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13th Aug 2007, 09:27
Does anyone know anything about a 737-700 flight that had to perform a engine shutdown and make any emergency landing into ROK or Hamilton Island. It was just reported on the 7pm ABC news. Didn't catch the rego - obviously VH-VB?.

13th Aug 2007, 09:39
Once again it was a faulty thronomister valve. Engineers thought it was the Frep valve but on closer inspection the Thronomisters poofer valve had worked loose and ruined everyones day!
Hope this helps in what can be a very technical area!

13th Aug 2007, 10:41
Virgin flight (DJ583?) from BNE to HTI this afternoon declared a Pan due to suspected fuel leak from No 2 engine. Engine shut down and diverted into Rocky.

13th Aug 2007, 10:58
The PR people stated that a pilot noticed a "light" in the cockpit and diverted. Those "fuel leak lights" are quite handy aren't they

13th Aug 2007, 12:00
Wasn't another one of those pesky oily rags in the APU "engine" again was it!?

13th Aug 2007, 19:09
It's true then!

"All those lazy pilots do is sit there and wait for a light to come on! All the answers are in that QNH book thingy too you know."

Good job crew.

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14th Aug 2007, 08:39
On a serious note, is there an EICAS warning if say the fuel figures don't add up? Like burn is not equal to the difference between initial fuel state and current fuel state? And what would that figure have to be? Or would it be an imbalance warning that you'd get?

14th Aug 2007, 10:46
No EICAS, just common dog and airmanship. Look at your predicted arrival fuel and ETA in the FMC early in the flight and if the predicted destination fuel changes substantially then start looking for a reason.

14th Aug 2007, 10:52
Imbalance warning, Yes. No used vs FOB calculation. They only cost what, $75M each. Can't ask for too much. I am particularly impressed by the "fuel imbalance impending" voice that resinates through the cockpit and allows us lazy pilots to "notice" the light.

I'm too busy checking out what that crazy cat is up to

No SAR No Details
14th Aug 2007, 12:02
One of the passengers reported smoke out the front of the engine.

16th Aug 2007, 01:50
2nd IFSD in 4 months. Previuos one diverted to Syd en-route to BNE from MEL. Both incidents occurring few sectors after engine fuel pump/hmu changes in Syd. No special little fuel leak light but fuel imbalance warning alerting pilots.
Have seen the engine photos and where the leak was from on the first IFSD incident. Caused by an over torque of some bolts on a fuel line. Early reports from the second incident pointing to the same issue of over torque on bolts.
Investigation will shed more light on the incident. Does highlight though the incompetence of some engineering personel, not following published procedures!:ugh:

16th Aug 2007, 03:11
Does highlight though the incompetence of some engineering personel, not following published procedures!

It highlights nothing other than how people love to look for a whipping boy!

Keep it in your pants 'til someone turns the lights on.