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tony draper
10th Sep 2007, 20:15
Just lashed out and bought a DVD burner,question? is there any way I can burn youtube clips onto a DVD so they will play on my ordinary DVD player, ie the one connected to me telly.
I know that youtube clips need a special player in order to be displayed on the computer is there anyway of converting them to a format that will work on a domestic DVD player?

10th Sep 2007, 20:22
i think if you convert them to .flv they will play - i always download into here >> http://vixy.net/ but hadn't tried them on the dvd player - they certainly play through the laptop/projector/HDTV

10th Sep 2007, 20:31
There are some softwares capable of recording video streaming like Youtube. Check on Google with "Recording Youtube video" or something similar. After, it can probably be copied to CDs or DVDs.

One word of caution though, I'm not sure what format it will be and if they will be playable on a tv set with a regular DVD player.

Hope it helps
Best of luck


tony draper
10th Sep 2007, 20:33
No the .flv player is what I have on my puter to play em,tried burning a few youtube clips onto a DVD but my DVD player won't even recognise theres a disc in the drive,I think they would have to be converted to a different format from FLV

green granite
10th Sep 2007, 21:04
various links for you Drapes




should keep you going. for more just google .fly to .avi or Mpeg.

10th Sep 2007, 22:24
Download RealPlayer Beta...can download Youtube clips.

11th Sep 2007, 02:09
Drapes, if you tell us what your domestic DVD player is, we can tell you whether it supports any formats other than DVD Video. In any case, it won't include flv support.

You need a tool to grab the video off the web site. These are either computer-based, or web-based. Veoh is a web-based site that has just been sued by Universal, so expect all the other web-based services to disappear soon. There are plenty of capture tools on the computer side, for example "Orbit".

Once on your hard disk, the file will probably be the Flash .flv format, so you'll need to convert that to one of the MPEG formats. If your DVD player supports an MPG format, then you can stop there. Otherwise, you should check if your DVD burning software has a feature to convert & burn files. Failing that, you need a third-party tool. There's lots of them, too.

If you want to edit anything, Microsoft Movie Maker is hidden on your computer somewhere and does a reasonable job for free!

Devlin Carnet
11th Sep 2007, 09:04
My dvd recorder will play avi file format as I discovered recently,
I am pretty sure you can convert most video file types to .avi.
(It is only a cheapo one as well)

11th Sep 2007, 09:16
Well, yes, but we need to know what Mr Draper's unit will play :}

Alas, the .avi extension is used for many codecs, including divx and xvid which are flavors of MP4, and which are not supported by most DVD players nor, out of the box, Windows Media Player.

But in general you're right, the newer and cheaper the player is, the more likely it is to play random formats.

Tosh McCaber
11th Sep 2007, 10:31
You can use one of the sites mentioned above to convert the streaming download. Once you've got the .flv file, download SuperC, a great free progamme. In SuperC, set the output container box to "vob DVD Compliant" (the other boxes automatically go to their settings). Then drag the .flv file into the SuperC space from a separate Windows Explorer box, press "Encode to File Format", and you end up with a .vob file in your main C drive. Then use Nero Vision (one of the various programmes in Nero)to burn to DVD.

This technique works on my very pernickity Toshiba domestic DVD player. It also will convert a huge amount of other files to what you want. My Kodak V570, a great tiny digital camera, gives excellent movies as well, in the right conditions.( I use it much more than my camcorder, since it's in my pocket all the time.) The output is .mov, which is then converted via SuperC, to copy onto DVDs suitable sending to the family, for their. domestic DVD players.
Hope this helps.

11th Sep 2007, 13:17
Actually finding the download button on the Super(c) website can be a bit of a bugger, though :}

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