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24th Nov 2007, 17:20
Well, the pratts have lost our bank deails, control of the streets, the police, prisons, the unions, kids,in and out of school, the economy. Like a lot of perople I am looking forward to what will happen to my mortgage with Northern Rock, wondering at what age it will be safe to let my daughter play out, wonder when criminals will be punished and so on.

Although I admit that JB is not exactly a hot bed of liberal tolerance, do we think that it is time for a new party that will tell Europe where to get off, lock criminals up for long terms, bring back the cane in schools, introduce conscription as a sentence available to the youth courts, stop the malingerers on the social and so-on, start hanging drug dealers and murderers, I could go on.

Can I be the next Prime Minister, how does one go about that????

I have had enough of this country that I love going round the U bend at a million miles an hour, anyone care to join me??

24th Nov 2007, 17:27
Not me - its boring listening to folk slagging off my own country quoting the Daily Mail as if it tells the truth with almost nothing positive or constructive to contribute.

Doesn't mean I support the government.

Doesn't mean I'm happy with everything in the UK.

But the one thing I loathe more than the yob culture are middle class folk engaging in a Daily Mail selfish love-in who can populate a thread at the speed of light with an orgy of self-righteous blame-everyone-else-but-me-isms.

24th Nov 2007, 17:33
I wish to associate myself with the views of the previous poster

24th Nov 2007, 17:39
I'm with TDF on this one.


Lamenting Navigator
24th Nov 2007, 18:03
I tell you what's wrong with this country... the Hate Mail (the one that calls itself the Daily Mail).

And the fact that no one smiles at anyone anymore. Miserable bunch.

Life's a Beech
24th Nov 2007, 18:07
Where did cumulogranite mention the Daily Mail?

Richard Taylor
24th Nov 2007, 18:13
Problem is politicians promise citizens the earth...then fail to deliver.

That has been true down through the years...& applies to all political parties.

Only promises they've kept is to themselves...to raise their own inflated salaries.

24th Nov 2007, 19:31
Yes. What has it lost? The co-operation of those who actually used to run the Government, The Civil Service. It is not that the CS has ever been a shining example of competence but, at least, they have known generally how things work and how to change them when necessary.

For ten years Blair, and his henchmen Brown and Campbell, have lost control of the Civil Service because they have introduce too many changes "on the hoof" and without proper consultation. For too long they have worked against them.

Since Brown chickened out of the election, the trickle of exposures from the Civil Service has turned into a flood which shows no sign of abating. Brown can't get a grip on it because a lot of the mess has been his. This is why the criticisms from civil and military leaders have become personal.

Brown has got to go. There is no hope of it getting better with him in control. I just hope that whoever replaces him can get a grip on it.

24th Nov 2007, 20:02
Not me - its boring listening to folk slagging off my own country quoting the Guardian as if it tells the truth with almost nothing positive or constructive to contribute.

Doesn't mean I don't support the government.

Doesn't mean I'm not happy with everything in the UK.

But the one thing I loathe more than the yob culture are middle class folk engaging in a Guardian selfish love-in who can populate a thread at the speed of light with an orgy of self-righteous blame-everyone-else-but-me-isms.

Yep - It's boring alright. :zzz:

24th Nov 2007, 20:53
Fifteen years ago - if the internet existed as it does now - we could have read on many threads the same splenetic ire with almost exactly the same content as the "starter for ten" expressed by the thread starter.

Five years from now, change of government or not, there will be threads full of exactly the same splenetic vitriol saying exactly the same things.

Ten years from now it will be exactly the same - those intelligent enough to write will slag the government off for their woes.

Twenty, Thirty, Fifty, One-hundred years it will be the same.

Go back - Dickens, Pepys, Bede - they were all convinced we were going to the dogs. We've been going to the dogs for over a thousand years.

Prior - during - and after Gloriana we were going to the dogs.

It's boring.

Has anybody got anything interesting to say that hasn't been said before?

tony draper
24th Nov 2007, 21:12
Well who do we need to fix it, a Mahatma or a Adolf? :E

24th Nov 2007, 21:27
Well who do we need to fix it, a Mahatma or a Adolf?

Neither, how about a tony?

24th Nov 2007, 21:31
Think we've already had one of those.

24th Nov 2007, 21:41
That was a Tony... different beast altogether I reckon.;)

tony draper
24th Nov 2007, 21:44
I'm sayin nowt,the floor is yourn.:E

tony draper
24th Nov 2007, 21:55
Well let me put it this way,I personly think things have gone past the point of being large group hug fixable.

24th Nov 2007, 22:23
Who would I vote for?
Any political party that puts the genuine concerns and welfare of the people before their own narrow support group. Any party that puts substance before presentation. Any party that actually believes in genuine democracy instead of the weak version we practice in "the west". Any party that actually stands up to and tells Rupert Murdoch to fcuk off. Any party that actually listens to what the country needs instead of focus groups. Any party that can get the balance right between giving the police power without becoming a police state.

I dont think I will be holding my breath waiting for that political party to arrive.

24th Nov 2007, 22:29
Well who do we need to fix it, a Mahatma or a Adolf? :E

Lee Kuan Yew

Life's a Beech
25th Nov 2007, 04:19
I didn't have you down as a Thatcherite, Flypuppy. Glad to hear it!

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Nov 2007, 05:39

Fixing a country is like making love to a beautiful woman....:}

25th Nov 2007, 07:27
The good thing about debate is that one can see alternative views, mine is but one alternative. I do not condone the Daily Mail-esque viritrol that is often spouted. I am merely thinking out loud that this country is in a shocking state and that to restore it, not to a former glory, but into a country where it is safe to walk the streets at night, where right and wrong are well seperated, and decent people are rewarded for working hard is going to require a mamouth effort and some new thinking.

Off topic slightly, but a current view nontheless, is the pay out to Steve McClaren, the boss of Northern Rock and so-on. These people have failed to perfom their jobs to an adequate standard, and yet are paid massive pay offs for failing. If I fail in my job I get sacked, and no pay off, like 99% of the population. It is just wrong and does nothing to show that this country is a proud nation, instead it is a "whats in it for me" culture that starts at government level and filters down the rotten pole.

I am not after a right wing, Daily Mail, Guardian or otherwise society, I just want a fair society where hard work is rewarded, and wrong doing is punished. My views may seem severe, but IMHO in order to establish a decent status quo we need to go further back and become harder in order for a decent level to be established. That is why I advocate the death penalty, longer prison sentences, the cane in schools, an end to the sponging of the welfare state and so-on.

I love my country and hate to see it going the way it has under Tony & Cronies, and the current encombant of No10 is nothing more than a guppy looking advocate of the culture that has prevailed over the last 10 years. Soneone help us please!!!

25th Nov 2007, 09:40
Clowns/Life's a Beech,

Thatcherism never embodied any of those ideals.

Life's a Beech
25th Nov 2007, 14:25
Not sure what the "clowns" said, seem to have deleted their posts, but I assume they agreed with me that Thatcher did embody all of those. One good piece of evidence was that more people increased in socio-economic class during the 1980s than in any other decade (that is why the polls went so wrong in 1992). She worked very hard to undo the damage of socialists who were using the workers and unemployed as political pawns.

25th Nov 2007, 15:06
Don't know if it's good news for the Aussies, but seems like big change in politics down there. Signing Kyoto, and bringing back the troops from Iraq.
Could be someone started listening to the people.

25th Nov 2007, 16:05
Lifes a Beech,

Unfortunately your arrogance, writing style, political point of view and current employment all mimic those of Send Clowns.

This thread is not about the evils of thacherism, and I can assure the items I listed are a complete anathema to La Thatcher, as they are to the current government.

Life's a Beech
25th Nov 2007, 16:11
I think you are mistaking where the arrogance is here. I mimic no-one, I am my own man, which is why I don't bow to your arrogance. You might assure me as often as you like, but that doesn't make it true, except to someone arrogant enough to believe they are the only one with a valid viewpoint!

25th Nov 2007, 16:42
There are various articles in various papers today - all broadsheet - about various Government-inspired cock-ups, idiocies, sheer wastes of money; some past, some present, some to come.

The total cost to date of New Labour's mistakes is about 40bn, that's 40,000,000,000 or about 2,500 per average tax-paying household.

I've included such things as the Dome, at a mere 1bn, the NHS national data-base, the police ditto, and of course the fact that Gord 'n Alistair have given 25,000,000,000 ++ of our hard-earned cash to a company called Northern Rock, which will never, ever, be recovered.

Among the ways that Gordon Brown found of paying for all this waste, apart from simply increasing a lot of taxes, was to steal money from virtually everyone's pension fund.

I've excluded the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Trident, from the 40bn, each of which is competing for the title of biggest useless expenditure.

And this is the Government that claims to be economically successful.

25th Nov 2007, 17:57
Rumour has it there's going to be at least a 50% increase in that 40bn waste figure around 2012.

25th Nov 2007, 18:41
Sorry...I forgot the Olympics; let's guess at a minimum 10,000,000,000, OK, 20,000,000,000 of our money (todays prices) being spent - wasted - to create a facility in E London for 3 weeks of political athletics competition....

The problem is not the fact that the Games are coming here, it's that as soon as New Labour and the crop of non-entities in charge became involved the costs started escalating uncontrollably and will continue to do so until 2012, while those who object are and will be vilified as not "not proud of Britain", "spoil-sports", "unable to see the greater vision of the future" etc etc.

Not one of the Cabinet has ever had to earn a living doing a proper job, and that's the root cause of all this wastage. Their world has always been the Westminster village and before that Town Halls, where money has no value or meaning except as a political tool.

25th Nov 2007, 20:37
ID Cards - let's not forget them - another 20bill minimum and that's just the capex

25th Nov 2007, 22:01
Check out the Aussie election site.


They talk the same language you lot do - both sides.

HH post a good one I thought.


I see the love in has developed a bit - albeit slowly.

25th Nov 2007, 23:02

The Olympics! The countdown now begins,-...........to apply to whatever country you can and get the hell out of here!!! Better to live in a third world nation than a bankrupt nation (both financially, and culturally)