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17th Aug 2007, 09:39
Why is the APU outlet on this different to other large Airbus types ? It appears to have 2 extra exhausts.

Thridle Op Des
19th Aug 2007, 09:23
Hi Javelin,

Not to answer your query, but just to comment that the -500 is the same with a bifuracated exhaust, guess the same apu. As to why.....?



20th Aug 2007, 10:30
Think it's a vent system. Poss called eductor vents. Vents the APU bay without the need for vent fan or similar. Saves energy I think they said !!!:sad:

Aztec Kid
20th Aug 2007, 13:51
Hello Javelin,
While the APU is operating, the eductor, by using the kinetic energy of the exhaust gas stream, creates a negative pressure in the APU compartment. The two additional openings you see below the APU exhaust, on the aft tail cone, are cooling air inlet vents. Air is drawn into the APU compartment through these vents. The cooling air then flows through the oil cooler and ultimately is drawn into the APU exhaust stream by the eductor. The eyelid shields on the cooling air inlet vents are to prevent recirculation of the exhaust gases.
Best regards,
The Kid

24th Aug 2007, 21:15
Perfect answer, thanks :ok: