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24th Sep 2007, 12:51
Hi all

I know this a strange question and it sure varies between individuals, but can anyone give an idea of how long it might take to go through the ATPL distance learning studies, based on full time availability to study.

Imagine you have 5 days a week full time to study, how long should it take (on average) to go through the 14 modules to exam standard ?

As I said, it's just an estimate I am looking for, to try and gauge a plan of action !



24th Sep 2007, 14:05
I did it in 7 months, working part time. Could have been 6 months If I did not take 2 weeks of to wait for the first results to came back and if I had canceled the holiday.

24th Sep 2007, 14:12
Studying full time 6 months is easily doable.

25th Sep 2007, 15:11
I am hoping to start my ATPL distance learning course very soon, and I am in a similar situation as that I could study full time as I only work part time. However from my research (correct me if I'm wrong) my understanding is that the learning organisation (ie the ground school) will only credit the student with a certain amount of study hours a week, (ie 15 or 20) and bearing in mind that you have to do over 600hours, ultimately the length of time it takes you will depend on how many hours you can be credited for a week. Ideally I'd like to get mine done in 6 months but I'm not sure that it is realistic. Anyway best of luck and I hope this helps a bit!

25th Sep 2007, 15:51
Our training manual has it down as 15 hours per week, but then mentions that it can be done in 6 months. It's really up to the student. As long as you pass the progress tests, who cares? Some people can do 9-5 Mon-Fri

The 15 hours is only a suggestion from the authorities as a realistic average.


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