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bush van
26th Sep 2007, 15:07
This morning Fugro Lost a F 406 in Entebbe, abourt 07:30 Am, Saw the A/C next to the runway, Sadly I dont think the crew survived.

RIP Lads,

Vref +10
26th Sep 2007, 15:49
I Know all fugro's 406 (4 of them) Excelent condition and Maintanance is excelent..

Crew training is good....
Really wonder what happened???
anybody more info????

26th Sep 2007, 16:01
Very sad news. Flew with a few of their pilots before.

Does anyone have further details?

Please guys...FLY SAFE!!!!!!!!!

26th Sep 2007, 17:05
Sad News
Do you know if Thomas P. was inboard ?

26th Sep 2007, 17:27
TP from Mada? If so not him.

Vref +10
26th Sep 2007, 17:58
No T.Payen wasn't onboard

26th Sep 2007, 19:10
Terrible News, sad sad sad, good lads in Fugro.

What happened, any more info.

ex dog
26th Sep 2007, 22:39
I was informed just after 08;00 East African time ,small light aircraft took off from Entebbe runway 17 ,crashed into the embankment just past the fire station , very sad

again all thoughts to the families and friends

26th Sep 2007, 23:38

Very Sad News !

Anybody has snaps of this type of machine ?

Even a url can suffice

I fly regularly at EBB but I dont remember seeing them.

27th Sep 2007, 03:41
The F406 is a cessna unpressurized twin turbo-prop ... also called Caravan 1... just tap F406 into your google.... very sad event if the crew didn't make it out of there.. Fugro ops are generally considered to be very professional.

27th Sep 2007, 05:15
Just got word that the two occupants on board suffered fatal injuries. It has it that one must have died on impact while the other passed as he was being rushed to hospital.
They were headed to western Uganda where oil exploration is in full swing. May their souls rest in peace.

bush van
27th Sep 2007, 06:19
The reg was ZS-SSD

27th Sep 2007, 07:11
from the news:
an airport employee, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak, said the South African pilot, Capt. Erard Peter, died instantly, while the technician from Botswana, Ms Selina Mareme, died almost immediately after being extracted from the wreckage.

"I think the plane could have crashed due to up-thrust, because the pilot took it up sharply like a military jet and then the engines suddenly failed, and we saw it coming down," said the source, who is fairly knowledgeable in aviation matters.

Very sad news,


27th Sep 2007, 08:45
"""Does anyone know if any Canadians were involved?"""

*** an airport employee, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak, said the South African pilot, Capt. Erard Peter, died instantly, while the technician from Botswana, Ms Selina Mareme, died almost immediately after being extracted from the wreckage.***

So yes, there were 17 Canadians involved from what my deductive logic can establish.:ugh:

27th Sep 2007, 09:48
Unacceptable loss, CAA please get to the cause of this one!
You both were a pleasure to fly with and will be missed. RIP.
Condolences to Heather and family.

27th Sep 2007, 10:04
Just heard on the news that a South African pilot flying a light aircraft crashed in Uganda. No other details given. Anyone know what happened?

27th Sep 2007, 11:41
Sadly fugro has lost 2 great employee's - I've had the previllage to work with both these individuals on numerous contracts, "the photo's and memories will keep you guys alive" ... they will be missed!!!

Soap Box Cowboy
27th Sep 2007, 14:46
"17 Canadians involved" as in 2 crew plus 17 pax :confused:

Those numbers don't sounds right

27th Sep 2007, 15:42
I am a journalist from the Republic of Uganda where Fugro Airborne Surveys operates. Following the plane crash on wednesday in which the dead were identified as Capt. Erad Keyter, a South African national and Celina Mareme, a Botswana national, I am writing an obituary to feature in a Ugandan daily.

In this, I will include memories shared with friends, family and colleagues. I will be grateful for any contact and information volunteered.

I vaguely know about the aviation industry ethic, spelling it improper to give any comment without the permission from the deceased's next of kin. But the identities are already in the public domain and I ask you to think of it as another way to say adieu to the fallen souls who made an impact in the lives of those they met and interacted with. I will be grateful and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Raymond Baguma

Raymond Baguma
The New Vision Printing and Publishing Company Limited
PO BOX 9815, Kampala
Tel: 041 4337000
Mobile: +256 78 2312136
Fax: +256 41 235843
Email: [email protected]<hidden> (javascript:openWin('/WorldClient.dll?Session=BZDDXEZ&View=Compose&[email protected]<hidden>&New=Yes','Compose',800,600,'yes');)
Website: www.newvision.co.ug (http://www.newvision.co.ug/)

27th Sep 2007, 16:48
Wanted to upload some crash photos however "cut&paste" doesn't work. Can anyone show me how to do it ?

27th Sep 2007, 18:05
Rest in Peace guys and condolences to the families, it was my fisrt proper job flying surveys for Geoseis and I know how demanding it is, Fugro has a very high standard and a very good name in the business.

Mark J B
28th Sep 2007, 07:17
Did some flying for them in Bots. Spent many hours with Selina operating the equipment. Rest in peace and condolences to the families.:sad:

28th Sep 2007, 07:48
RIP guys, we had our differences and sorry to say never sorted them out. Selina - that little squeak from the back will be missed by many.

28th Sep 2007, 17:14
I am extremely shocked by what happened, and even more so for losing two collegues, and friends.
There is nothing worse than losing a plane, and crew in such an unfortunate event.
This has been an aboslute shock to the whole company, and to all the field crew, especially with us aiming to maintain our standards to the highest degree. We all are in mourning, and praying for the families, friends and partners of the two crew member. They will live on in our memories!

I will also not speculate on what happened, as I was not there, but there is no need for speculation, as I know Fugro will launch an extremely thorough investigation, especially to ensure that all their crew will be safe.

I would like to say that Fugro is an amazing company to work for, and they strive to employ amazing people, to maintain impecable standards, and they support their staff through thick and thin. All of us are good friends, even before we are good collegues. They have been even more supportive of all the crew throughout Africa as I would have ever hoped for, and I will praise the company for the rest of my life.

To all the boys (and gals) in the field, we are there for each others, we are survey brothers, and together we shall stand!
To everyone at Head office, thank you so much for your support from back home, and thank you so much for standing behind us all of the way!

28th Sep 2007, 18:48
I had the great privilige of working for Fugro Airborne Surveys for two years from 2002-2004 and lost a colleague and friend in their last crash in Nampula. I knew Celina but unfortunately not the pilot. My deepest condolences and respect go out to the family who are suffering after their loss.

Fugro was a one-of-a-kind company to work for and I feel extremely lucky to have been part of such an organization. Their training was top-notch and the people I worked with second-to-non. I have so much debt to Oom Nols and Dawie who were chief Instructor and Chief Pilot at the time when we lost two highly experienced crew in their last crash. Unfortunately survey flying poses an inherant risk which every survey pilot and operator accepts but files somewhere distant when going out on a sortie.

My deepest condolences to the family for their lost. May your lost ones find peace and eternal rest after this terrible accident.

28th Sep 2007, 19:53
Erad we are going to miss you , your valuable imputs and knowledge will always remain as will the high regard in which you were held ...Heather we are very sorry for your loss. Silly be , there can only be one Auntie and I so enjoyed flying with you my friend and for your cool and calm approach to everything , and your valuable and wise words to me , I will always remember , our thoughts go out to your boy . Rest in peace my friends

12th Oct 2007, 19:47
A second plane from Fugro crashes, three years and 6 months later then the plane that was based in Nampula with my fiancee, Andries Adriaan van der Walt.

After all this time it is still hurting. Still nobody can exactly explain what happend just before ten o'clock on the 20 Apil 2004.

What is strange to me is that the news report has simular phrases like:


The twin-engined Cessna, believed to be a 402 model crashed in the town's main Liberdade Square on Tuesday, shortly after leaving Nampula airport, about 2 000km north of Maputo.

Uganda crash:

Frere said the Reims F406 twin turbine aircraft crashed shortly after take-off at Entebbe airport at about 6.40am on Wednesday.

“Both perished in the accident after the aircraft crashed within the parameters of the airport,” he said.

I know that Fugro handled everything as respectfull as possible, but who would you blame if Fugro took away the person you loved the most.

In memory of Andries van der Walt.

15th Oct 2007, 23:04

Saying that Fugro is to blame for taking away your loved one is very harsh. Whilst I sympathise with your loss, Andries wasn't taken from you by them. He died sadly whilst doing the job he loved. I'm sure he wouldn't want the memory of him to be tainted by blame for his former colleagues.

ex dog
16th Oct 2007, 22:55
Totally agree , it is very sad to hear of any crew losing their lives in an ACCIDENT but what we all in the industry must find out is WHY !!!!!!!!

I travelled back home to Entebbe last week and was slightly horrified that this Aircraft is still within sight of BA ,KLM ,SN BRUSSELS, KQ ,SAA and all the other smaller operators in Entebbe (Quote International Airport all starring at one Aircraft that has crashed and still visible.

Understand investigations need to be made but for god sake cover the aircraft with a taupaling or tent

17th Oct 2007, 19:20
After the crash 3 years ago, being a C 404, they changed the fleet to 406's because they are turbines. So where to now? Is the 406 still a very safe machine? Unfortunately I'm on helicopter and not a fixed wing expert.

17th Oct 2007, 20:04
I must admit that its not the best site, touching down and a wreck is lying on the side of the runway:sad: I was in Entebbe just over a week ago. Has it been removed yet?

18th Oct 2007, 21:30
What do they do with an aircraft like that after the inspections are done?

23rd Oct 2007, 14:40
First off, i wish to convey my sympathy to all those affected by the Fugro incident that sparked the emergence of this thread.
I would like to take this oppertunity to ask any current or ex Fugro employees what the min requirements are for applicants. I am planning on travelling to S.A. to complete 0-CPL and would like to know what the oppertunities are, particularly at Fugro for a newly qualified pilot. Do I need to have completed the full ATPL before hand? If so are there any oppertunities in Africa for CPL qualified pilots? I would like to earn during the period i study for the ATPL and if I can fly for a wage as well as gaining the hours to complete said ATPL, I would be very happy!!!!!
I don't wish to return to the U.K. and convert my licences straight away, I would like the oppertunity to do some 'real' flying and have some 'adventure', esp. in Africa, drink some Castle, or Mosi if i can, eat some billtong, ostrich is my preference and alot of Pop.....smoke peter stuyvesant and get a gruff voice!
Any help on the CPL and Fugro employment oppertunites is greatly appreciated.

23rd Oct 2007, 15:09
Vertical Reference, just to clear up a few things. Twin turbines are a minimum requirement in tendering for most oil company survey jobs. No twin turbine, no contract. The crews are secondary beneficiaries of this. Were the client is not involved and true colors shine through is in the use of a C210 for crew rotations at Fugro on many jobs. Four guys plus luggage for 8 weeks must fly themselves to were ever, in an aircraft they are not current nor familiar with. Don’t fool yourself those 406’s were bought for the sole purpose of the client not the crews well being.

23rd Oct 2007, 17:02
Rubes, Fugro sometimes take pilots with 200-300 hrs of experience. Because they know so much training goes into doing their job and by the time you are qualified to do survey on your ace you would have more hours than expected. Such intense training goes on at Fugro that the insurance companies have even agreed to cover their pilots with such low hours. I'm not the fixedwing expert but I don't think you se alot of 300hr pilots flying PIC on a Caravan or C406.
On the helicopter side they won't accept alot of pilots below 500 hrs. Mostly because this requires a bit more experience because it is a much lower and tighter way of flying compared to the fixedwings.
So at the end of the day when you have your CPL and perhaps IF rating... apply at Fugro. I know they are currently looking for fixedwing and helo drivers.

13th Nov 2007, 07:43
To Oompilot and NVD:

You know what they say about opinions - they're like ***holes - everyone's got one and they're full of the same thing. Fugro's decision to move away from pistons and onto turbines was very much a safety - and to far lesser extent, a commercial - decision. It was largely based on experience in flying survey in mountainous and windy Madagascar. Of course turbines help when tendering to the Oil & Gas industry, but Fugro moved to the F406s before the O&G market started to become viable. And to say that the crews are secondary says more about the writer's cynicism than having any real info re Company culture concerning commitment to individual wellbeing and safety. Re the wreck at Entebbe, it remained on site for as long as it did because the Uganda Investigation Committee prohibited the removal. Re the C404 accident in Nampula in 2004 - the Mozambique CAA has, to date, not produced an investigation report. ICAO is aware of this.

13th Nov 2007, 08:13
Aside from the safety aspect of turbine engines in the 406, lets not forget about the cost of avgas.Up north it is often 3 times the price of jetA1, thats if you can get it in the first place.

Fugros decision to get rid of the 404 with its GTSIO 520 Engines was a good one and i don't think it had anything to do with oil companies


13th Nov 2007, 11:06

I think it would be great if you could have a little respect for those who have lost loved ones in aviation related accidents.
Did you not read that NVD is the fiance of someone who has passed away - I sincerely doubt you know how that feels so instead of mouthing off statistics you could try a little sympathy huh.

NVD - I never knew your fiance but I have worked with a lot of the guys who did, I can tell you that even as recent as a year ago his name is still mentioned in crews and there are only good words said about him.
I knew the crew who crashed in Uganda, and I have the same feeling as you - with concerns that there will be no final report of what the cause of the accident was.
I was also broken by the fact that Fugro did not even place a statement on their national or International website about what happened.
Nothing will ever take away your pain, and my heart goes out to you beyond what words can say. I hope that you find happiness again

17th Feb 2008, 07:39
Uganda: Entebbe Plane Disaster Blamed On Human Error

The Monitor (Kampala)

15 February 2008

Tabu Butagira

AFTER four months of intensive work with forensic examinations across three continents, investigators into the September 26, 2007 fatal plane crash at Entebbe International airport have concluded that human error apparently caused the 8-seater Cessna aircraft to crash.

"On examination of the plane wreckage," said Mr Simon Ejua - the state minister for transport, "the (investigation) team found that the rudder trim was set to the full left at the time of the accident as opposed to the normal (central) take off setting".

The rudder trim is a control device that helps aircraft pilots or boat captains adjust aero- or hydro-dynamic forces and stabilise the vessel or aircraft in a particular desired attitude, according to the Wikepedia.

"Since the rudder trim was set to full left position, it forced the aircraft to veer to the left during take off," minister Ejua said. Mr Moses Adriko, the chairman of the 5-member Ugandan probe team, handed over the findings to the governmnet yesterday, declaring thus: "The investigative team determines that the probable cause of the accident was in-flight loss of control due to loss of airspeed and subsequent stall of the aircraft at low altitude".

Eyewitnesses interviewed told the probe team that the aircraft took off normally in clear weather from Runway 17 at Entebbe airport and appeared to be climbing normally until it attained an altitude of 1,500 meters when it suddenly hurtled down and crashed.

The South African pilot, Erard Keyter and the technician, Selina Mareme from Botswana, who South African-based Fugro Airborne Surveys (Pty) Ltd Company had employed to carry out mineral explorations in the country, died instantly.

Minister Ejua, flanked by Civil Aviation Authority Board chairman Zephania Baliddawa and Managing Director Ambrose Akandonda said the deceased would be compensated by their insurers and not the Uganda government because "there was no fault on our part".

The investigators, who began their work on September 27, 2007, after assessing the operational factors; inspecting the accident site, studying the plane wreckage and testing its different parts, concluded that the plane was "airworthy both mechanically and structurally".

Daily Monitor has learnt that the tests were done in South Africa, France (in Europe) and the United States.

The Uganda government has promised to send copies of the report to South Africa, where the plane was registered and pilot licenced and also to the manufacturers in France to inform their operational decisions of Reims/Cessna aircrafts.

"The ministry of transport is going to review the report in consultation with various stakeholders, including CAA and airline operators in the country," minister Ejua said yesterday, adding: "The necessary remedial actions will be undertaken to avoid re-occurrence of similar accidents in future".

The other members of the Mr Adriko-led probe team included the team secretary, Ms Patiricia Asiimwe, a Senior State Attorney in the office of the Attorney General, Mr Ben Kwobe - a Principal Airworthiness Surveyor, Mr Robert Ntambi (Senior Air Transport Regulation officer in the ministry of Works) and Captain Paul Tamale, a senior pilot with DAS Air cargo.

17th Feb 2008, 08:25
"Since the rudder trim was set to full left position, it forced the aircraft to veer to the left during take off,"

"appeared to be climbing normally until it attained an altitude of 1,500 meters when it suddenly hurtled down and crashed."


17th Feb 2008, 12:40
Sounds like a report written by somebody who had heard of an 'aircraft' and seen photo's of one in a book.

17th Feb 2008, 14:09
This is a bunch of BS. So sad that the pilot must now take the blame because somebody wants to hide something.:*

17th Feb 2008, 14:32
Mr Simon Ejua probably has to take his shoes and socks off before attempting to count to 20... a/c climbed to 1500 mtrs ... then managed to crash half way down the runway.. (sorry, I forget... does this model have an afterburner ? )...

"The necessary remedial actions will be undertaken to avoid re-occurrence of similar accidents in future".

So.. we can expect someone from the Ugandan CAA to arrive in the cockpit before taxi clearance and inspect our trim settings ?

Basically this 'report' can be summed up as "We haven't got a clue what happened but whatever it was it's not our fault ".

An eye-witness report quoted earlier reported that the a/c took off normally but then climbed steeply "like a fighter-jet" before nosing over and crashing back onto the runway... If that report is at all accurate it sounds as though the HS trim might have been fully aft.. or a CofG problem arose.

Having spent many years operating survey a/c I know that whenever we position somewhere we're loaded to the gills with a myriad of equipment all of which has to be tightly secured... My initial thought was that maybe something heavy came loose after rotation and moved aft....

With this BS report as final we'll probably never know... Africa Wins Again.

15th Nov 2010, 03:08
Uganda: Entebbe Plane Disaster Blamed On Human Error

The Monitor (Kampala)

15 February 2008

Tabu Butagira

AFTER four months of intensive work with forensic examinations across three continents, investigators into the September 26, 2007 fatal plane crash at Entebbe International airport have concluded that human error apparently caused the 8-seater Cessna aircraft to crash.

Human error yes but not from the pilot as this strange "report" is implying.

From the rumor mill:
The day or night before the accident another aircraft was parked tail to tail with the 406.
This aircraft (don't know its type) either conducted a run up or moved in such a way that during the process its blast badly banged up ZS-NVD's elevator.

Damages were done in such a way that Erard couldn't notice it during his walk around.....And couldn't keep control the 406's attitude after take off...

There is a lot of similarities with Air Moréa Twin Otter crash in Tahiti.
Jet-blast damaged elevator cables on crashed Moorea Twin Otter (http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2008/12/06/319840/jet-blast-damaged-elevator-cables-on-crashed-moorea-twin-otter.html)

So, watch where you park your kit and remember to keep an eye where your blast is going.

And someone will have to explain me how they could come to the conclusion that a rudder trim set to full left position was the cause of this crash ?
Eye witnesses said that the 406 went up stalled a first time, recovered, went up a second time stalled again and crashed! Or something like this.

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