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8th Oct 2007, 19:19
Hello everybody.:}

Does anybody know, or have expierience with the license validating process in the EU? Who do you have to contact, and how do you go about validating a license?

In this situation it would be an FAA license.

Are the regulations and/or processes different in every EU country? The country in question is Poland.

Basically what I am wondering is if I wanted to do this, how would I go about accomplishing or starting off the process. whatever it may be.

Thanks for all tips, replies.:ok:

9th Oct 2007, 09:06
Validation in my case was handled by the contracting airline. A few required courses and test plus the sim ride.

If you have a few months to spare you could sit the 14 exams. Then when you do the sim you will get the JAA ATPL and be done with it.

9th Oct 2007, 22:48
Thanks for reply.

How long were the courses? What was the test like? Meaning what kind of things did it encompass?

Do you know if it is a similar process in all EU countries or specific to where you went through the validation process?

Also, can anyone apply and be granted a license validation upon completion of the course and tests mentioned? Or are there some sort of restrictions or conditions that must be met?

Thank you :ok:

11th Oct 2007, 21:06
Anybody else have any expieriences or knowledge in regards to license validation?? :confused:

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