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23rd Nov 2007, 20:43
I know it's a bit Bill Oddie, but I'm thinking of building/buying a wormery.

The local council have now decided to empty our rubbish only once every 2 weeks, the loons are talking about charging us per gram of stuff disposed, and I don't hate my neighbours enough to produce that much ash.

I can't help noticing that my B&Q compost bin has managed to turn all sorts of rubbish, from shredded gas bills to cornflake packages to old taiter pealings, to respectable tilth, (handy for our clay bound borders), effectively, and simply. Thanks, I reckon, to a healthy dose of nitrogen, (the odd cup of p*ss), and the resident worms.

Now I reckon , if I scaled things up, I'd be able to at least half the volume of me black wheelie bin, and successfully grow a few plants next year.

I've had a quick peep at http://www.the-gardeners-calendar.co.uk/Features/Compost_Heap/DIYwormery.asp but I just wondered if anyone has any experience in this field ??


Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Nov 2007, 21:12
Should work even better if you drop a couple of councillors in there along with the potato peelings...

23rd Nov 2007, 21:13
Will you keep it in the shed?

23rd Nov 2007, 22:03
Burn all your rubbish... :}

gas path
23rd Nov 2007, 22:42
Nah! Just 'fly tip' it:p

Rather be Gardening
24th Nov 2007, 08:13

I have a wormery - it's one of the can-o-worms variety with stacking compartments and a drain tap at the bottom. The worm liquid is very good for plants, especially things like tomatoes and the worm-cast compost is brilliant. The only thing is, it's not a speedy process, so have put some of the worms into an ordinary composter, where they're busy working through the kitchen scaps and softer garden detritus. I understand the worms supplied aren't the same as the usual ones we see in the garden - these ones are a bit more active and process the waste more quickly. The best option is probably to have a couple of wormeries on the go at the same time. Have a look at the Wiggly Wigglers website, where they go into more detail - all their stuff is modular and can be bought individually, or as a complete kit. http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk