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7th Sep 2007, 16:13

I am a wannabee with a grand total of 1 hour total flying time and decided I wanted an online account of my life as a wannabee pilot so I am in the process of creating a website for it.

Whilst creating it, I had an idea that maybe I could expand this by allowing other wannabees to post their logbooks online for free. I am also in the process of creating a blog section as well.

I wanted it to be completely seperate from PPRuNe as I dont want to tread on their toes so I am only supplying things that PPRuNe does not.

I wont advertise the link yet as I am still creating it but wanted to know your thought, feelings and maybe even ideas that could be added to the site.

7th Sep 2007, 18:59
I assume you mean when you say post their logbooks for free , that you mean people will be able to enter their logbook details online for their own use and not for others to see???? There is already a site for this which is jar-ppl.com .If you inted to do a diary of your training this has been done many times , see private flying sections there is a curent thread entiltled "not another ppl diary " This is also a more suitable place for you to post unles you are commercially bound , you will find more PPL related stuff there

7th Sep 2007, 19:00
Good idea, but there are already a few websites doing the same thing already. So it may be a little hard for you to get business without doing a lot of promotion.

7th Sep 2007, 19:07
I have viewed other sites and none of them offer what I am.

No, this site would not be private log books (unless you want them to) the site will have blogs, forums, pictures, biographies, I suppose you could call it a Social Website for Pilots and wannabees.

The site would also be open for recruiters looking for pilots, pictures can be uploaded, and all this is for free.

I am in advanced negotiations with a sponsor for the site which would enable me to keep it free.

There is also a section for training flight schools where students can rate the school for others students looking for a school themselves.

Other sections are being discussed and will eventually become live on the site.

7th Sep 2007, 19:10
sounds interesting , good luck with it but I cant see many people wanting to broadcast their logbooks for all to see though

7th Sep 2007, 19:54
May I ask why you think people wouldnt want to?

8th Sep 2007, 13:36
Would you log where you go in your car and publish it? Probably not.

I wouldn't really want the world to see where I was going, incase some clever individual works out a pattern and finds out when my house will be empty. Also, if I regularly fly out of one airport they'll know where my car is.


8th Sep 2007, 13:53
Ahhhh Horgan hows the IR going old boy , you must be nearly done surely ?
Personal flying log books are exactly that personal . Th e question isnt why wouldnt they want to , but why would they ? what benefit could be gained from publishing your logbook details online ? They are there as a personal record of flying , to prove experience to interested parties ie the CAA and potential employers . Would you really be interested in reading that Mr horgy above or myself flew one hour from barton to caernarfon on the 24th august 2007 ???? or that Capt Miggins flew 4 hrs from Manchester to Fuerteventura on 3rd sept ???? I doubt it , but whatever flicks your switch .
If you think about it your oogbook will show perhaps the first twenty hours of flight as home airfield to home airfield for one hour then maybe a few new airfields will feature toward the end , then a few stamps from the flying school for qual x countrys etc etc and will look pretty much the same as everyone elses logbook .
It might just be me but I cannot think of a single reason why I would want to see someone elses log book ??but who knows .

8th Sep 2007, 13:55
Ahh it's our resident copper! Yeah going well, three weeks left then I get to play in 757 :E

Me, i'm just nosey but i wouldn't want my logbooks on there. There are people like you out there who might take a vested interest in my "affairs" heh


8th Sep 2007, 13:59
Copper I may be Horgy , but giving a fxxk I dont ,you know this Unless you were flying from belgium to sherburn at night regularly :}:}:}

8th Sep 2007, 14:51
Ok, I understand your concerns and changes will be made.

The logbook section will be made private and optional, and you will have the option to make it available to companies seeking pilots.

I do appreciate all your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

8th Sep 2007, 18:41
I like this idea.. may i suggest you call it flyspace.com

8th Sep 2007, 18:50
Lol, typical, I take 2 days to think of a name for it, then I decide to just keep it basic, so I register a name and then you supply a suggestion!!

Thank you for the effort though.

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