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15th Jan 2002, 06:48
Jet Crash-Lands in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - An Indonesian passenger jet crash landed immediately after taking off from an airport near the town of Pekanbaru on Monday, injuring seven people, officials said.

After hitting the runway, the Lion Airlines Boeing 737 came to a halt just off the end of the tarmac, said airline official Surya, who like many Indonesians uses only one name.

There were 96 passengers and crew on board. The state Antara news agency quoted passenger Azmi Ramli as saying the plane was 10 yards off the ground when it fell heavily back to earth at Pakanbaru, 420 miles northwest of Jakarta.

He said smoke was coming from the fuselage when the plane stopped. One of the engines fell off and the plane's right wing was damaged, he said. Emergency services extinguished the small fire.

However, Surya denied there had been a fire and said the plane was only slightly damaged.

Airport officials evacuated the passengers and crew. The injured were rushed to hospital. One passenger, from Singapore, suffered a broken leg, Antara said.

Surya said it was not immediately clear what caused the crash.

Lion Air is a privately owned Indonesian airline that serves only domestic routes. It has been operating for about two years with a fleet of eight Boeing jets. It is the first time it has had a serious accident.

In 1997, a Singapore-owned SilkAir Boeing 737 crashed just south of Pekanbaru during a flight from Jakarta to Singapore killing 104 people.

15th Jan 2002, 15:53
She no fly........try some more flap

16th Jan 2002, 11:28
The B737-200 is a write off leaving 1 remaining B737-200 (I think).

Other types in fleet are 2 x A310's and 3 or 4 Yak 42's.

17th Jan 2002, 23:55
PK-LID is a problem child, just 2 months ago it was sitting in Batam (the aborted flight's destination) with problems.

Reports have said -LID has it's right ldg gear ripped off, along with the right engine. Initial reports suggested the right wing have structurally snapped, though not confirmed.

Funny that local press got the info correct and AP got it slightly wrong.

Lion's fleet now stands at 1 (was 2) 732s, 2 A313s, 1 MD82 (1 more coming) and 3 (was 4) Yak42.

Furhtermore, Lion flies mainly international routes until recently. CGK-KUL, MES-KUL, MES-PEN, SUB-KUL, and CGK-PNK, CGK-PKU-SIN and CGK-PKU-BTH. Since the introduction of the A313 and MD82, they now fly CGK-MES and CGK-UJP-MDC.


-LID I suspect will be written off, Lion's not happy with National Aviation's service. Only the A313s and the MD82 is frm Regionair. A313s were hijacked from AWAir when the former's senior manager moved to Lion.

Lion's a funny airline... PTVs on the MD82! not on others.

Al Weaver
18th Jan 2002, 01:01

Do you agree that the photos being used in the newsmedia concerning Garuda's B737-300 river landing are really those of Lion's B737-200?

24th Jan 2002, 21:26
I think, Lack of time simulator training is the problem.They forget the feeling when aircraft having engine failure during take off.

Do they know about "Go No Go Decission" ????

25th Jan 2002, 01:18
What is an A313?

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25th Jan 2002, 01:46
I guess they talk about Airbus 310-300, as flown by AUA, Swissair, Lufthansa and others in the early 90ies mainly on North-Atlantic-Routes.. .A 310-300 followed the A 310-200. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

16th Apr 2008, 12:01
Here is the final report on this accident. CVR didn't work but evidence shows the flaps were fully retracted for takeoff yet captain seems to remember setting them according to his statement. Myteriously, the flap handle was in the 5 position, yet the flap system was determined to be fully functional. The CB to warn of an improper flap configuration would not "latch in" due to wear.


16th Apr 2008, 13:12
Interesting to note the Captain was credited with 197:25 during the previous 28 days and one of the recommendations from the accident inquiry was the DG of Air ensure there are sufficient crews relative to the number of aircraft in the fleet.

16th Apr 2008, 22:04
He said smoke was coming from the fuselage when the plane stopped.
Passengers having a nervous fag! :O
One of the engines fell off and the plane's right wing was damaged, he said. :eek:

16th Apr 2008, 22:13
Lion also has a good number of 739ERs including over a hundred on order.

17th Apr 2008, 08:38
The 737-900 being not at all lion-like (more of a dog, actually) I wonder what persuaded them to order it...

19th Apr 2008, 01:41
It is called "incentives":) and they come in different colors...

19th Apr 2008, 02:45
Maybe they are in the investment business.
Cannot see how they could sustain all those 739's, so my guess is they plan to sell delivery slots and make a tidy profit on the investment.