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23rd Sep 2007, 19:37
I am starting from scratch and I am going for my PPL/CPL training in a few weeks.. Just wanted to know what are the subjects that i need to know so that i can prepare myself well before i leave. Few of them that i was able to find :

Maths :
- linear equations
- polynomials
- quadratic equation
- solving algebraic inequalities
- roots simplification
- differential equation
- integral and derivate
- function analysis
- trigonometry
- exponential
- basics of complex numbers
- basics of probability and statistics

Physics :
- basic physics sizes (length, mass, angle, t°, volume, speed, acceleration)
- units (meter, kilogram, second, amps)
- distance traveled, speed, acceleration
- weight, mass, density and volume
- Newton’s law, inertia, forces
- determination of center of gravity
- work, energy, power (kinetic energy, pressure energy)
- thermometric scales: °C, °F, °K
- pressure, density, t° of a liquid or a gas
- perfect gases law, Boyle-Mariotte law, Gay-Lussac law, Dalton’s law
- change of state of a liquid/gas/solid
- Basics of electricity: DC and AC current, tension, equivalent resistance, Ohm
- Basics of magnetism: magnetic field, permanent magnet, lines of flux

Please correct me if i am wrong on the above and also would like all to add ur vews on more subjects that i need to know to have a better avaition career.

23rd Sep 2007, 19:48
bit of trig, units will help, basic maths, gas laws, basic eletctrics ac/dc. You'll be surprised how easy it will be if you are already good at the above subjects you stated. Just learn what you need. No doubt the school will supply you with all you require.

Have fun!!:E

23rd Sep 2007, 23:10

Basic (and I mean basic) algebra

Anyone who has told you that you need anymore is either 'avin' a laugh or trying to frighten you!

Complex numbers, for example, are only of any use in electronics and even then at a very theoretical level. Calculus is not required and neither are statistics unless you want count PROB30 in a weather report! Root simplification? You need to know how to press the square root function on your calculator at CPL level.


Yep - I'd pretty much go along with all of that but it is only to a basic level. You don't need the knowledge as such but it would certainly make your life easier if those concepts were already understood.

Human Biology

Basic functioning of the eye, the ear, heart, lungs (and other offal!!) is also useful to know beforehand for the Human Factors exams.



Vone Rotate
24th Sep 2007, 00:32
I would tackle the PPL exams before going too deep.
By the time you have finished them it will just be a case of building on what you covered during your PPL studys for your ATPL.

I'm going to get shot down here but my first ATPL subjects are Principles of flight, Performance, Powerplant, Electrics and Airframes and systems and I have only seen basic maths so far etc No hardcore math at all....
I was led to believe that ATPL was a maths and physics trial more that anything else. I have found that as its all related to what you are working towards it all falls into place as you go:ok:

24th Sep 2007, 10:21
Thank you guys for all your valuable suggestions.. really appreciate all your help !!

training wheels
24th Sep 2007, 10:25
Don't forget, v=d/t. I use this a lot! ;)

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