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7th Sep 2007, 21:26

I am a newbie to this site, so pardon my ignorance. I have tried searching for aswer to this, however have either found really old posts or stuff that was not applicable.

I am about to jack in my current job to train to become a pilot (hopefully!). I have done some research and due to my personal situation (married) had decided to go to CabAir, oxford was rulled out due to being around 3k higher in costs plus a nightmare for me to get back to see the missus!

However speaking with a newly qualified pilot, they said FTE (Jerez) would give me far better chances of getting that illusive first job (bearing in mind i will be 29 when i qualify). If i do go to Jerez seeing the missus would be near impossible, however it is a sacrifise we are both prepared to make, provided the school is that much better. Paying this much money, you have to be sure you are not throwing money away for the sake of a little hassle for 12 months!

Does anyone have any comments regards job selection and the flight school you trained at? specifically FTE and CabAir.

Many Thanks

7th Sep 2007, 22:13
Firstly welcome to PPRUNE.

Your question is one that is asked by many :).

Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about where you do your training. There are so many ways into aviation and getting your first professional pilot job. Everyone has their own story to tell. The bottom line is Cabair will do the job, I even have the claim to fame that my first PPL student went there for the professional training and is now working for Flybe on the dash :). I dont think they are perfect, but like I say the job gets done.

I know you have mentioned it, but if you are new to the industry make sure you do plenty of research and make wise choices based on visting these places and talk to their students.

All the best with it, its a great job.

8th Sep 2007, 11:27

Many thanks, that was the same thing i had picked up form the forum, getting the job really does come down the the individual.

I am going to go and see Jerez, i know the factlities (living etc) are going to be better, and it is cheaper too - however it means 12 months in a foreign country; which ideally is not good being married.

I think the wife is putting up with enough of me leaving my current job, and the costs associated with this - don't want to push things too much!!!



8th Sep 2007, 11:49
If you want to go integrated you should check out Oxford as well. Both Jerez and Oxford are basically the two best integrated schools out there, however you only spend 4 months in the US and so if you have a family it may be a more practical option then moving to spain for over a year!

8th Sep 2007, 17:29

Thanks, i am going to book myself on the Oxford seminar.

Their employment stats on their website are far superior to CabAirs, so definately worth a look. (however as these stats are complied by Oxford, i am taking with a pinch of salt!)

The decision of what school is becoming more and more clouded!!! I think Jerez is going to be out of question though due to distance, especially if a UK school can offer similar standards.


World of Tweed
8th Sep 2007, 18:08
I gather Accom and Food is extra at OAT - FTE is included.

Campus at FTE is amazing, purpose built and the Accomodation standard is excellent. I believe it offers much better value for money.

The distance is a factor but there are daily flights to Jerez and to be honest the ATPL is INTENSE and there will be times when quite frankly you do not Need the distractions of friends and family - they usually coincide with the times you most Want them around!!

That may sound careless but that is not my intention I'm just saying there are times that in order to do justice to the course and YOUR investment in YOURSELF being remote from the UK and all the domestic stuff (rush hour/traveling to digs/renting a place etc) has its advantages.

Ryanair has daily flights to STN and Monarch I think 5 times weekly to MAN. It is not far and guys/girls regularly go home to the UK for weekends.

Its a personal choice between the two I believe -and one that I think comes down to how you see yourself enjoying/fitting in with the expereince.

However, I would urge you to go and see BOTH.

You are going to be spending alot of money. All I can say for FTE is that once you pay for the course you only need your spends (beer money) as all else is included. (contingency fund not withstanding)

9th Sep 2007, 13:51
World of Tweed,

Thanks for the advice - i am booking to see Oxford for their next seminar in November.

you are correct thet Jerez eveything is included, and onsite - and it does mean it is the cheapest, and certainly good from an 'ease' point of view.

CabAir is also all on site (provided you get halls on the campus), so i am intrested to see what Oxford is like.

Out of interest what is your background, have you trained, if so where, do you now have a job?



9th Sep 2007, 13:54
As has been said make sure you visit both and decide which YOU prefer. Both Oxford and Jerez are regarded on par as the best in the world for JAA integrated training.

It is all down to what you like. Personally I'm not a fan of spain and so really wouldn't enjoy spending over a year there! I love the USA and so spending 5 months or so in Arizona is awesome. You also get to visit all the great places around it, LA, Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Diego, San Francisco etc. I think Oxford was an excellent school and as you say they have excellent stats for employment. They are pretty accurate too. There are only 4 people out of my course of 20 who don't have jobs 6 months now after finishing and 3 of those 4 people are in a hold pool waiting for a position (myself included)

Also have a look at the differences between the courses. One of the main reasons I chose Oxford over Jerez was how they do the ground school exams. Oxford do ALL of the exams first before you start flying. You spend 6 months at Oxford and get all 14 exams passed and then go to the US to do your CPL. Jerez only do half of the exams before they start flight training. Having done all the exams I know that I want my FULL attention on the exams and not to have to worry about learning to fly whilst trying to pass the exams. It also means that when the exams are all passed at Oxford you can fully enjoy the flying without worrying about exams!!

Both are excellent schools, just visit them both and decide which you think will suit you best. Good luck! :ok:

9th Sep 2007, 15:23
Thanks Blinkz

Agree with you sentiments about the exams, CabAir do the same; which did appeal to me - as you say you can get the exams out of the way then focus on the flying.

What was the selection process at Oxford like - i have no previous flying experience; i know they say this does not matter but is this really the case?

I have been revising maths and physics like mad (using keynotes for pilots; Maths & Physics for Pilots). It is the simulator tests that worry me, never having flown....!!!:\



9th Sep 2007, 15:27
Assessment at Oxford is challenging but nothing impossible. Its a realistic airline interview process, but obviously it takes into account that you have no flying experience! If you go to the Oxford forums themselves that is a lot of information on the process and about the school etc. I think the link is on the main Oxford website!

One thing to add, before actually starting one of these courses its probably a good idea to have some lessons at your local flying school. Just so you know what its like. Once you've flown and decide that you do want to follow the dream then you need to get your class 1 medical to see if you actually CAN follow it!

9th Sep 2007, 15:54

Was planing to get a few hours flying in over the next couple of months - However i am swotting up all about aircraft etc etc first, hence when i get there i actually know one end from another!

Regards the medical - already got one, i went for it 2 months ago. I thought best to get it out of the way and ensure i pass it before i really start putting alot of time into things - the medical was simple in comaprsion with sorting this lot out!!!:) (however thanks for the heads up)

Do you have any views on CockpitWeb aptitude software? I have seen differing reports, however surley it cannot harm brushing up on co-ordination / usiong a joystick etc etc

Really appreciate your help / input with this



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