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flying dutchmen
29th Aug 2007, 13:20
Can some one tell me what insurance i need to train in the us. I have been looking at sites and they all say they don;t insure flying. Would i be insured with the flight school if something happens during flying.

Txs dutch

29th Aug 2007, 13:46
hi matey
am off to the us in october
i have flying cover here ie death and critical illness with a company called (on risk) 15.85 per month for 75k cover i told them i was off to the usa and they said thanks for letting us know. also they said cover applies over there too (asked for it in writing just in case)

also for the travel/health insurance i have looked at traffords limited
give them a call 0870 9000 331 ask for dave quite reasonable for me wife and 2 kids is 865 for nine months compare this to bupa who wanted 15K

hope this helps

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