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5th Sep 2007, 06:44
I'm looking into the somewhat grey area of dangerous goods carriage by helicopters (primarily medium/heavy offshore types), and would welcome any steers towards useful references.

FAR/CS-29 offer no help in Cargo Compartment Classification requirements

FAR/CS-25 Insist that all Compartments must be classified A-E

In Rotary terms, Class A Compartments are the cabin. Some helicopters have Class B compartments, such as the AS332L, as they have a warning and crew access. One or two have Class C compartments, such as the EC-155B1 (assuming the liner material meets the requirements) as they have a warning and extinguisher controlled from the cockpit.

However, some (many) have compartments that meet none of the classification requirements (other than A), including the newest and largest of the current offshore types, the Sikorsky S-92A!

UK CAA CAP 668 discusses an alleviation for Fixed Wing types that do not have Class B compartments (such as the HS748 and F27) and lists a number DG divisons that would be acceptable to the authority to be carried.

However, it also then goes on to say that despite the use of the word 'aircraft' throughout the ICAO Doc 9284, the provisions apply equally to helicopters, unless otherwise apparent!

Option one is to pretend all is all right and carry DG as always.

Option two is to ban the carriage of DG.

Option three is to find some useful guidance on what can and cannot be carried!

Answers on a postcard, please.