View Full Version : A330 flare height changed?

23rd Aug 2007, 16:23
Just checked the lasted FCOM revision & we have a yellow page stating that the flare height is now 40feet????
Not sure if it is a revision asked for by our company was just wondering if other operaters have the same temporary revision since 40feet seems over the top.
Maybe our new VPT asked for it to validate his new grossly inflated salary.

23rd Aug 2007, 17:47
Hi ! What I normally do is begin a slow check @ 40 ' to set the old girl down with a kiss on the runway :ok:

ps : However we haven't received any yellow revisions regarding the same though . . . . so as far as the book is concerned 30 is when u flare . . .


23rd Aug 2007, 18:08

we got the revisions too.
its mentioned that they changed it so as to make the flare heights similar for the 330/340.
as for the actual heights it varies.

23rd Aug 2007, 18:54
Thanks for the feedback but it seems too high to me since I now have to deal with the guys sitting next to me now floating half way down the r/w.