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29th Aug 2007, 23:20
My first foray into this forum.

If I'm making a call using the computer and Skype rather than the normal landline, is there an alternative to being attached to my laptop and wandering round the house wearing the headset with the laptop attached? Something like the wireless/bluetooth headset that people use for their mobile phones, but with enough range for me to move from room to room while still talking. We do have wireless internet in the house - dunno if that makes a difference or not.

Thank you.

29th Aug 2007, 23:28
They do cordless skype phones.


Does anyone know how to disable the annoying numbers into phone numbers that skype does to metars and tafs ?

Saab Dastard
30th Aug 2007, 00:28

Try google - "skype cordless" or "skype wireless" UK results. Pick one :)


Thats the Skype browser plug-in. You can deactivate it by clicking on the Skype button in your browser (both IE & FF). It drove me mental, so I got rid of it.


30th Aug 2007, 00:36
I use a cordless skype dualphone. Very handy, base unit connects to the landline for ordinary calls and USB for skype calls. plus 3 cordless additional handsets covering the rest of the house for both types of call. Can also initiate skype calls without havingto go to PC

30th Aug 2007, 13:23
I'm after a good reliable but not too pricey USB headset for use with me Skype. Dont need bluetooth etc.

Anyone have sugestions?

30th Aug 2007, 19:10
I have a bluetooth headset that went with a former cellphone.

It paired just fine with the bluetooth on my laptop, and if I switch it on, the laptop immediately switches over to using it instead of the inbuilt speakers.

It works fine with Skype - up to the limit of the range of bluetooth.

Seemed very easy!