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25th Aug 2007, 12:04
27yrs old with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering ;
Don't have the capital to do an Ab-Initio Program ;
Unable to get into Cadet Pilot Programme ;

Passion for aviation since young, would love to fly. It does not matter if I'm flying for an airline or charter flights. As long as I'm flying.
What are my options, is there really hope ?
Any opinions would be appreciative !

25th Aug 2007, 12:29
Get a job anywhere, earn money, and pay for your training.

Of course there is hope, yes. You need to make an effort to get there.

25th Aug 2007, 12:34
If you want to fly for a living...
First of all, do a Class 1 Medical, there isn't much sense in starting planning if you can't pass it.
Secondly, find a job where you can work hard for as many hours as possible (not the standard "8 hours a day") and start saving as hell.
Third, go for the modular route, it's cheaper!!!
Most of all, never give up!!! :ok::ok:

25th Aug 2007, 13:17
27yrs old with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering ;

How is it possible to be unemployed with a diploma in mechanical engineering? Maybe i don't understand what "diploma" exactly means in your country and maybe it depends on the country you come from... but being a mechanical engineer myself i know there is plenty of work out there for you :)

26th Aug 2007, 00:32
Aged 40 on Thursday just gone

Started modular August 1999

Finished modular September 2005

18 months to get a job

440 hours total when I got that job. Straight onto a 737

A third of my way through line training now on the 737 for well known UK charter company

Dreams do come true.

Stop worrying about it and get on with it.

Be positive, never give up and you will get there

Took me 7 years.

Still a dream to me.

Positive mental attitude

26th Aug 2007, 09:04
I take my hat off to you mate :D:D:D:D

I myself am desperate to become flight deck and have a plan of action which means I should hopefully be in the pointy end in 5 years time- and I thought that was long.

Well done to you and thank you so much for putting your post up on here, it truelly is very inspirational!!!

gotta keep believing hey ;);)

31st Jan 2008, 15:33
Hi Hermie,

If you are singaporean, have you tried applying for the SFC cadet instructor?

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