View Full Version : Best 3 Module ATPL provider?

26th Oct 2007, 18:34
Does anyone have any recent experience in doing the ATPL exams in three phases?
I am looking at either CATS or Atlantic, CATS has quoted 999 for their online course (inclusive of brush up)
Has anyone started this online route if so, whats its like?

My first choice was BGS, but because they work a 2 module route i feel taking 3 weeks off per module for brush up and exams a problem, to take 6 weeks off in one year a tough call for my family and employer:{
Bit of a pain as I live 25 min from Cheddar!

Turbine King
28th Oct 2007, 16:55
Price and Quality go hand in hand at CATS
The course is a realistic length for the distance learner with a busy home-life
but you can choose your own pace

They only dropped one exam this month


you can quite easily search for CATS if the link does not work

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