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19th Oct 2007, 20:57
I've lately been tuning in during the boring bits of Auntie 4 & 5 & not bad, not bad at all.

There's a dreadful Daily Mail incarnate on in the mornings, John Goat or something, but once he's out the way, Paul Hawksbee & Andy Jacobs in the afternoon, who seem intent on spending three hours laughing at one another whilst discussing sport, which I would call entertainment. Then it's a bunch of hobbled footballers yapping more or less authoratatively on the game. George Galloway late night too, which is always a laugh. Nothing like an indignant lefty for a giggle.

The advertising leaves one in doubt about the target market, but I ouldn't let that stop me!:ok:

Definitely a curates agg, but worth a pop I reckon.

19th Oct 2007, 21:23
Generally a good listen IMO. GG, although at a complete opposite to me politically is rather good although I suspect his phone-in guests are carefully selected! Can recommend the James Whale show, remember him from back in the 80's, Piccalilli Radio I think? You're right Talksport is a bit White Van Man as highlighted by Gary Bushell! Living in Swindonshire the advent of DAB radio has at least spared me the delights of "local radio". For local people, no doubt!:}

Little Blue
19th Oct 2007, 22:18
I've been listening to Talksport for years, now.
Best non-music station out there. Ok, Galloway is not my cup of tea, but makes for great radio. Jon Gaunt, well, if he manages to offend anyone who reads the Guardian then he can't be all bad and the sports coverage/punditry is also second to none.
But the missis hates it ! Women !

19th Oct 2007, 22:36
Gaunt, right, Gaunt. Not Goat, Gaunt. Ishould say hobbled EX footballers :p

That Adrian Durham's a miserable bastard mind. I like it when Alan Brazil doesn't turn up by way of a hangover.:ugh::}

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