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8th Sep 2007, 23:54
In case anyone else has had any problems with the MSUpdate recently, I had trouble this weekend.

Toshiba Satellite M40 Notebook
XP Home/Admin rights

After visiting the Microsoft Update site I was advised of High Priority downloads for .Net Framework. Downloaded/installed them and then the fun started.

After this I got an error message saying that one of the downloads failed (KB928366). Re-booted the system when advised. Went to try to install the failed module, it failed again. I did a search to see if I could find out why. I tried one suggested resolution but the whole process had somehow managed to screw up my Nokia PC Suite (which I use frequently with my N95), Zonealarm and Norton Antivirus.

Don't know how this happened to affect these programs but it did. After researching further, I found a logical fix for the .Net Framework issue on the update site by someone else who had experienced it, at microsoft.com/communities (thanks!) as follows:

Here are the crib notes provided to the Microsoft support staff:

Download Windows Install Cleanup Utility by following the article
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301 and remove any other versions
of .Net framework showing up in cleanup utility.

Also download the Net Framework cleanup tool from
http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2005/04/08/406671.aspx and you
can download the tool from the left side of the page under the


..NET FRAMEWORK 1.1 Service pack 1

go to windowsupdate.microsoft.com and do the updates kb928366..

Good luck to all and please spread the word, Microsoft Support is
overwhelmed atm.

BTW: The windowsupdate.log and all of the usual stuff has no useful
information for this problem, this little update snafu was a doozy!
There is more to the story but enough said for now.

To fix the Zonealarm and Norton Antivirus problems I did a restore to an earlier date before doing the above.

I followed the fix and it successfully updated. Seems there is an issue to udating .Net Framework if an earlierupdate is either missing or corrupted.

One important point, in the Cleanup Tools, only remove references to .Net Framework Installers. May other program's Installers also show up and you don't want to remove those.:=

This post is just in case anyone experiences such an issue on Update.


9th Sep 2007, 15:32
Thanks for the information, HandyAndy. That unusable update on my taskbar has been annoying me for the last couple of months. :ok: