View Full Version : Microwave Landing System installations in Europe

21st Aug 2007, 09:53

I was having a discussion with my friend and I would like to know how many MLS installations there are in Europe.

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Hand Solo
21st Aug 2007, 10:10
None that are active that I know of. LHR has a test system.

21st Aug 2007, 11:25
MLS systems have died an natural death I believe with the realisation the GPS based approach systems can give you the same or better results. I'd be surprised if there are any left anywhere.


Hand Solo
21st Aug 2007, 11:35
I'm not so sure about that bullethead. MLS is accurate enough for an autoland, I don't think GPS is at that stage yet, even with ground based equipment to correct local signal errors. GPS is also subject to RAIM outages which MLS is not. Whilst it may look like a natural death it wouldn't take Columbo long to discover that MLS was actually bumped off by one particular authority. Murder most horrid!;)

Lower Hangar
21st Aug 2007, 12:43
So if its dead why are BA committed to updating their A320/319 fleet to MLS ???

21st Aug 2007, 13:02
Don't believe it's dead yet. Eurocontrol are currently writing the safety case for it's use at LHR. Theres a view that by imaginitive use of MLS (and in particular the associated OFZ) in LVP capacity can be increased. This has been proven in MLS only cases, the work is currently looking at a mix of MLS/ILS approaches.

23rd Aug 2007, 10:16

In Spain there are 3 runways equipped with MLS.
Zaragoza AB (LEZA) rwy 30L and Moron AB (LEMO) were installed as required by NASA. These two AB are alternate landing sites for the space shuttle.

The third is in Matacan (LESA). This equipment was installed more than 10 years ago to test the MLS, and today is out of service.


23rd Aug 2007, 12:24
In Italy some of our fighter bases (Ghedi, Grosseto, Piacenza) have the MLS installed.
Italian Air Force insisted to have a dependable and indipendent precision approach system. GPS belongs to the USA and the european Galileo isn't ready yet.


23rd Aug 2007, 17:12
'They' have been talking about MLS for decades. I have always held hopes that Eurocontrol would prove the 'new' system to the rest of the free world. :hmm:

28th Aug 2007, 20:45
I understood that the issue with GPS was not its accuracy per se, but the ability of the US to degrade the signal at will without warning, and a lack of ground-based stations: otherwise it is extremely accurate.

I have always experienced completely accurate results, but only ever as VFR backup.