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Beginer Pilot
1st Oct 2007, 09:57
Hi There

I am 28 married for 3 1/2 Years and have a 2 Year old Daughter.

I have always wanted to be a pilot but believed that i could not do it due to a prior medical condition however i have recently found out that i can be a commercial pilot as it has been longer than ten years since i suffered this condition.

I am looking to start the training but my wife is worried how it will affect us. I know i will miss them terribly when i am in the states for 4 months training but i will see them more when i return to Ireland to fininsh the training. But it is the affects of the Job.

How does being a Pilot/First Officer affect your family life?

Yours Hopefully


1st Oct 2007, 10:09
Look at the stickys on the top of this forum, and have a search, there is many posts like this :)

All the best, Sam :ok:

The Otter's Pocket
1st Oct 2007, 16:52
I think the First Officer position is the easy bit.

The hard part is the studying, training CPL/IR, the job hunting and worst of all the funding.

She is right, unless you have alot of time on your hands, and a load of dosh...its going to be very tough and at times demoralising.

Why the states?
If you want to fly here, (UK and Eire) then you should fly here, it is the best way to learn.

Good Luck

Beginer Pilot
1st Oct 2007, 17:12
The Pilot Training College of Ireland and Oxford Aviation both send you to the US for 4 months at the beginning to build up your hours.

They both promise that you can become a first officer within 18 months doing it this way.


1st Oct 2007, 19:14
Mate, don't be so fooled by what training organisations say. Go take a look on the other wannabe forum (jobs and sponsorship) and you'll realise that no one is guaranteed a job after finishing. I don't think any training organisation has a 100% placement rate except maybe CTC with their cadets - but they're very specially picked and pruned. Try to look past what they claim, usually it's up to the student to look for jobs, yet if the student gets one of his own back, the training organisation claims that they got him employment!

Try to do plenty of research about it, and good luck :ok:

1st Oct 2007, 19:59
All I can say mate is good luck, I'm currently coping with 4 A-level courses (not easy ones at that) whilst flying and reading up on about 7 books per night for my PPL; if a moany teenager like me can do it - I'm sure you can!

Reach for the stars is all I can say. :ok:

1st Oct 2007, 21:07
Think long and hard chap.
Ive been flying 20 years have 2000 hours a boeing type rating and am 36 still no job!!!
Sod them go and get yourself a trade, and never trust any one in the industry. Airlines are closed shop and work on a positive descrimination basis. Belive me.

1st Oct 2007, 21:18
Airlines are closed shop and work on a positive descrimination basis
In favour of those who can spell? :rolleyes:

Beginner Pilot, the only one who can answer your question is your wife. Is she prepared to look after your daughter single-handedly while you're away, is she prepared to cope with all the household chores while you are studying and flying etc? Same as all marriages, some survive and some don't; it's down to the two individuals involved.



1st Oct 2007, 21:44
Positive discrimination thanks heli .

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