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18th Aug 2007, 07:22
AJWAA AIRLINES ( www.flyajwaa.com (http://www.flyajwaa.com) )

Gulf Daily News 20 July 2007 wrote:New airline - or flight of fancy?

A TOP aviation official yesterday denied Bahrain was set to be a key base for a new international airline, despite claims to the contrary on the carrier's website.

The new carrier, calling itself Ajwaa, has begun construction of a website which names Bahrain as the site of its head office, displays images of commercial airliners with the Bahraini flag on their livery and advertises flights to a number of international destinations from Bahrain International Airport.

However, Civil Aviation Affairs Assistant Under-Secretary for Airport Services Nabeel Taqi rejected any possibility of a new carrier of that name coming to Bahrain.

"Forget this, it's all nonsense," he said.

"We don't have this kind of airline. We have not authorised them to operate out of Bahrain."

An official at Ajwaa's Bahrain office, who asked not to be named, had earlier confirmed the new venture was gearing up to fly to destinations from this country, but said they were unable to reveal any further information.

The firm's website flyajwaa.com features advertising for two flights a day to Cairo - one from Bahrain and one from Dammam in Saudi Arabia - at a cost of BD67 for a one-way trip.

Under the motto "discover our friendly skies", Ajwaa - which is Arabic for airspace - also lists Damascus, Dubai, Jeddah, Karachi and Mumbai as destinations it plans to serve.

A well-placed aviation source told GDN that the firm had plans to source infrastructure from Egypt to operate from Bahrain, but said the firm had not yet submitted a request for the necessary permits to allow it to fly to and from Bahrain International Airport.

Mr Taqi was emphatic in stating that whatever its website might suggest, Ajwaa has not been granted permission to start operations from Bahrain.

"I am telling you it's not true," he said.

18th Aug 2007, 21:25
Mr Taqi was emphatic in stating that whatever its website might suggest, Ajwaa has not been granted permission to start operations from Bahrain. What's lie today it's true tomorrow... Let's sit and wait.

Capt Birdseye jnr
19th Aug 2007, 11:39
Is this the begginning of the end for Gulf Air? :uhoh: How can the government sustain 2 airlines!!! I thinks Gulf Airs days are numbered........:{

19th Aug 2007, 15:05
well from what i heard its not lies! they have approached several gulf air employees from various departments,if they would like to work for ajwaa,including normal line pilots and training captains:E but they would not disclose the company name..their recruiting department will call gf staff ask and ask them if they would like to work for a regional airline based in bahrain,aircraft type A320..if so they will require your cv..they have already recruited 10 pilots as far as i know and from what i ve heard from different individuals...as far as operating rights, well ask anyone who does ajwaa belong too??!! mr.taqi is talking crap..

19th Aug 2007, 15:44
Man where do you get these names? Nothing against the Arabic language but doesn't anyone believe in a brand that will sell to everyone? No offence..I may yet fly with this outfit but...surely, there is a more marketable names than that!
How about Desert Falcon (oops, too close to GF) or...I know, Desert Storm? Hmmmm...maybe not.
I got it!!!! PearlAir!! Pretty wussy but still better than AJWAA!!!

20th Aug 2007, 03:14
Dude...I'm sure there are plenty of native arabic speakers out there who might have a thing or 2 to say about an airline named "Virgin"
Not too far from there is another one called 'Sama'..endless supply of jokes there.
Different strokes n all that...

20th Aug 2007, 05:32
Well.....it's in the GDN so it must be true!!!:ok:

Desert Diner
20th Aug 2007, 11:37
Also plenty of con men cruising around the ME. Just sayin'

Che Guevara
20th Aug 2007, 11:42

So what does it mean when I read "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" on the label of what I cook with? Should I have a thing or two to say about that?:hmm:
I must be bored....


20th Aug 2007, 13:16
guess who is organising and setting up ajwaa,,our dear ex vpo H.A....should be a nice oufit to work for..NOT..:ugh::ugh::ugh:

20th Aug 2007, 17:32
Ajwaa is the name of the best variety of dates, Prophet Mohammmeds(pbuh) favourite type, eating 7 a day is said to prevent a whole lot of ailments and even cure some diseases.

But naming an airline after this is really silly, I dont know what Ajwaa means though maybe it has a nice meaning which matters more to Arabs than how it sounds to foreigners.

As for Sama, whats the joke surrounding that name?

20th Aug 2007, 17:45

Sorry, you are wrong :=

Ajwaa the date is totally different from Ajwaa the sky in Arabic, they are spelled and pronounced differently with different words and have nothing in common,
But I have to admit, it was a good try and good dates,:ok:

GAGing in Bahrain
20th Aug 2007, 17:56
I suggest we re-title this thread: "New name for Bahrain Upstart Airline"

I'll start us off.....;)

How about "Flying Virgins with the best Dates"!?
Anyone care to translate in Arabic for us?

20th Aug 2007, 18:13
In Arabic we write from right to left, so

a date with the best virgin while flying,:bored:

how does it sound?:p

Is it confirmed that HA will run it!!! Will it be limited to certain groups or is it open to all????!!!!;)

GAGing in Bahrain
20th Aug 2007, 19:14
babafly, I like the way you think. I hereby nominate you as the new CEO! Now if we can just get the CP to confirm the nomination......

20th Aug 2007, 22:16

You need to make sure that they really are 'Extra Virgins'...and you're not gettin ripped off with tart-oil.

...Eating 7 of these 'Virgins' per day may leave you with many diseases and a whole lot of ailments'

19th Jul 2008, 12:18
ajwaa is the plural of jaw in arabic ..which means another name of sky ..so ajwaa = skies , if you write it in arabic it will be different from the other meaning of dates .. similar in writing but diferent in meaning in eng. ajwaa =airline ..ajwah =the paste of dates. i hope i make clear explanation ..thanx .

20th Jul 2008, 21:32
its clear .. Thnx

3ajwa not the same meaning of ajwa2

arabic ppl will understand wt i wrote

yalla, till it ll settle down, hope they ll need a FA

if so, i'll apply then :P

21st Jul 2008, 18:20
I heard they already changed the name, called MAZ and the CEO is Mo'd Al Zeer who's former NAS CEO.

21st Jul 2008, 18:40
but NAS is for KSA :confused:

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