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13th Sep 2007, 13:22
Im in a bit of a knot at the moment over which school to join to study the ATPL exams. Originally i wanted to study from home, a distance learning course, but i heard that this was going to be hard work and you don't get the expertise and motivation as you would in a full time course. So I want to study full time, which means i need to grab residential accommodation ( student accommodation ) and spend 24/7 at the school. However it's become quite an adventure on where to study. Iv'e heard that OAT are brilliant and are one of the best (if not THE best) and iv'e also heard that cabair also offer this type of programme. Which school is best for full time atpl exam learning and are there any others?


13th Sep 2007, 13:32
You are quite correct in going for the full time option.
I went to CATS (Cranfield Aviation Training School) at Cranfield (got all first time passes). Cabair will leave you behind if you don't achieve and lots went to CATS for extra coaching. London University are good too.
Sign up for the Bristol Feedback as it is worth it's weight in GOLD. These are the questions at the minute, but it is changing.
Look at the notes of the school you choose. CATS have really good, simple diagrams, all colour.
Nothing near your neck of the woods, so allow a few grand for B&B.

Good luck and keep your eye on the prize....:ok:

Felix Saddler
13th Sep 2007, 13:43
Anyone got any info for doing the theory with london uni?

26th Sep 2007, 11:31
Good results as far as I am told. SFC send all of their students there.

26th Sep 2007, 11:40
Several friends have taken this course and come out with good passes. I'll be starting next May. Here's the website link.




30th Sep 2007, 22:05
Hi Andy,

I've just managed to book a place on a course starting in Nov at Bournemouth with Cabair.

I went to Oxford first to have a look around. This was at the recommendation of a couple of friends have previously studied there. They were well booked until February, so out of the question for me.

Called into Bournemouth, and although nowhere near as plush as Oxford (no leather chairs etc) I was very impressed with their warm welcome. They even let me sit in on one of the lectures which is certainly what sold the place to me.

Kind Regards,


30th Sep 2007, 22:43
Ah Vario, you must have been that guy who sat in our R.Nav class! Unfortunately you wont see me in November, i'm on my last module! :E

Good choice though!!

1st Oct 2007, 13:45
Hi wbryce,

Yeah that was me. What's your next step. Have you decided where to do your CPL + ME/IR...? How have you found the course with Cabair so far...?



1st Oct 2007, 17:42
Yep, CPL/IR is booked with PAT, due to start in Dec, can't wait to be honest!! could've been sooner but I don't have the Ptotal requirements, so i'm hoping for a good spell in November to get my hours done. Only need 20 so its not that bad.

The course so far has been exellent, its the instructors that make the difference, they're highly experienced and use good techniques! I don't think you can really get much better, especially for the price they offer.
Your probably starting on the module I started with, Law, AGK and Instruments, so take your sleeping bag to school! :E

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