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daniel leech
25th Aug 2007, 17:04
I m 24 years old, i have been a full time event rider for the last six years and for many reasons have decided to move on and change my career. I ve always been very intrested in helicopters and really want to see if i have what it takes to train to become a pilot. I m not the best at maths or physics but i believe if you want something enough you can achieve it. Please can someone point me in the right direction so i can get the ball rolling! Dan

25th Aug 2007, 19:24
How much money have you got!!!!

On The Rotorheads forum there is a thread compliled by the moderator of all the questions you could think of.


Any further questions (and please use the search facility, here and Google!!)) would probably be best answered there, rather than this forum as they are pretty much fixed wing chaps here!

However, in a nutshell, can I assume that you're talking about flying a helicopter commercially? If so, then you'd need to get a Class 1 medical from CAA at Gatwick - without that, you ain't flying for a living.

If you're talking about a private licence, then bowl up to your nearest flying school (FAST at Thruxton probably) and have a chat with them.



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