View Full Version : abacus and bristol feedback

16th Oct 2007, 21:14
Hi all, any advice on which one to go for, or both? just in need of some feedback, got my exams soon, which one is the best?

A and C
17th Oct 2007, 08:37
Take a look at the cabair equipment thread............... the best advert that I have seen for Bristol in a long time!

17th Oct 2007, 09:29
Bristol did it for me & would recommend anytime! I would go so far as to say you would be foolish not to subscribe to the Bristol OQB!!!! ((Never used, seen nor heard of t'other though!))

18th Oct 2007, 22:00
The Bristol OLQB is quite simply phenomenal , the best 100 i have ever spent. In the Air law exam for instance i studied the QB for the week before the exam, totally ignored the notes and got ninety odd per cent .

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