View Full Version : Thunderstorm electrical discharge

Bingo Bango Bongo
27th Aug 2007, 21:46
A question for the weather heads out there, Iíve noticed lately flying back and forth from Hong Kong that the thunderstorms are generally much more electrically active than their counterparts elsewhere. Reading an article on the Chinese air pollution problem recently, it occurred to me that greatly increased levels of airborne particulate over East Asia may be a contributing factor. Any thoughts on the subject?

27th Aug 2007, 23:55
Maybe we are just getting older and further away from the storms to notice! Tom

Bingo Bango Bongo
28th Aug 2007, 00:57
Perhaps. An electrical storm was reported to have killed 160 people just a month ago or so. Something has gone awry with the weather in Eastern China, anyone with insight out there?

28th Aug 2007, 05:32
This was my first summer flying domestic China. The weather and electrical activity seemed no worse than flying in Florida or a good squall line thru the midwest USA. The big difference is that the Chinese pilots will be "punished" if the aircraft takes a lightning strike.

Be careful out there.