View Full Version : Security alert at QF Tullamarine

14th Aug 2007, 00:17
Anyone know what's going on?


14th Aug 2007, 02:31
Some idiot security person forgot to check someone's parcel.

It must have had a pair of tweezers in it.:\

14th Aug 2007, 03:03
Don't complain - its only a mnor one! Same thing happened to me at Heathrow T4 a month or two back. There we were, all sitting on QF32, belts on, waiting (about an hour!) to push, when the capatin came over the PA very apologetically telling all to get off again - they evacuated everyone into the terminal, which surprise, surprise, suddenly became chockers (funny really as that was where the unchecked package was supposed to be!) The terminal took over an hour to clear and then we were all pushed out into the open air carpark to stand around - for 5 hours! There were showers, hail storms, the lot. They did bring us plastic bags to wear after about 3 hours, water, which was rationed and only for those in dire need and a few bags of chips for the kids. Eventually all of the hords were let back into the terminal, flight No by flight No, rechecked in, resecurity checked etc. By which time it was too late for QF to make the Sydney curfew and so we sat around inside for another 6 hours. All because 'Security' missed this 'suspect' package! Its amazing how much chaos an apparently minor security breach can cause. One cannot image what these things do to the QF schedule. I hear Sydney is a mess as a resut of the fiasco down in Melbourne today. Glad I missed it!

14th Aug 2007, 03:18
Allegedly someone passed a parcel to a pax that was already inside security area, and everything went into melt down. What is most concerning is the apalling manner in which both Melbourne Airport and QF handled the issue with the Radio media . Melbourne Airport Senior Spin Doctor initially said it was all a bs story and that everything was running normally . Then when he bothered to find out - well there was a "minor" problem with a security breach in Terminal 1 (QF Domestic) , but nothing to do with him it was a Qantas problem . Qantas Media were even worse and refused to talk to ABC and effectively said just a minor security thing, check our website . (What a wonderful airline we could run if it were'nt for the damn passengers !!!! attitude). What the hell are QF Media playing at with services seriously disprupted with 2 hour delays across Australia, people off loaded from planes, and turned out into the street - the public have a right to know what the hell is going on . Qantas media in Melbourne are non existant or hopeless .

14th Aug 2007, 08:02
Did Qantas security finally realise that the cleaners and the catering staff get on the plane without security screening?!


Nah didn't think so. :ugh::ugh::ugh:

14th Aug 2007, 08:42
"Did Qantas security finally realise that the cleaners and the catering staff get on the plane without security screening?!


Nah didn't think so."

.....Or the baggage handlers

14th Aug 2007, 09:46
I heard it was a QF cleaning contractor's husband that threw a set of car keys to her from the public to the sterile area.

Angle of Attack
14th Aug 2007, 12:14

This is a joke, Got to hand it to Al Queada though a Win for them!
As we alll fumble around in a beaurocratic mess they laugh at us especially over a set of goddam keys haha! This is the funniest thing I have seen! Oh well I guess we should just accept defeat and keep being frightened at shadows!FFS th!ats it! Rant over!

14th Aug 2007, 22:37
An ridiculous over reaction for a set of contactor's keys. I love the way those responsible told everyone including pax and press that it was an unscreened-thus suspicious PARCEL to make the delay a little more palatable and justifiable.
Later in the day, when all the poor punters were away, it came out that it was merely a set of contractor's keys.
If the punters would have been made aware that that at the time there would have been a riot - what a load of bollocks!

max autobrakes
15th Aug 2007, 12:18
I wonder if any senior airline management or politicians have share holdings in any security companies?