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5th Nov 2007, 13:10
Hi Guys, i've got my fist exam tomorow - Operational procedures. I've been working through the cats and bristol online question banks and am feeling reasonably confident (if not a bit nervous). Was just wondering if any of you guys have advice on any last minute topics to cram. Anything that may have come up in your exams that you were not expecting. :bored:

5th Nov 2007, 22:24
come 2 hours before the exam, go to the cafeteria, a review rapidly all the quizz given by bristol.

you must score over 80-85%.

good luck!

5th Nov 2007, 22:38
Funny coz I'm doing OP too tomorrow, but probably in another part of JAA-land. Will be my 8:th exam and I'm feeling confident! You should too, I'm sure you'll pass with a nice margin, you seem to be well prepared!

Good luck!!!

6th Nov 2007, 14:07
Just had the exam, went really well there were only a couple of questions I had to go back to at the end and really think about.

Good idea about reviewing the bristol questions just before going in, will use that idea for AirLaw Thursday. Does anybody know if the cafe at Gatwick has wifi?

thanks for the responses....:)

6th Nov 2007, 21:51
I'm more worried about the Gen Nav one tomorrow than any of the others !!. My mind just goes blank when I try and learn that subject !!. Struggling to remember it. Hope it all comes flooding back in the exam room !!!.


6th Nov 2007, 21:54
The central forum at CAA Gatwick (AKA The Belgrano) has wifi - it's called Library! Not sure how far the signal travels though!



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