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12th Oct 2007, 18:27
Thanks for reading the post I need some help as I am now looking into the possibility of flight instructing in Australia.
I have researched long and hard and looked into a number of flight schools in Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. I am a UK resident and British passport holder and understand that it would be somewhat easy to come across and do an instructor rating in about 9 weeks or so. However my question is how easy would it be to gain sponsorship from a flight school to train and then gain employment for a foreign pilot such as myself? Won't most flight schools want to train an instructor themselves so there are less standardisation issues? I believe that flight instructors are in short supply but does this apply to foreign pilots as well...? If so what is the best way to go about it as I want to do it in one shot - i.e -instructor rating then instructor job straight after as opposed to catching that long flight home and having to re-apply for a visa!?
I have around 280 hrs or so incl around 60 hrs Mutli (which I believe is partially required to move onto becoming a grade 2 instructor -I think I need to also have 100-200 hrs instruction given but not sure correct me if I am wrong?). I willing to commit the time and energy required (my proverbial pound of flesh!) in return for a steady flow of hours, a decent wage, an excellent training environment and some sunshine!
I have looked at the China Southern West Australian Flying College in Perth, Adelaide Flight Training, Johnstone Aviation Services and one or two others any other suggestions would also be appreciated...?
Thanks for reading this post - I look forward to your responses.

13th Oct 2007, 06:35
Unfortunately you won't be able to work in Oz if you don't have residency or a working visa. I'm not aware of any school that has foreign instructors. You can apply for a holiday working visa which lasts a year but you cant work for any one employer for more than 12 weeks. Sponshorship is a road that employers can go down only after proving to dept of immigration that they cant find a suitable qualified person in Australia to fill the position they have vacant. We do have shortage of instructors but not a severe shortage just yet. Most schools have plenty of Grade 3 instructors but lack a little in ME and IFR position. Sorry to rain on your parade.

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