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30th Oct 2007, 12:16
As is the case for many people on here i'm sure, i'm currently trying to find a way to get myself from zero hours to a frozen atpl. I've been looking through a lot of the threads on here and trying to absorb as many of the different viewpoints on schools etc as I can.

Since I don't have a lot of money (and neither do my parents) i'm looking at the modular route. I'll need to live at home (manchester) to do the training so am looking at the north west schools, of which there are very few.

My specific question is would it stand against me if I did my ppl at a school down south (where I currently live) and then came up north to do the cpl etc.? Do airlines prefer a candidate to have done his or her training all at the same school from start to fininsh?

Thanks in advance for any advice given.


30th Oct 2007, 12:28
This has all been done before matey but heres what I have gleamed from my extensive research.
Airlines prefer your training to be done by the same provider , that way they can if necessary get an overview of your training without having to scrape around different organisations. This realistically only applies to the CPL/IR portion you can do your PPL hour building wherever you wish but the advice I have been given from the various training exhibitions , places I have visited and serving airline recruiting staff is try and do your CPL Multi IR at the same place . GS not so much as a lot of people do distance learning then go elsewhere for flying .
You dont really want to make it difficult for a prospective employer to get gen on you , they might just decide the next man is easier.

30th Oct 2007, 12:32
Thanks for the advice. So just to get this straight, It probably does'nt matter where I do the PPL or the ground school, as long as I do the latter stages with the same fto?

Thanks again.

Antonio Montana
30th Oct 2007, 14:35
Okay, well yes thats true, it can help if you do your CPL/ME and IR at the same place, also it helps with consistency.
As your PPL, do it as cheaply as possible, the USA, Canada or even South Africa or Auz. If you are also going for your fATPL do the hour building as well.
Small but very important point, in order to sit your ATPL's and CPL you DO NOT need a Jaa PPL only an ICAO... You will of course need to get your radio licence, but thats no worry.
I went to Florida and did 0 to 150 hour with FAA PPL/NR and a JAA Conversion, which I did not need. In nine weeks. No one has ever asked where I did my PPL or hour building, and I went modular and had different training providers for all modules, still cannot complain as I get to drive a 73.

31st Oct 2007, 01:42
What is an ICAO?? Most distance-learning schools I have looked up do require a PPL as an absolute minimum. Thanks

Launchpad McQuack
31st Oct 2007, 04:52
What is an ICAO??

ICAO is the international body that governs civil aviation, thus an ICAO PPL is any PPL issued by those countries (UK, USA, EU, NZ, AU etc etc) under ICAO.

Antonio is spot on. Antonio, did you go striaght to heavy metal or spend time in GA first?


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