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Felix Saddler
10th Sep 2007, 20:52
I tried searching for it but to no effect so i was wondering if anybody had any more info on it? What are the requirements for the course? How much does it cost? What qualification does it give you? Is it only for APPFO students?



10th Sep 2007, 21:53
in the same boat as you, i tried everything to find it. there are 4 courses out there being run at unis. the one that was published as being run by OAT, is actually being run by cabair [as is the one with kingston at bournemouth]. that is, according to the ucas website!

10th Sep 2007, 22:26
The OAT thing is a foundation degree in Air transport studies. There is no extra cost on top of the normal APP course....so in essence you pays your cash and you gets the fATPL course as normal as well as a foundation degree from Buckingham Chilterns uni. This can be upgraded to an honours degree or indeed a masters degree at a later date through distance learning. This becomes a standard part (non optional) from the September courses I believe. Most of the coursework required to obtain this I think is obtained through having done the ATPL theory exams, but you will need to do a couple of other papers.

This is all hearsay to some degree, although having just started at OAT, it is at least a fairly decent representation of my understanding of what has been explained to us.

I would suggest that the best place to get the full picture would be to give OAT a bell and speak to one of the training advisors who will be able to answer more fully.

Hope that helps a bit.

11th Sep 2007, 13:31
out of interest - what do air transport foundation degrees allow you to do? You donít need one to become a pilot, so are they intended to keep your options open with regard to other roles in the industry?

also, not to be too much of a snob, but....the term degree (albeit foundation degree) is a bit dodgy isnít it? The atpl subjects, which seem to be the major part of it, take six months of time and effort but in terms of the intellectual challenge its insignificant compared to say engineering degrees (which is the one i have experience of)

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