Iraq be playing at home by then?

25th Nov 2007, 16:58
Any draw is a bad draw for England!!!

Granite Monolith
25th Nov 2007, 17:10
We've already turfed Holland over (at home) when bungling Bertie Vogts was in charge. They did, however, hammer us 6-0 over there:{

Still, i ain't being pompous when i say we're a far better now, than then.

In truth, very happy with the draw (Group 9) :ok:

25th Nov 2007, 18:51
Any draw is a bad draw for England!!!

Drawing would be an improvement on loosing

Two's in
25th Nov 2007, 19:50
England game strategy for 2010 World Cup victory:

1. Ukraine declare war on Kazakhstan and block all transport routes to Belarus.

2. Andorra is buried under global warming avalanche.

3. England go through as best Group runners up to Croatia.

4. England beat France on goal difference only after French team bus goes off the road in the Alps.

5. Italy held to a draw with England after Lord Levy promises all the Italians membership to the House of Lords.

6. England narrowly beat the Faroe Islands in the final after declaring 200 mile exclusion zone around the Faroe Islands prior to the match.

7. England manager fired anyway, Beckham still out with injury, Rooney still ugly, England still remember their glorious victory of 1966 - a mere 44 years ago.

Standard Noise
25th Nov 2007, 19:57
So we get half of eastern Europe and San Marino. Marvellous.

Still, at least we'll win one match.

25th Nov 2007, 20:10
How the bloody hell is Kazakhstan in Europe?

How many other European nations end in -stan.

25th Nov 2007, 20:17
Group 9 is 1978 all over again. "We're on the march with Eckie's Army"...:D

25th Nov 2007, 20:23
I predict England and Denmark will do it again: NOT QUALIFY. Both teams play unconsistant at best. Both teams are going to be beat by effective small nations. Lets face it, we play like little sizzies and belong with the girly championships. :yuk:

25th Nov 2007, 20:46
Deary me - I worry for the future of my country given the negative defeatist attitude of my compatriots.

I find myself talking England down when the tabloids has the morons thinking we're world-beaters - then I spend myself talking England up when, after a crap game, we're utterly useless without hope.

England will qualify and beat Croatia in two years time (or whatever it is) IF we appoint a manager who understands international/European football (Mourinho, Capello, Scolari - even Erikson doesn't look so much an arse-head now does he?)

If we appoint another middling English "up and at 'em" manager (Wtf did McLaren, Taylor, Keegan, Hoddle ever win in Europe???) then we will fail again.

Buster Hyman
25th Nov 2007, 21:22
Australia - Iraq - Qatar - China.....


barry lloyd
25th Nov 2007, 22:19
I reckon Two's In is about the closest.
I can't wait to see what sort of a team/pitch/lighting/facilities await us in Kazakhstan, (a desert nation which is roughly equivalent in size to W.Europe), and I write as someone who has spent time there.
Will Borat be singing the Kazakh national anthem?:)
Someone is extracting the urine.

25th Nov 2007, 22:25
Again - you football fans are amazing - you never actually talk about football!

You're all talking about race, nations, money, conspiracies and Heaven knows what else.

But rarely do you ever speak about football itself.

Convince me that it isn't the sport for morons.

25th Nov 2007, 22:30
I don't think we will qualify. It seems to me we are in a group that has 4 teams that will be willing to throw matches for the right money, to help some of the Eastern European teams out!! Watch this space!!:E Besides that, we are cr*p!!

barry lloyd
25th Nov 2007, 22:44
Desert Ferret:
Football: Kazakhstan
I'm dying to hear your comments!
e.g. Kazakhstani footballers who are known in/playing in Europe?
This becomes more like the Eurovision Song Contest every year. No matter what their politics, etc., we all know realistically that they (and others) are hardly footballing nations. OK, they deserve a chance, but can you seriously imagine their supporters appearing in numbers at Wembley (or wherever?)
Perhaps Terry Wogan should do the commentary:E

Lamenting Navigator
25th Nov 2007, 22:47
Should we have a TV reality talent show to pick the next England manager? Let's be honest the last appointment was an un-funny joke so we may as well get some form of entertainment out of the selection process.

25th Nov 2007, 22:54

I've no desire to express any disrespect to Kazakhstan - far from it - my observation is one of purely geographical disbelief!

I say go for it central Asia (though I'd love to see cricket spread across the -stans. In the midst of the despair in Afghanistan I'm charmed to see many marvellous folk setting up cricket clubs with charity provided gear).

Erm...back to the football....oh dammit...I've made several posts on football and not expressed an arrogant, vile, racist, aggressive, inane message in that time. I'll be found out as a rugby man if I don't get my act together. Here goes.....

F*** off everyone. You're all **** and *****ers and you can't *** for ****ing toffee and if I see you outside I'll f*** ***** ***** ***** ***** with a bit of 4x2 and then **** **** **** with a toffee apple.

PS: The referee is / was / will be a ****.

barry lloyd
25th Nov 2007, 23:05
Much as I hate these so-called [I]Reality Shows[I], given the 'Old Men's Club' which currently runs the FA, anything would be better than the current system.
In any business (which ultimately the FA is), the board (never mind the manager/coach/current media definition) would have been made to resign after the events of last week. Consider Northern Rock (itself a sponsor of a Premier division team) as an example.
Instead, the board gets to travel (no doubt business/first class) to SA to attend the draw, when everyone knows they could easily have got the information via the internet/tv/radio etc.
What benefit does England (as a footballing nation), get from their presence there?

barry lloyd
25th Nov 2007, 23:16
Desert Ferret:
Cricket - 'stans
Well maybe if they could find a decent stretch of land on which you could grow some reasonable turf, that would be a start, but the boys in Central Asia are not known for following the rules - I mean it just wouldn't be cricket -would it?
Rugby - Well the post match fun might be just a little restricted, and as for scoring when one leg was not quite over the line, (remember England vs S Africa? I'm sure you do!), I mean, what would you do?
Toffee Apples? maybe they should offer them at half time, instead of the orange.
Reminds me of the old joke:
Sven says to Michael Owen "I'm going to pull you off at half time."
Michael Owen replies, "That'll make a change, I normally get an orange."

26th Nov 2007, 17:56
So we get half of eastern Europe and San Marino. Marvellous.

Still, at least we'll win one match.
"England forfeit opening world Cup qualifier when team flies to a small country in the Appenine mountains instead of a small country in the Pyrenees."

Howard Hughes
26th Nov 2007, 20:03
Australia v Iraq, a game between "traditional rivals" then...;)

Iraq has halted Australia's progression to the World Cup final at least twice that I can remember...:{

Given their recent showing will England even be there? Perhaps a few of them could 'steal a loaf of bread' or something and come play for Oz!:ok:

Standard Noise
26th Nov 2007, 20:06
"England forfeit opening World Cup qualifier when team flies to a small country in the Appenine mountains instead of a small country in the Pyrenees"
I can see how that would be a problem for the English. Thank god I'm from another of the home nations, the one which happens to be in the same group as San Marino. DOH!

26th Nov 2007, 23:17
Any truth to the rumour that Englands three rampant lions are being replaced with three tampons due to worst period ever.:rolleyes: