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24th Nov 2007, 17:09
I'm looking to change my surname and possibly my middle name and have been searching on the net on the most thorough way to do it, as I will then need to change my debit cards, passport, pilots license, driving license, etc. If you type in Deed Poll, you get about 30 UK companies who can offer a name change, so should I just pick the one with the most professional web site or what? Anyone who has changed their surname and could offer some guidance, it would be much appreciated.

(If the forum officers are willing to pay me 1,000BGP, I am willing to change my middle name to Pprune...)

24th Nov 2007, 17:19
When I changed my surname from my biological fathers to my stepfathers at the age of 16 (I needed a new passport) I got a statutory declaration from my solicitors.

Im not sure if this would apply to you as I had been using my stepfathers surname from the age of 7 anyway, I just wanted it changing legally, but it may be of use.

Hope this helps :ok:

24th Nov 2007, 17:43
When I did it in the 80s, you didn't need anything fancy. Just had to change the cards etc. Though I got a statutory declaration to get my passport changed. As far as I know, there's absolutely no need for deed polls, simple usage will do for almost everything.

24th Nov 2007, 21:45
So if you just need a declaration from a solicitor, what are the implications??

If you are stopped for speeding and give your DOB and your name as John Smith and it used to be David Brown. They then do a Search on your name and find what??? Surely you are still always linked to your original name in terms of the police and credit agencies.

24th Nov 2007, 22:19
If you are stopped for speeding and give your DOB and your name as John Smith and it used to be David Brown. They then do a Search on your name and find what??? Surely you are still always linked to your original name in terms of the police and credit agencies.
From what I know. All you have to do is to go to a solicitor and get your name changed by deed poll. In doing so, from that point on you are unable to use your old name for any legal purpose. In fact you sign a document stating that, and that you will be under the threat of legal action should you try and use your old name. You have to change your driving licence, passport, bank accounts etc, and inform the tax people and other agencies of the change.

Of course a few agencies will have records of your old details. But they are kept in strict confidence.

I think that the Police do have access to your previous details. Although I suspect that if they wish to know your old name , that they have to apply for permission to access it....

I think that you will need to send notarised copies of your change of name document to people like licencing authorities and passport office.

I think that the solicitor also sends your documents to some registrar.. Not sure on that though


24th Nov 2007, 23:06
You may call yourself by any name you wish so long as it is not done with any intention to defraud. However, if you want your new name to appear on official documents, you will need to do the deed poll thing. Have a look at this helpful site (http://www.deedpollsonline.co.uk/WhatIsADeedPoll.html) which will enable you to do it online.

24th Nov 2007, 23:55
Checked this out a while ago. Eventually did it in new country.

In the UK you may use any name you wish as long as it is not for the purpose of deception, fraud etc. In theory all you need to do is to inform all those people with whom you wish to do 'business' that you have changed your name. There would also be an 'obligation' to inform anyone who might sue you etc. In practice some of those with whom you have accounts or from whom you receive licences etc. will demand that you show them something to verify the change. Again technically, you do not have to do so but often it is easier to to pay a Comissioner for Oaths a hundred pounds than have some idiot freeze your bank accounts while you argue about it!

We received several different quotes and several different 'processes' were suggested. Two solicitors suggested they could guide us through the process for a few hundred pounds but I was told by the local registrar of BD&M that if I wanted to do the 'legal thing' there was a process in place and I did not need a solicitor.

My name was changed by my parents simply by changing the name on the ration book, (Literally crossing out the old one and writing the new one on top!) which is partly why I wanted to change it back. For 40 years in the UK I had to explain that my name was changed as my birth certificate and passport, DL etc did not match. I never had a problem (including getting a passport, a marriage licence, registering the birth of my kids and immigration to my present abode,) and no one, not a single person in the whole 40 years, questioned my word on it. Things might be a little more pernickity these days.

Interesting aside. When I finally did change my name (by registration, in Canada) my children's names had to be registered as changed but my wife's did not.

B Sousa
25th Nov 2007, 03:20
Like to travel?? Change it to Osama Bin Laden, get a new paapsort and try and get on an Airplane...........
Whats the matter with the name you were born with?? you can always hyphenate
"Two-Dogs-XXXXing "

25th Nov 2007, 03:46
... but my wife's did not.
That's only because your wife's name never changed, Chris ... taking a husband's name is an optional thing, a tradition that has no legal requirement. Your wife's name will always be her maiden name although she may choose to adopt whatever surname you use.

25th Nov 2007, 16:00
Go for it.
I changed my surname thirty years ago. This was in England. A Deed Poll was expensive, a Statutory Declaration was very cheap. So I used a Statutory Declaration.
There was little difficulty in changing everything over. About the only times I have had to dig out the Statutory Declaration since then have been at passport renewal time.
If you do not like your name, change it!

25th Nov 2007, 16:10
Thanks for the info guys. Am only changing my name back to my mother's surname, so no fraudulant reasons... Have found one deed poll site at 23 for the whole service, so will probably just do that.

In regards to my license (only a PPL), how should I go about getting it done? As far as I presume, I'd say I need to contact the CAA to change all my license details, my RT license and my medical? Any guidance ono how best to go about it and how much I'm going to have to shell out for the CAA's precious time would be much appreciated.