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Howard Hughes
24th Nov 2007, 19:18
It is with much pleasure that I announce the arrival into the World of our little, well BIG actually, son and heir to the Hughes fortune!

He arrived into the World on friday via a Caesarian delivery, after a very long day huffing and puffing for Mrs Hughes, with lots of stress and running around for me. He weighed in at 4.22kg or 9lb 5oz on the scale that everybody understands, rather a large little boy who had to make his entrance via the emergency exit!:eek:

Mum and Baby are both fine, although mum is a little sore and concerned that her bikini modelling days are over! Of course she then realises that they never actually got started...;)

Thanks to all those who have messaged their support over the last few months, it is very much appreciated. Anyway I am off to the hospital now, to learn as much as I can before they kick us out on to the street!:ooh:

Cheers, HH.
A very proud Dad!:ok:

24th Nov 2007, 19:21
Oooh! Oooh! Can I be the first to congradulate you & Mrs. Hughes?

He looks lovely and I'm sure that your lives will be enhanced by such a bundle of joy!


24th Nov 2007, 19:23
Let me be the first to congratulate you here on JB.
I hope you have many a sleepless night! Been there, seen it, never again!!!

edited. Damn, someone beat me to it!

Howard Hughes
24th Nov 2007, 19:26
Thank you to both of the 'first' posters, who needs sleep? Surely I have had enough in my 43 years so far...;)

24th Nov 2007, 19:33
Congratulations Sir Hughes - junior looks as though he can see already.

24th Nov 2007, 20:10
auch, he's a wee darlin' bless him. Love to you all

24th Nov 2007, 20:11
Awwwwww ickle diddums!

Congratulations Hughes! :D:D:D

24th Nov 2007, 21:24
A bonny looking lad! Now you are justified in buying a Scalextric for christmas! After all Dad needs a good few years practice.
best wishes:D:D
who needs sleep? Surely I have had enough in my 43 years so far
Hee hee:) Please re-post that in 3 months time:}.

Round D. Globe
25th Nov 2007, 00:08
I see the most famous pilot/movie maker has finally (after nearly 100 years:}) an heir. Well done old chap! Best to the missus.


Buster Hyman
25th Nov 2007, 00:53
Congratulations Howard! (and congradulate...whatever that means!)

Did you ask the Doc to put in a zipper for the next couple-o-dozen?


B Sousa
25th Nov 2007, 03:13
I certainly dont remember things from the day or two after I was born, but I do know if they wrapped me up in a blanket so tight that I could not raise my hand and give someone the International sign of ill will, or better yet have the ability to reach down and scratch my new found friends............I would not be happy
Dad!! I think he is trying to tell you something..........

25th Nov 2007, 06:45
Onya Howie
& best wishes to Mrs & Jr Howie's

25th Nov 2007, 07:15
Nice one HH:ok: My horror was a year old on Thursday so we've been reliving those moments. Memories for life - good one:D

25th Nov 2007, 09:50
Congratulations to you and Mrs. Hughes, a handsome young man already..
Has he got a new house to move into yet?, ours has the roof going on at the moment. Reckon it will be Easter before ours is ready..

Howard Hughes
26th Nov 2007, 10:58
No house yet, council approval was only recently received and work will start tomorrow! They are saying around Easter for us too, yeh right...;)

26th Nov 2007, 12:30
:) .... bravo Mr and Mrs .. and ermm :) Minor Hughes :ok:

26th Nov 2007, 13:48
All babies are beautiful, but yours is especially so.

Congratulations! Raise him well.

26th Nov 2007, 15:27
Hearty congratulations to you and your wife.

Looks like he'll be able to shout his support for the right rugby team (northern hemisphere, begins with E:rolleyes:) in four years time.

Well done.

26th Nov 2007, 16:58
Congratulations, rest and recuperation is now the order of the day...................................Mrs Hughes should, eventually, start taking things easy too!

B Sousa
26th Nov 2007, 17:01
Looks like he'll be able to shout his support for the right rugby team

Great Idea......GO SPRINGBOKS

Howard Hughes
26th Nov 2007, 18:57
Looks like he'll be able to shout his support for the right rugby team (northern hemisphere, begins with E) in four years time.
If ever he shouts, or plays for a Northern Hemisphere team, it will be WALES! Dad was born in Wales, so the little tyke will have the right to a passport I understand...;)

PS: When he was finally born and the weight was announced as 9lb 5, Mum was heard to say, "Oh bugger a front rower"...:E

26th Nov 2007, 23:20

Was he in a rush to get a vote in?;)

Howard Hughes
27th Nov 2007, 03:04
Don't know, but for those of us who have had to endure the Australian election advertising campaign, he keeps screaming Nurse... Nurse... Nurse...;)

27th Nov 2007, 04:46
Congrats mate! & to Mrs Hughes - It is truly a wonderful thing parenthood, enjoy !!:ok:

27th Nov 2007, 05:25
Good onya Howard
Teenagers are SUCH A HOOT when yer in ya 60's

27th Nov 2007, 06:49

"PS: When he was finally born and the weight was announced as 9lb 5, Mum was heard to say, "Oh bugger a front rower"..."

Even if he does end up playing for Wales, at least he will be in the right part of the pack (I enjoyed my front row days when i was young).

Howard Hughes
27th Nov 2007, 09:56
Teenagers are SUCH A HOOT when yer in ya 60's
By that stage I should be deaf enough to ignore him...;)

27th Nov 2007, 17:05
Congratulations Howard, big lad alright. Actually, the way he's swaddled, you could get him into rugger early, and start spin passing him to Mrs Hughes.
that's probably a bad idea actually
Congrats all round, hope everyone is well.

kiwi chick
29th Nov 2007, 19:58

Congratulations!!! He's gorgeous! (Does he look like Mrs Hughes? :confused:)

"PS: When he was finally born and the weight was announced as 9lb 5, Mum was heard to say, "Oh bugger a front rower"..."

Tis not at all what I would have said after giving birth to a 9lb-er.... She must be a lady!

Well done and ENJOY!!

KC :ok:

Howard Hughes
29th Nov 2007, 20:05
and start spin passing him to Mrs Hughes.
This has already begun, you take him, no you take him...:eek:

In fact he's being passed around that quickly, you'd think there was some bloody big Maori bugger bearing down on us!;)

He's gorgeous! (Does he look like Mrs Hughes? )
Well actually he looks a lot like me! Minus the wrinkles and crows feet of course...:O

PS: Good to see you back KC, I hope you are wering knickers...:E

kiwi chick
29th Nov 2007, 23:49
GASP! :eek:

So.... if I asked you what "meconium" is would you laugh, or cry..?! (did anyone forwarn you about the vaseline trick...? ;) )

[THREAD HIJACK]Baby Names (http://www.stuff.co.nz/blogs/blogidle/2007/11/30/whats-in-a-name-neim-naym/)[THREAD UNHIJACK]

Howard Hughes
30th Nov 2007, 01:45
Did I need to know the 'vaseline trick'? Cause nobody showed me, whatever it is!:eek:

On the name topic, Mrs hughes frequented a number of baby forums while she was pregnant, where people asked the usual questions about babies, names, etc...

One unfortunate woman was in a quandry, as she had let her husband pick the name for this baby, for she had chosen the two previous, his choice...

'Chaos Diabolic'

Say no more really....:E

30th Nov 2007, 04:11


If i said to you black treacle would you laugh or cry?!

Mr Hughes, I'm suspecting that you'd have a few 'family' names that would be utilised, and then you'll add on a name that is pertinent to your son - such as a nick name?

But it does stagger me how people name their children with 'trendy' names such as Chardonnay (FFS?!), along with that poor boy that is saddled with the names of every single player of his father's favourite football team? think he had about 40 names altogether?! :ugh:

30th Nov 2007, 10:35
Baby names dead simple in my family, first name pot luck, second name grandfather's name paternal, second name grandfather's name maternal, pot luck is often the father's name, my family tree is something to be believed, everybody's got the same bloody names. (inbred yocals)

30th Nov 2007, 10:42
Pa is the youngest of five boys... no girls.

His mother was desperate for a girl so each bump was called 'Radar' (insert proper Christian name here...) and out popped Anthony, Michael, David, Andrew and James...

so when I was born I was given the name that my grandmother wanted for her longed for daughter. Middle name is the feminine version of my uncle's name - both ma and pa had a brother with the same name as the other.

and Fos? inbred? You've seen my post elsewhere, but my half brother and sister are my second cousins once removed which makes my neices and nephews my third cousins... :ooh:

west lakes
30th Nov 2007, 10:50
Brother's first name was from fathers uncle, second name from father

My first name from my father & second as I was born just before an Irish saint's day
Those that know it, my first name was different in that I went all through my school years being the only one with that first name.
YWL first name from maternal grandfather but spelt the "irish" way he's had the same as me as it is not a common name, second name from his birth mother (he's adopted)

30th Nov 2007, 11:09
Christ don't start on that half cousin twice removed stuff.
Both sets of grandparents married twice, over the years there are cousins from Canada coming over and marrying distant relatives here, then dying, the children then move on, but they're cousins 2nd time removed or something it's all very confusing. And they all have the same fecking names, or versions of.

Brother got pot luck for name 1. Father's name name 2. Uncle's name name 3.
(second best woo ha ha ha ha)

second name from his birth mother (he's adopted)
That's a nice touch. Haven't heard of that.

kiwi chick
2nd Dec 2007, 19:53

I'd laugh now... but 11 years ago would have cried my eyes out, haha!

And that's a very cool story about your name - what a lovely thing for your parents to do!!

(unless of course your real name is Gertrude..?) :(

Yes, Howard, the vaseline trick - cover them with as MUCH vaseline as you can for those first few days or it AINT coming off!! :eek:

A girl in my ante-natal class was horrified when I told her that we picked names that we liked. :confused: WTF? She thought it absolutely appalling that we didn't name our girls after any family members.

Am I bad?

Howard Hughes
2nd Dec 2007, 20:14
Am I bad?

But not for what you named your children...;)

Luckily my wife and I both come from families with no traditions of naming children after family members.:ok:

2nd Dec 2007, 22:50
Luckily my wife and I both come from families with no traditions of naming children after family members.

That's what we thought Howard but, after my folks did the old family tree research bit, we found we'd named our daughter after a great aunt on my side and a cousin on my wife's side, #1 son after a great great uncle on my side and a great uncle on the wife's side (and our family cat :E) and #2 son after his great grandfather on my wife's side and great great great uncle on my side.

Names seem to have a way of staying in the family - even when the parents come from opposite sides of the globe. :suspect:

There must be a theme here for a Terry Pratchett book.

A belated congratulations, by the way. Trust all is still going well.

Buster Hyman
2nd Dec 2007, 22:55
A girl in my ante-natal class was horrified when I told her that we picked names that we liked.
Okay, names like Hasselhoff, Pitt & Clooney are unusual for girls, but its your choice!

kiwi chick
2nd Dec 2007, 23:12

They got used to it!

But my neighbours think their names are "come HERE!", "because I bloody well SAID so" and "I'm allowed to use that word, I'm an ADULT".

Howard, you might want to start practising those phrases now - it won't be long. :}

And my other piece of advice? LISTEN to their questions properly, you don't want to fall into this Birds & Bees (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsSm8DFh1lo) trap... :\

Buster Hyman
2nd Dec 2007, 23:32
Of the phrases that I've heard "the missus" saying to the little-ies, my favourite was; "Stop licking your Sister!" That got her some looks at the shopping centre!

kiwi chick
2nd Dec 2007, 23:43
:D :D :D FUNNY!!!

Reminds me of a few things I've said that I never in my life would have expected I'd be saying.

"Yes, I KNOW I've never actually told you that you're not allowed to draw on your sister with permanent marker, but I can't think of everything"


"Please stop leaving snails in your sister's bed."

Would be funny to start a new thread - if only it were Aviation Related. ;)

2nd Dec 2007, 23:55
Daughter was named after her (maiden) maternal great Aunt (though it didn't do her any good as Aunt died intestate and her surviving sister grabbed everything. Daughter's second name is feminised version of her paternal grandfather (who also died intestate) and her third name is a formalised version of her mother's name.
Son was named after a paternal great uncle who was killed in a motorcycle accident when his daughter was aged seven. The name also happened to be that of a maternal ancestor who was Archbishop of York in the late 17th Century, and son's second name is that ancestor's surname.
For the first six weeks of my life (until my names were registered) I was referred-to as Christopher Robin, but the reaction of neighbours resulted in an about-turn and a name change.

It is customary in Denmark to refer to newborns merely as 'Baby', and, as registration (and baptism) isn't until six months to allow the family to get to know the character of the child and influence the name that they choose. Any child not named by the parents was traditionally given the name of the monarch.

Loose rivets
3rd Dec 2007, 00:46
Looking up the ancestry of my paternal side, I found that nearly all the men were called William John. After some hours of research, I at last found one that wasn't so named...he was John William.

My pal's dad was a tail-end Charlie in the war. He wrote home to suggest the name Ian for their second born. Perhaps happily, his writing was a tad scratchy and the result was Jan.

kiwi chick
3rd Dec 2007, 00:50
Hahaha, my biological father's name is John William.

Gulp. Um... perhaps we're related? :ooh: ;)

Loose rivets
3rd Dec 2007, 01:24

But only if your maiden name was Sedgwick-Smyth-Bennington-Whatbucket.


Howard Hughes
10th Jun 2008, 10:09
The little fella six months on!:ok:

Hughes Heir! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKg1aNjGfJY)

Buster Hyman
10th Jun 2008, 10:18
The caption should be: Hughes Jnr reads another post from Binos!

Howard Hughes
10th Jun 2008, 10:27
Come off it Buster, his dad couldn't read until he was 14!:eek:

10th Jun 2008, 10:49
I got me one of them doing that!


Howard Hughes
10th Jun 2008, 11:12
Mrs Hughes says 'CUTE', but not as cute as ours...;)

10th Jun 2008, 11:24
"Praise-God-Barebones" was popular at one time; probably due for a revival.

10th Jun 2008, 14:01
Congratulations HH! No better day in the world, than the birth of your baby.

And don't C-sections make for well formed heads? He's a handsome one.

10th Jun 2008, 15:16
Nice vid! :)

Oh, and a pretty nice kid also... ;)