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20th Oct 2007, 07:46
Hi People,

I went for my first flight in nearly 18 months this morning. I have 13.5 hours up with 2.5 solo all in a skyfox gazelle. I really enjoyed the gazelle.

Anyway I had to fly a new plane today. I really did not like the plane but anyway I got airsick. I can remember getting air sick in the early days of starting to learn how to fly.

I guess I am after suggestions to beat it while I am getting used to flying again. After the flight today I never wanted to fly again. Problem is I have a very good opportunity coming up if I can get the job of combining my passion for computers and also learning to fly along the way. I need to know that the air sickness will get better or find a way to beat it.

I can't remember but I think last time it was just a matter of keep on going up until it was fixed. May help to go up in better conditions than today though. Let me know what you all think.


20th Oct 2007, 09:01
You're right, more exposure will decrease the chance of air sickness. Remember Chuck Yeager got airsick when he was learning to fly. So did I but I am no where near as good as him.

Pick your days. If it's blowing a gale then it'll obviously be rough and not good for calming jittery stomachs. A cooler day is wise too.

Drink water, don't consume any thing that might upset your stomach. Definitely don't fly with a hangover.

20th Oct 2007, 14:51

The more exposure to flying the better... Plenty has been said about this subject...

I remember getting air sick during my first few hours, I also remember on my first lesson making a big mistake... Eating a full english breakfast... :ugh: :eek: :ooh:

Mind you it gets better afterwards. :ok:

20th Oct 2007, 21:36
This is a good little thread on wonder chunder


21st Oct 2007, 01:52
My advise to you is to carry on, with a but though. If you can get the chance to go up without doing training for a couple of flights (maybe an hour and a bit or so) to get your legs back. This is easy to do, for example there is always a full load check being done, or a CPL trainee doing a cross country flight that they may like company on.

If you know that you get airsick now, you will tend to focus on that during the lesson, and may very well miss the point of a lesson, and then will have to do it all over again!

We have all gotten airsick at one time or another, and its nothing to be worried about. :P

Keep yer eyes to the skies and remember, oxygen is only a myth!

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