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27th Oct 2007, 02:23
Hi Folks,

Currently I'm about to undertake a month of hour building. I'm looking at doing approximately 110 hours to add to the 55 I have from my PPL to bring me upt o 165 before starting a NR and JAR ME/CPL.

Was discussing my plan with a fellow pilot recently and he was of the view that when hour building, one can only log 100 hours over a period of one month as any more than that in such a short time period could not be logged/included under the JAR system.

Very much appreciate it if someone can confirm if this is really the case.

Many Thanks.

27th Oct 2007, 10:46
sounds like bull crap to me! if you fly it you log it, you were there! but i am not an expert on jar rules and regs.

27th Oct 2007, 11:03
JAR OPS contains rules on how many hours you can fly - but these only apply if you are operating a commercial flight, which you clearly aren't (yet!). I wonder if your mate is (wrongly) thinking of these limits?

No, you can log as much flying as you do in any month.


27th Oct 2007, 14:04
You can fly as much as the FBO, school or operator allows you to fly.
Not to be mean, but I would not let somebody who has 55 hrs fly 8 hrs a day.
Start slow, 2 hrs then 3 then 4 then two times 3 for a total of six a day.
That is plenty tiring already.

28th Oct 2007, 11:55
Fly as much as you want mate. The limitation only applies to commercial operations, not private flights.

For commercial ops it's 90 hours in a one month period (not calendar month) - and not 100 as your friend states....

29th Oct 2007, 00:04
Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. Your replies have put my mind at ease. :ok:


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