View Full Version : Recycle Bin, Need a Deleted file Back!

21st Aug 2007, 22:35
Binned a file the other day, emptied the bin and now found I need it back.

Anyway, how can I find the deleted file?


Saab Dastard
21st Aug 2007, 23:11

I hope that this (http://www.officerecovery.com/freeundelete/) works for you!


22nd Aug 2007, 04:58
Agree with Saaby. Freeundelete worked for me. Seems to work easily so long as not much has been done on the computer since the dleetion occurred.

22nd Aug 2007, 17:39
Thanks chaps, just tried that. First sweep came up with six different 'folders'. No sign of files in there that I wanted back.

Second sweep was done after I had just deleted something to see if it would show up and it did. The recycle bin was in the list with the thing that I had just deleted.

The laptop was turned off overnight since I deleted the files.

PPRuNe Pop
22nd Aug 2007, 19:47
You can give System Restore a try - but..........you cannot go forward. It worked for me. Yet the undelete tweaks seem good. I guess its how desperate you are Paul. There is also Google, just put the file name in and see what comes up.


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