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Grass strip basher
28th Sep 2007, 10:31
Ryanair are holding an investor day for their shareholders today and I would advise going to their website and taking a look. some interesting slides (I will not post a link here as each slide in the presentation has a rather threatening copyright banner at the bottom.... hmmm).
Comments include that they have a surplus of entry level cadets and are looking to move from 30% contract pilots to 40%. Also some comments on their attitude towards pilot unions.
Also say they are number 1 in customer service....

28th Sep 2007, 12:55
I didn't know that Ryanair would have had any kind of investor day, simply due to cost. Regardless it's a little late for me as I've just read that the investor day is being held 28th September, today :ok:

Even so their share price is very prone to increasing cost and also the rather lethargic state of the UK economy. Coupled with no dividend payment I don't think it's as attractive an investment as it could have been. Nor any investor discount on travel (I wish).

I also don't recall much in the form of share price history or related earnings per share. :ok:

Grass strip basher
28th Sep 2007, 13:17
I wasn't suggesting people buy the shares.... I was flagging for those interested the comments in the presentation relating to strategy/aircraft orders, pilot recruitment (planning to increase proportion of contract pilots), attitude towards unions etc which would be relevent to wanabee pilots given many view this company as their primary route into airline flying....

28th Sep 2007, 17:54
Slide 59: "Low cost pilot production line"
Slide 64: "Surplus of entry level cadets"

- says it all really.

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