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22nd Oct 2007, 21:05
In a recent discussion there was some talk about a BBC TV series of this name inthe 1980s or 90s.

Does anyone know if there are commercial videos/dvds available.

22nd Oct 2007, 21:21
Google is your friend.

22nd Oct 2007, 22:06
Thanks for that. I have tried Googling, but without success.

There is a video of the Sparrows with the same name, but the one I am looking for is the series telling the history of commercial aviation.

In particular, the episode set in Papua New Guinea

23rd Oct 2007, 11:05
Can remember watching this series as a kid. Was presented by Julian Pettifer and first broadcast in 1978 or '79 I think. This was about the time that home video was emerging with VHS battling it out with Betamax and I don't think that commercial re-sale of TV series was seriously explored by the Beeb until years later so you may be out of luck. You might have to hope for a re-run on one of the satellite documentary channels.

23rd Oct 2007, 11:26
A very good book was written on the programme. 'Diamonds in the Sky. A Social History of Air Travel'. Kenneth Hudson and Julian Pettifer.

ISBN 0 370 30162 5
ISBN 0 563 17749 7 BBC.

In particular, the episode set in Papua New Guinea

I have a copy here. Pic below from the Papua New Guinea section. Try Amazon.


norman atkinson
23rd Oct 2007, 14:05
Not Sgt Jim Weston's son by any chance?

23rd Oct 2007, 14:31
One of the best series on commercial aviation at its time. Have a much battered copy thats been thru betamax and vhs may be possible to copy if you have no luck elsewhere

23rd Oct 2007, 21:26
And a very catchy theme tune too if I remember...

barry lloyd
23rd Oct 2007, 23:07
One of the abiding memories (iirc!) I have from that series was the reservations room. The status of the flights was written up on a blackboard (sorry chalkboard!) at the front of what was clearly an enormous classroom type building. It had obviously been expanded over time to accommodate more staff, and those at the back were equipped with opera glasses, so that they could read the flight status on the board, and hopefully pass on the correct information to the enquiring passenger!

7th Nov 2007, 17:12
As an enthusiastic kid Diamonds in the Sky was fantastic.

Back in the 70s there was little coverage of Aviation other than the clichéd annual coverage of the Biggin Hill display. (RIP Raymond Baxter. Great feller).

The one episode that I found particularly fascinating was the story of the Empire Flying boats that had their heyday and made Foynes temporarily a very important staging point in Ireland.

It must have been extraordinary for locals to suddenly appear a hive of activity at the centre of the world only for it all to ebb away as the boats became moribund, and for it to become a quiet place once more.

They must have dreamt that it all happened.

Windy Militant
13th Nov 2007, 13:41
I'm surprised no one's mentioned the episode featuring a visit to the Control Tower at O' Hare in Chicago, that was wonderful timing to arrive on the busiest day at any airport since the Berlin Airlift! :ok:

Level bust
13th Nov 2007, 22:03
I remember the Chicago episode, especially when he asks the United (I think) his position. The reply being 'er we're taking off!'

14th Nov 2007, 12:24
I contacted the BBC several years ago about this and they told me that they could never release a video/CD of this for copyright reasons. It was superb film. I loved the pictures of the A300 flying across the ground at 60 knots.

2nd Jan 2008, 13:48
Been keeping an eye out for this on the filesharing network - all sorts of good stuff pops up on there, if it does I will grab it and stick a link on here. I actually have the whole series on V2000 somewhere (now that DOES date it) but haven't seen hide nor hair of a Grundig or Philips player for many a long year.

Also remember the recording of the United Airlines reservation agent - with that wonderful line "sir, we promise you everything. And give you nothing!" Have been known to use that line.... :}

14th Dec 2010, 16:00
It is here for a fiver:

Diamonds in the sky (http://www.tvondvd.co.uk/Diamonds+In+The+Sky+1979/p307680_2361661.aspx)

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