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26th Aug 2007, 17:44
Hi All

I have recently got my PPL and decided to join Bristol GS as a distant learner. During PPL, exams were easy: study one subject and give the exam. But just the thought of giving 8 and then 6 exams (module 1 and 2) together for ATPL is already giving me sleepless nights.

Few days back a friend of mine told me that one can also give one exam at a time but you have to go to Gatwick to take them.

I know that I donít have a memory of an elephant and will struggle to remember the huge amount of study material. I hope anyone can help and guide me here on how to take these exams. Can I take them one by one like PPL? If I have to take 8 and 6 exams together then whatís the right technique to study for them? How many exams at a time can be taken?

Looking forward for assistance on this matter. Thanks

26th Aug 2007, 17:51
Go to the CAA website and find a document called LASORS. Download it and have a read. It lists all of the requirements for professional licence issue as well as everything you need to know about the theoretical knowledge exams including the number of sittings you are allowed. Expect a big step up from the PPL.

26th Aug 2007, 17:53
If you're looking at the ATPL exams, you have six sittings in total and 4 attempts at each paper. So no, you can't do them one at at time.


The question was discussed here as well.



27th Aug 2007, 23:44
bila, what can I say other than the fact that hundreds do exactly this each month! It actually falls into place very nicely. You don't have to do 8 and then 6. In fact I've done 8, 3 and aim to do another 3 in October. You are limited in how many times you can make a "booking". A booking can be 12 exams or just 1. You are allowed up to 6 "bookings" therefore it's plain to see, doing it 1 by 1 you will run out of bookings!

27th Aug 2007, 23:55
Thanyou everyone who contributed and cleared my mind regarding the query.

13th Nov 2007, 18:33
Sorry found this old thread and the question sprung to mind

If you're looking at the ATPL exams, you have six sittings in total and 4 attempts at each paper. So no, you can't do them one at at time.

Ok, then you could do 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1 (provided you don't fail any paper) which sounds rather comfortable (especially the 1, 1 bit lol) for those in full time employement.

But aren't you required a mandatory brush up from your FTO ?
Say you are with Bristol, brush up for the 8 exams of module one, but then go and take only 3 ?
Would that be allowed ?


13th Nov 2007, 19:06
Ivor -

Yes, I believe it would. The requirement is a certain amount of residential hours (a percentage of total study hours) at the groundschool itself. Bristol does this in 2 x two week stints.

The 8 and 6 system at BGS seems to work well for most and their brush ups are excellent - I went in to mod 1 having recurrent nightmares about certain subjects (gen.nav, instruments etc) and then sat 6 of them the very next week and sat two more the month after (so not the normal 8 in one week) I passed all of them and averaged 92%. Big thumbs up for BGS!

I am about to sit the second set of exams (6) but have deferred Principles of Flight until Jan as on day one of round two there are THREE exams in a day (PoF, Performance and AGK) There are only four days to sit the 6, so 3 in day one, and then one exam per day for the last three days. WHERE is the sense in that? (well done CAA - just about as much common sense as some of the ATPL questions!) PoF is my nemesis a bit like GNAV was in mod 1.

So yeah, use the sittings to your advantage. Most people do fine on the standard BGS 8/6, but I felt that in mod 1 my average pass was raised by devoting more time to less subjects in one sitting.

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