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21st Nov 2007, 18:22
Almost finished my commercial training and was wonding what the chances would be of landing a job in the Maldives on the DHC6 as an FO with the following experience:
UK JAR CPL/MEIR with ATPL theory and MCC
500h TT, 355h PIC, 50h MEP and 25h Floats
Quite serious about moving out there on a long term basis and not one of those looking at it as a holiday for a few months. Have no time on DHC6 and can't afford Type Rating for my JAR licence as it's 12K for the DHC6 course!!!
Any advice or views please? I know there's at least 2 operators out there and have found application form online for TMA but not MAT- do you apply for MAT through Kenn Borek in Calgray?
Thanks in advance

26th Nov 2007, 04:24
I did almost 7 years in Maldives (had a break in between) and worked for both companies. Some of the best flying I have ever done, water conditions huge at times but awessome scenery. The comeraderie is fantastic and its because of this....

Most days awake at 4, airborne 6am. land about 530-6pm with average of 12-15 landings a day. The most I did was 22. By the end of the day, ya trashed but always manage to have a cleansing refreshings. Hard work, you lose the beauty of the place after about 3 months....its a sweatshop.

To apply for MAT, email CP at Madivian Air Taxi AND CP at Kenn Borek Air
To apply for TMA, email CP at Trans Maldivian Airways

Its hard to get a slot as f/o with either company these days as more and more Maldivians are getting their licences so the 2 companies are nationally obligated to hire them. Even if you had a DHC-6 Command endorsment/PPC, they prob wouldnt look at you as you wouldnt have enough float time.
Give it a try though....if you get in, you would love it....for the first few months anyway!!!

FJ 01

14th Dec 2007, 20:51
Hi FJ01,

Can You tell me what was the sallary / payment in transmaldivian?



15th Dec 2007, 22:59
Nemanja, well dont know f/o salary as I was in the left seat. I think its around $2000USD/mth and thats paid 12 months of the year.Work 8 weeks on 4 weeks off with flight provided home for your 4 weeks off.Accom provided also. As I said earlier, its VERY hard to get a f/o position as they are hiring locals to become skippers down the track. MAT similar position also.
Good luck....any further info let me know

16th Dec 2007, 17:02
Hi FJ01,

Thanks for the quick answer.
I have a JAA CPL ME IR ATPL and a TT about 750hrs mostly SE skydiving operations in C182 and C206.
I called transmaldivian a month ago and they said to call on march - april.

As I do not have a float rating, thinking to do it in Maldives.

The nearest float Cessna rating for me is in Italy. (i am from Serbia)

I really want to do that kind of job and try to live there for about 5 - 10 years

I know that is a hard flying but in the same time for me is a big challenge.

Can You tell me if there is a chance for me there?

Thanks and Best regards,


16th Dec 2007, 22:57
Firstly it is almost impossible to live there for 10 years.It is very isolated and it drives you crazy....really.I did 7 and was definately one of the longest expats to do this.
You cannot do float ratings in Maldives. Expats have them before they come and locals usually go to USA, Canada or Australia to do it.
My advice if you really want to go there is firstly...get a float rating!! Second, get a float job and get some seaplane hours (a float rating with no seaplane hours will not get you a job there!!!) Call the CP of Kenn Borek Air in Calgary, Canada. They supply the aircraft and crew to Maldivian Air Taxi....you will have a much better chance with them than Trans Maldivian. Beleive me I worked for both companies and know the system. Off course keep trying with TMA. Just remember that both MAT and TMA are obligated to hire local f/o's BEFORE expat f/o's. There are SO MANY locals now getting their licences, it is getting harder and harder to get a f/o position. Off course if you were a captain with seaplane DHC6 time, that is a different story!
Hope this helps fj01

22nd Jul 2008, 09:15
A Maldivian Air Taxi de Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter on floats, performing a flight from Male to Adaaran Club Bathala (North Ari Atoll) (Maldives) with 14 passengers and 2 crew, was approaching the landing platform at winds around 20 knots and rough sea, when the floats cut through a wave, then hit a big swell causing the airplane to get airborne again with a sway to the left. The pilot in command called for a go-around and attempted to correct the left sway. While climbing out in a right turn the airplane struck a speed boat, moored to a buoy, the right hand float collided with the buoy causing the right hand float and right hand engine to separate from the aircraft. The pilot in command managed to land and stop the airplane on the left hand float. High wave drifted the airplane towards a shallow area, where the airplane sank. The passengers and crew could leave the airplane without injuries.


25th Jul 2008, 03:39
Where can I get a boat???

25th Jul 2008, 07:51
That must have been one good ride.

14th Dec 2008, 12:19
Hi Ventus,

no i didn't manage to go on the maldives, they told me that they can not provide me the float rating. Can you tell me what company did you find and some other detailes, like what aircraft, price, etc.?


santos dumont
27th Dec 2008, 22:40
Agree with FloatJockey, except that it IS possible to get in without any float time (you need the rating though)... I did ! But you've got to really want it and be really lucky. Good luck. :ok:

8th Feb 2009, 01:39
Santos -

Did you get on with MAT? If you did, do you mind sharing your times when you were hired? And were you hired recently, or was this some time ago?

I have a couple places I can get a MES rating here (in the States) and I'm wanting to find out if it's worth it.


14th Feb 2009, 01:38
A little update on the maldives operators.

im currently working with one of the twin otter operators down here in the maldives,
things are really slowing down thanks to the finance crisis.so all hiring has stoped for the time being.
heres the current situation for both operators.

MAT all captain upgrades on hold indefinatly, but still putting on low time fo's if your lucky enough to be canadian or maldivian.

TMA no more captain upgrades till next year, the ATR side of the company just folded and the maldivian crew are returning to the twin otter's.
when they were hiring all the fo's that got hied with low time or no float time ALL had personal connections with existing senior staff.

also talk at both companies of lowering pilot numbers thru either termination or extending the unpaid leave between rotations.

what this means is that even if you get on as a fo by the time your will be ready for upgrade (~2000hrs) there will be about 20-30 fo's ahead or you!

good luck

FO JimmieJames
17th Feb 2009, 14:22
Hi Calmaashs,

I know one of the Captains for TMA and he put my CV forward last year August (08). Some interest was shown in hiring me as a Junior FO as I am low houred. Went to Scotland and did a SEP SEA Rating. Told TMA that I had done the Sea Plane thing and was ready to join up with big smile and sparkly teeth. This was November. They got back to me and said unfortunatley things had turned for the worst and they would keep my CV until something came up.

In your educated opinion, do you think there is still hope for me, or do you think I should just right the whole sea plane dream off for good.

As a seasoned job hunter, I always tend to be very optermistic.

Happy flying.


18th Feb 2009, 04:09
unfortunatly they are telling the truth at the moment, november was when it becme apparant that the high season was going to be lean this year. to put is in prospective, last high season we were all flying 120 hrs a mth, this season has been more like 65 hrs a mth!
The last low time guy did the exact same training path as you and has proven to be good, so thats in you favor. also we will be getting new 400 series twin otters at the end of the year with more crew needed for them. so keep plugging away at it. dont worry about the degradation of your newly aquired float skills as the twin otter flies nothing like a piston single and in the training configuration (empty) cant be kept on the water even if u wanted to once powers applied!

23rd Feb 2009, 22:13
Hi Calmaashs,

Do you have to do a twin engine float rating before you can fly the DHC6 and is there a private and commercial float rating? I am finding it hard to get information on this, or I am just looking in the wrong places!



25th Feb 2009, 16:10
The absolute min you need to apply is a cpl, mecir, and a single engine float endo. coz none of that can be done here.the dhc6 rating is done inhouse. but unless you have significant time on floats or know someone here or are canadian or maldivian your chances are veeeeeeeeeeery slim. this is not an hour building job, this is a lifestyle!!

good luck all

25th Feb 2009, 17:21
Im still going to try (in about three years time when im finished training :}), I want to fly floats for a career. I have found a few operators in Europe, one of which says they will supply a float rating for "suitable candidates", who ever that may be!

500 above
25th Feb 2009, 23:35
Hi guys

Why dont you try some bush flying in Africa whilst you wait for that elusive 'dream job'? Would be great logbook time and if your lucky you could end up with 'Twotter time on land as a bonus. It would also prove that you are willing AND able to work outside of your home country.

Go look for that first job, it wont come to you!

BTW for you European based guys, Air Sea Lines (Greek island hoppers) have two 'Twotters in LSZR for conversion to Canadian registry as we speak... Not a good sign. Another one bites the dust?

Good luck.

santos dumont
1st Apr 2009, 22:00

I went ot the Maldives (TMA) 6 years ago but even back then everyone said it was impossible. I persisted and probably got lucky in the end. Found out the only way in is through a recommendation. I had 1000 TT, 7 floats. I think only TT and the ratings counted as at the time they wanted senior FO's. Don't do a MES, SES is all they need. Right now things are bad bad bad. Possibly after the crisis and when all those new resorts down South open up you might have a chance. Good luck.

500 above,

AirSea Lines stopped operations since December. Apparetnly the last few months were worthy of a soap opera script. Plans to restart for the summer but unlikely according to me. Right now only one airplane still in Greece.


28th Jun 2009, 01:44
Gday, just a few questions hopefully someone who is currently employed in MAT can assist me with.

What is the roster like in terms of time on and off, do expats recieve airfaires to return home?

What are the current wages like for both FOs and Capts?

Do pilots recieve in house accom? and if so what is it like?

I understand at the moment things are standing quite still, but in good times what is the progression like from FO to Capt?

Is all flying under the IFR?

Like I said I would appreciate answers from someone currently workin at MAT.

26th Mar 2010, 23:13
Hi guys

Please could anyone with information assist with this?
I am a South African and am planning on going to Canada to do a float rating with Air-Hart and then want to get flying in the Maldives for MAT or TMA.
Does anyone know if they are looking at the moment. Also, being relatively low time i currently have 340hrs and 140hrs on the King Air 200...do you think it would be pointless to go do a float plane rating now? If i do go do it, and it lapses, will MAT or TMA still be interested if the float rating is not current?

Also, I have read the thread, but these were from a while back. Does anyone know what a starting FO earns and what approximate living cost is in the Maldives?
I am not looking to earn good money, i am looking for a great lifestyle!

Thanks guys!

27th Mar 2010, 17:49
Sorry to disappoint you mate. Both the companies wont hire expats even if you've got contacts. Tried my luck recently only. Try checking out on the phone.

20th Apr 2010, 13:09
To everyone wishing to get in as FO !

Unfortunately I can only say : No Chance !
Until further notice, the government has stopped granting work permits/visas to foreigners FOs. :ugh:
Only Captains with a lot of experience will have a chance.

Sorry to come with this bad news but that is the situation right now !

Best of luck to everyone !

30th Jun 2011, 01:50
Resurrecting an old thread.

What is the situation like over in the Maldives these days?

What are the requirements for a FO and/or a captains spot?

Will they accept low timers (~500 hours) if they have a few 100 hours of open water experience in a DHC-2?

3rd Jul 2011, 13:28

Sorry but unfortunately you don't stand a chance right now as the government stopped granting work permits for foreigners FOs and the only way would be as a Captain and the requirements are pretty tough :

3500 hours total time
1000 hours on floats, including 500 hours on DHC-6 on floats
6 "O Levels passes minimum 3 C's including English


5th Jan 2012, 19:33
Hey guys, its been a while since anybody posted on here so I though I'd see if things have changed any?

MAT has the following on their site, as of 01/04/2012

Aircraft Captains:

Total Flying Time 3,500 hours
Float Time 1000 hours
DHC 6 Floats 500 Hours
First Officers:

Maldivian CPL with Multi-Engine Rating or ICAO CPL with Multi Engine Instrument Rating,
Seaplane rating (single engine float rating is adequate)
Current ICAO Class 1 medical; and
Completed O Levels with 6 passes including English, with a minimum grade of C in 3 subjects ;
Maldivian CPL with Multi-Engine Rating or ICAO CPL with Multi Engine Instrument Rating
Seaplane rating (single engine float rating is adequate);
Current ICAO Class 1 medical; and
Minimum Company education level requirements or ATPL written exams and 1500 hours total flight experience

EASA licensed engineers holding a B1.1 license and qualified on PT6 small engines and DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft.
EASA licensed engineers holding a B2 license experienced on general aviation aircraft 5700 kg and below.

Looks like the posts above are correct, as FO you need to be Maldivian citizen and as PIC you need some float time.


Just out of curiosity, is it the same at TMA ?

How is housing provided? Company owned house and you get a room or what?

ANy other info would be appreciated for either company.
Pity that paradise is under Sharia law though
Thanks guys

21st Feb 2012, 01:05
both companies are hiring expats at the moment. I think MAT has 7 on the property at the moment. TMA is hiring 6. The Visa requirments have been loosend for expat FO's
Hope this helps, good luck

22nd Feb 2012, 18:15

is that first hand info you got? 2-3 years ago they stopped hiring expat FOs for Twin Otters, since they started the Asian Academy of Aeronautics and trying to support home grown FOs towards being Capts later on.

Did they have too many incidents with local pilots (I've read there was one or two at least) or is the AAA school training mainly Sri Lankans and Indians and/or local CPLs don't show enough interest to fly there?

25th Feb 2012, 05:04
Yeah first hand or what ever you like to call it. I am there right now. TMA just hired two and is till looking for 4 more. Hurry up guys they want the new pilots on the property in the next two month. It takes time to get all the paperwork for the visa stuff.

26th Feb 2012, 20:36
anybody know what is should expect from a TMA interview?
would love any help that i can get!


10th Mar 2012, 22:16
can anyone tell me how life is in the Maldives? How is the housing set up for TMA? any thoughts for a newbie living there?

11th Mar 2012, 06:37
Do they entertain fresh CPL holders?

18th Mar 2012, 16:12
Climb to 350 posted openings for F/O. They say do not apply if you don't have a SES rating.
I have 2300 hrs in MES,as PIC.But no SES.
Would this keep me out of the running?

18th Mar 2012, 19:07
Hey Mat flight ops, were not getting much help here.

19th Mar 2012, 08:21
@MAT Flight Ops

Does MAT hire freshers?

Also where can we get TR on the floats in Maldives?

Captain Stravaigin
23rd Mar 2012, 14:49
"MAT has the following on their site, as of 01/04/2012" Nice one Skaz !

24th Mar 2012, 03:19
not sure I understand that last post...

Flashheart II
9th Apr 2012, 12:15

Just one question. Can you go from an FO to Captain whilst you are out there? The minimum requirements for Captain say ATPL and I only have a frozen ATPL. As I understand it you need a multi pilot airplane type rating in order to get an ATPL.


14th Mar 2013, 12:38
Both companies (now one company) are very progressive with internal upgrades. The job needs a lot of local knowledge, both flying and dealing with the resort politics.

20th Jul 2013, 12:22
Obviously things are always changing in the Maldives. Having reviewed MAT website and a few other threads Im still curious about the current state of things. Are they hiring expat FOs at present? I would love to hear from someone who is based there right now?

5th Sep 2013, 05:42
?Worst fears? over Blackstone seaplane buyout now a reality, warns hotel group | Minivan News (http://minivannews.com/travelandarts/%E2%80%9Cworst-fears%E2%80%9D-over-blackstone-seaplane-buyout-now-a-reality-warns-hotel-group-64529)

5th Sep 2013, 19:48
Being a regular tourist to the Maldives I have over the years experienced both MAT and TMA seaplane transfers which were on the whole satisfactory. The latest visit however,in June/July this year, involving the transfer when, unbeknown to me, both companies had merged, was shambolic. We were bussed to the TMA terminal, our boarding cards taken from us, so when the flight was called we had no idea which flight we were allocated. Once this was resolved (our names called out) we were then bussed to the MAT terminal where we boarded a MAT aircraft (red but with no titles). Some luggage was "bumped" and arrived on a much later flight. The ground staff were polite but seemed to have no idea about how disorganised the process was.

Hopefully these transfer issues have since been sorted but it's not the sort of transfer service I would wish to experience again after a long and tiring flight from Europe.