View Full Version : Instruction at EMIRATES FLIGHT SCHOOL

9th Nov 2007, 02:07
i Would Appreciate Any One Who Could Guide Me Whether Faa Cfii/mei Are Valid In Flight Schools In Dubai For Job And Also I Am Wondering If I Have To Go Through Ne Conversion Process...........:)

Airplane Crazy
9th Nov 2007, 05:16
From what I know is that you will have to get an ICAO license. Some nations consider FAA also an ICAO some don't. You'll have to call the company you wanna work for directly to find out wether or not they will accept your's. Plus seems like all UAE based schools are now going toward JAA style for their training, so I don't know if that affects what kind of licenses they accept.

Things in UAE are chaning fast and seems like these days they like to think they are getting better at things than the rest of the world, so who knows.

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