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Stigmund Fraud
12th Aug 2007, 05:45
Just wondering if anybody had a similar story to a friend of mine.
Apparently he received a phone call from Virgin congratulating him on being selected for a pilot position in Virgin, only to receive a phone call two days later from the head of recruiting apologising for a terrible mistake. You guessed it everyones greatest fear, he was unsuccessful and had accidently received the first phone call.

Since heard that he may not be the only one.

The Company
12th Aug 2007, 06:37
Hardly a blow.

If the guy is not up to it, he is not up to it.

But heck, to miss out on DJ at the moment will not look good on one's resume! Your mate must be a real shocker!

Just had a whip around our office here, and we can't think of anyone from here who has gone for it and missed out. A few have knocked them back, but no one has gone the missed approach here!

NDB Alpha
12th Aug 2007, 07:05
The Co...your post suggests that any idiot can land a position with DJ...maybe you shouldn't be crowing quite so loud...seems many of your "colleagues" rate it highly enough to send in the application!!

Erin Brockovich
12th Aug 2007, 09:40
I wouldn’t worry about ‘The Company’. He/She is just another stirring peanut like ‘aircraft’ showing their ignorance and lack of character. :hmm:

Sorry about your friend. It's not the first and won’t be the last time airline recruiters make silly mistakes and not have any idea about how their actions may affect applicants’ lives.

This is what happens when graduates with little life experience work and run the HR departments of larger companies whose aim is purely cost cutting for immediate gains.

12th Aug 2007, 10:00
Despite the merits or lack of with the applicant it is poor form to make an incorrect phone call like that. However it happens with all companies. I had something similar many moons ago with QF, basically advised of a spot on next months course. I didn't get my hopes up, because in my experience if somethings not on paper, its not on. Pilots with some real world experience need to be thicker skinned. If someone in this position gets shattered over this then he probably will not make it anyway. Then again how did he get this far. Don't get me wrong I'm not picking on anyone, but in the real world this is just part and parcel of the industry. Maybe times of late are so prosperous that some are not prepared for the hard reality of human errors in a sometimes inhumane industry. At the very least its character building.

fly true
12th Aug 2007, 11:14
Very unfortunate. The vital point is not to dwell on it, keep your spirits up and think positive.

After being rejected by a heavy carrier many chaps lose confidence in themselves and fear being rejected once again.

Sid Departure
12th Aug 2007, 11:17
Quite an interesting scenario. Your friend had been offered a position with VB, only to have it with drawn two days later, with no other reason than "a terrible mistake", had been made.
If I was your friend, I'd be seeking some advise form a lawyer or the AFAP (if they're a member), as I think there may be grounds for a legal challenge in this case.

12th Aug 2007, 11:41
Be an awkward walk back to your boss to ask if you can take back all the horrible things you said about him, his operation and where he can stick his job.

Proves a few things - get it in writing before resigning, and says a lot for always leaving on good terms !

Worrals in the wilds
12th Aug 2007, 12:34
How dreadfully unprofessional.

After applying for a (non-aviation) position some years ago the same thing happened, a "yeah but nah but yeah but nah but..." series of phone calls worthy of Little Britain, with a lot of added guff about quota numbers / being able to get a position on the next intake /sorry we dicked you around etc etc etc. After a week of daffing around involving about five phone calls I really didn't care if I got the job or not... and after being offered a position (finally :ugh:)the inital stuff-around had a big impact on my future loyalty. After five years of employment I never quite forgot the initial debacle, and had no hesitation in leaving for Something Better the moment it came up...though I did refrain from giving the boss a Character Assessment in case the same thing happened again!! :ouch:

Of course mistakes happen, but HR types should be mindful of the massive impact a phone call (either positive or negative) will have on the prospective employee and take appropriate care. From personal experience, there is nothing worse than proudly announcing to friends and family that the coveted job has been won, only to have to issue a retraction. Even if it turns out positively (as it did for me), the debacle takes most of the shine off the victory, and makes you feel like an also-ran.

The Titanic and the Exxon Valdez were also terrible mistakes. This does not make either exusable.

Best of luck to your friend, karma works in mysterious ways and it may all work out for the best!!


14th Aug 2007, 12:23
How could this happen? Don't airlines go through the federal security checks for new recruits before offers are made? How could a match between the persons name, address and recruitment file get mixed up? All sounds too fishy to me?:confused:

If it smells like Sh!t and looks like Sh!t............... Well ???????:=

15th Aug 2007, 02:40
Did the interview and Sim ride with Air Nogot(PX) late last year. Got a phone call 2 weeks later wanting to check my port of domecile etc etc and said I had been successful and would recieve a contract via courier.

Another month later after a few enquiries on my behalf, they told me they had changed their " Recruitment profile" and I was now unsuccessful.

Turned out they did me a favour!!

15th Aug 2007, 02:55
Sounds like he told a few mates on Friday night, it got back to the wrong people who didn't want him in the company then Monday got the call. Its happened before it'll happen again.

15th Aug 2007, 06:42
Yep I agree with you Poto, I just find it hard to believe this after so many forms are filled out, and two days of interviews with more photo copies of your details etc etc....