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18th Aug 2007, 02:50
Just a general question here.
After downloading the latest updates, I discovered that my computer was crashing because of a software problem according to Microsoft and the error reporting.
I reformatted, installed the HP printer again with XP service pack 2, everything was as before.
Once the updates were down loaded again same thing.
Has anyone experianced these updates being a problem.
The error message stated that HP has been notified of this problem, seems like a windows problem to me.
How dangerous is it to just not allow any updating at all for XP?
Virus software fully updated, firewall on and running the spybot and ad_aware.

18th Aug 2007, 04:02
I have XP SP2, with the latest updates, and HP3110 All in one printer/scanner/fax and no problem. (sorry)
Try checking for updates for the printer, maybe.
I really don't know how dangerous it is not installing the updates, it depends quite a bit on what browser you use, other security software (I'm no longer a fan of AdAware at all- there are much better freebies), and from memory, I think there were some office updates also...how much do you use that?
IMO a two way firewall is a must, no matter whether windows is patched or not.

18th Aug 2007, 04:37
Running an HP 1210 all in one printer, fax scanner etc. windows error said its an HP problem.
Back to just service pack 2 now.
Also had a problem with SKYPE, not allowing I/E to close when installed.
But with no updates everything is working OK.

18th Aug 2007, 04:42
Just SP2, with none of the subsequent patches at all??
Now that I don't think is recommended at all.
I'd rather patch and put up with the problem, or uninstall the printer.
My advice: get onto HP about it. I've never had a problem with them, and found the combo works well, but I don't know how good the support will be for that printer.
Try system restore to the (almost) fully patched state immediately prior to the last update, if possible.
Was the Skype/IE7 problem only after the latest update, or has that been a problem for longer?

18th Aug 2007, 05:09
Too late for system restore since I did a full reformat.
The skype problem was there for about 2 weeks, I then started using firefox and never worried about it any longer.will check the HP website and see if they have a fix for this,

18th Aug 2007, 05:19
You can choose which updates to install by de-selecting the automatic radio button in the My Computer properties > Automatic Updates Tab. Then click the Windows update balloon when it appears in the tray (by the clock, lower rigjht) and select custom update.

Meanwhile, most Windows updates can be uninstalled. If you know the offending one, remove it from the add/remove programs area in Control Panel. Check the box in the upper right to show updates that have been applied.

Good Luck!

18th Aug 2007, 05:52
That sounds good, too. Better, even. Go with that.
Download all (except the latest) updates, then the latest batch one at a time until you find which one's doing the dirt on your printer. If you're real lucky, it'll be the first one.

18th Aug 2007, 11:51
When I purchased my current XP SP2 machine a couple of years ago, I made the decision not to take any updates (not least because I'm on dialup!).

Not regretted that for an instant and never, so far, had a system crash.

18th Aug 2007, 12:27
I am running Windows XP + SP2 and the same HP combi unit as Earl (HP1210) and taking updates and no problems so far. I think selecetive Windows up dating is probably the right way forward.

18th Aug 2007, 20:15
HP has a site for software and drivers that will run a all in one check on the installed driver.
It comes up with a patch that concerns IE 7 and the HP 1210 printer.
All ok now with updates installed.
Thanks for the help.

Atlas Shrugged
20th Aug 2007, 00:17
Every time that installed a Windows Update something went tits up with my laptop. Twice it needed a complete reformat to fix. I turned the function off about 18 months ago and have not updated anything other than firefox and have had no problems since. My advice, **** them off!

20th Aug 2007, 16:45
I read that a Windoze update was responsible for the Skype 'outage' that lasted for two days.

Mac the Knife
20th Aug 2007, 20:12
I can't actually recall any problems from Windows updates on the 3 machines I have currently running XP. There may have been (I know there have been problems with some updates), but whatever it was was fixed in the next round.

Bit odd all these people advocating never updating - I reckon the ratio of bugs fixed to problems caused must be about 1000:1

But if you can live with the bugs and security vulnerabilities that updates were designed to (and mostly do) fix, then be my guest.

I'm no Microsoft fan, as many of you know (Linux, BSD, Mac and now Solaris are more my line) but with a minimum of care and feeding XP has become a secure and stable OS that has really given me little trouble.

Vista (aka ME2) is another matter :E


"Bother," said Pooh as he struggled with /etc/sendmail.cf, "it never does quite what I want. I wish Christopher Robin was here.

20th Aug 2007, 20:23
Only WinXP update which I ever had any problems with was IE7.

'twas a POS.

Back with IE6 now! :ok:

And before any Godzilla nerds try to say how wunnerful that geeky Firefreaks thing is, some sites are simply appalling when that browser is used.

20th Aug 2007, 21:57
I read that a Windoze update was responsible for the Skype 'outage' that lasted for two days.

Only indirectly: read http://heartbeat.skype.com/

26th Aug 2007, 05:24
Ive never set auto-update for anything, esp Windoze. Too many mates have experienced crashes and screwups. Go to Update once a month to selectivley download what you want, not crap they say you must have like IE7.

green granite
26th Aug 2007, 07:10
And before any Godzilla nerds try to say how wunnerful that geeky Firefreaks thing is, some sites are simply appalling when that browser is used.

BEagle quite agree, but, 2 points to be made

1) It's due to sloppy programming by the web site owners, I always send them an e-mail pointing out the problems. :ugh:

2) There is a firefox add-on that will reopen the site using the IE engine.