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10th Aug 2007, 07:21
Strongish rumour has it that the current incumbent at AsA will not extend his contract - so AsA will be looking for a new CEO shortly. Rumour also has it that internal candidates 'need not apply'.

It will be interesting to see if this occurs before the election - and whether or not a non-Liberal government would even want to retain 'old government appointees'.

It will also be interesting to see how a new CEO will tackle the constant and (industry) destructive re-organisation that has been going on since the incumbent took office.

Any suggestions for likley candidates?

10th Aug 2007, 09:25
Not sure about TFN, but according to rumours today in BN Centre, an entire Business Unit was suddenly removed from the intranet.

Anyone got any details??


SM4 Pirate
10th Aug 2007, 12:42
I hear that FD is gone; so there mustn't be any hope for us in 5 years. Well their illustrious leader recently left for an ICAO job in Canada, so now there is no resistance.

FDs primary purpose was the beyond 5 year plan; so maybe the boffins in Canberra know more than we do about our job security in 5 years time.

One wonders what 'opportunities' will be available to staff in FD; we're bleeding at the consoles and they may just get rid of people; seems to me that most people I know of in FD could be ALMs tomorrow and 'release' ALM aspirants back to the scopes.

blind freddy
10th Aug 2007, 13:07
"Future Directions" is now kaput.
The manager (BP) has been shown the door today; something to do with Naverus and RNP implementation.

The debacle of the SDE "restructure" onto the industry with its unspecified, large costs and lack of any productivity enhancement as well as trying to force AWAs into ATCs ranks, probably wont see TFN last too long now, let alone if there is a change in the government. As far as I am concerned, the sooner he goes the better.

The Game Show Host has seen the writing on the wall and has bailed out of SDE and moved onto Business Development. One wonders how he keeps so teflon coated.

As for TFNs replacement, isn't Maggie Jackson free early next year?
Or if Labor wins the election, maybe they could hand out the peace pipe to Mark Latham and give him a cushy job as AsA boss :ok:

10th Aug 2007, 22:19
Spoke to one of the managers in FD last night.

Apparently everyone will be shoe horned into TAS somwhere as TAS has been making a play on FD for a while, apparently very jealous of the ATC influence on where the future was going. (Well hello!!)

Now we have software engineers running the future of ATC. Like they have done such a good job with the Eurocat running so well (NOT!)

Doh... Oh dear things can only get worse....

Wonder where all the FD middle management will fit in TAS. From memory TAS have just had a restructure and all the positions filled.

Sounds like AsA is about to lose a hell of a lot of knowledge either from the bottom or the middle...

By the way was'nt FD one of the areas where the ATC Team Leaders who did not get an ALM were going to parachute in on full TL pay?? Like that's going to happen now?? Redundancy looks more of surety for them.

Apparently the staff satisfaction survey from FD was so bad even the spin doctors could not make it look like fertiliser from %^$$!


10th Aug 2007, 22:59
Looks like ASA is falling back on what it does best .....

Buy the latest, most whackiest, most expensive, most complicated computer and software kit ... then get the rest of the Organisation to change their processes and procedures to fit in with it.

In the Knowledge Management world, ASA has long been cited in the text books as a classic example of such folly.

More astute Organisations explore how their company needs to go forward, lock in desired outcomes and develop the processes required to reach them ... then they source and buy tools that will help their PEOPLE achieve those goals.

11th Aug 2007, 08:54
Stand-by for the solution... another re-structure. :ugh:

Chief galah
11th Aug 2007, 11:05
And meanwhile, the planes are still coming and going, just like yesterday, just like last week, just like last year.
No amount of management restructure has changed that, or will change that.

11th Aug 2007, 14:27
Lets hope that he does bugger off. He has done no more than knock down the previous house of cards so that he could build his own. :ugh: That will ensure that he can pocket a squillion dollar bonus for "appearing" to have actually achieved something.

And you Rat drivers thought you were the only ones faced with this type of "mgt". Sadly it is a modern curse. The sooner that this period in mgt history can be closed the better.

TFN has actually been able to further disenfranchise the staff, create more confusion ill will towards ASA than his predecessor - and that is no small task. :{

In recent months with a drive towards Little Johnny's heinous AWA's there has been a HUGE amount of angst and resentment towards Mgt. It is a mark of the professionalism of the pointy end that they have not taken their eyes of the ball and continued to do an outstanding job that is little appreciated by TFN and his mates.

11th Aug 2007, 15:43
Read an interesting article in National Geographic about swarm theory (http://www7.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0707/feature5/). A colony of 500,000 odd ants can find the shortest path to the best food source, send the appropriate number of ants out to gather food depending on its availability, allocate themselves different tasks as required by the colony, build elaborate nests, defend the colony against predators, and all without one boss or manager telling them what to do....

12th Aug 2007, 06:43
It can only get worse!

Our CEO reminds me of my 2 year old son...refuses to take responsibility of his actions. I mean he appointed all the GMs and because he simply does not understand the real business all he can do to fool a less than obviously qualified board by having a restructure every second day.

The organisational chart now not only has a year, month and day stamp. We know its got really bad when the time stamp is added as well.


"Rumour also has it that internal candidates 'need not apply'."

Would have any of TFNs GM appointees replace him..??

I do not think so.


I'm not sure who you are referring to when discussing a Montreal destination but the manager just departed for Canada was not head of FD and was not really in ball park if you get what I mean.

Do you really think the curent ATC managers are going to appoint clear thinking, knowledgeable and practical staff from FD as ALMs? I mean they would sniff the SDE fraud a mile away and last about as quick as the time the FD website was removed from the intranet after the FD GM was escorted from the building.

Blind Freddy

Your post a beauty.. Imagine Latham arm wrestling all the frauds out of AWB in CB. I'd even risk flying Tiger from BN to CB just to see that! At least he would have the guts to do it himself!

As for GSH from SDE can you PM me his initials, I have obviously been dooing too many extra shifts to hear the latest rat leaving.

Oh what do you mean by RNP and Naverus? Rumour has it Naverus will effectively take over our Procedures section???

12th Aug 2007, 23:27
Another [this time strong] rumour has it that GM-ATC and wife/partner will be returning to the eastern islands soon. Jump before pushed? Oh well, another GM bites the dust...

...it's great news for the organisational design types - plenty of chances to practice, fail, then start over again......

13th Aug 2007, 01:20
Another [this time strong] rumour has it that GM-ATC and wife/partner will be returning to the eastern islands soon.

I like this rumour the best. From what I understand he has been the "brains" :yuk: behind some of this shite.

So long..... :E

13th Aug 2007, 04:46
Forgive the stars in my eyes but isn't this an opportunity for something different. What a great organisation AsA could be and was, many years ago. Too many disfunctional Senior executives and too little, actually no accountability for them or those who put them there.

How long has it been mismanaged? Ever since some bright spark thought that a government safety company (yeah I know - not really but....) could be managed by proferring to shareholders (one - the commonwealth)! And please don't argue 'airlines', the diiference is obvious. TFN and the Board were well aware of the problems two years ago and also knew the issues with certain senior managers and knowlingly took counsel from those people. There is no defence. Possible the reason for a vacant seat at the recent Senate Estimates. The ghost who walked!

The experience bucket is almost drained and time stamp comment is a real analogy. T**** and AsA not getting along - so what's new and yet they still get the big contracts? N***** hmmm some interesting approaches there however I do wish the captain of 'approved only' flights could let me know, before departure if they are going to do one of these at destination - like CB frinstance - yikes pseudo precision approach without the runway specs for a precisions approach - how does THAT work?

The other recent departure was never a competitive solution - too many skeletons and too short a time.

What a bucket of problems AsA continues to be - what of the future. Come on Johnny or Kevin - a commission of enquiry would do just a starters; or maybe after the coronial inquest perhaps, God forbid.

13th Aug 2007, 10:28
There are a few of us with a pile of documentation waiting for such a Coronial Inquest.

Having communicated the issues to ATSB, CASA and the staff of more than one MP, we're left with waiting to attend the Coroner's Court.

It's a very sad day when you sit down and resign yourself to the fact that there is no other option left.

Track Coastal
13th Aug 2007, 15:52
There is an almost perverse pride in delivering a good service 'in spite' of what is going on around them.

Right on brother[/sister].:ok::ok:

Lets see what unfolds... :uhoh:

14th Aug 2007, 00:39
It does not take a mental giant to see that the divide & conquer / i'm alright Jack - fark you style of management is seriously flawed.

Since days of yore, I have been dismayed at the total LACK of management capacity to tap into the pride that the front line controllers have in their jobs. By rewarding managers with bonuses to drive down costs and conditions of the real "workers" only serves to create a greater divide.

In times of record profits, and controllers doing more with less and dare I say it FOR less is it any wonder morale is plummeting. When you throw the ALM farce and SDE smoke and mirrors into the mix it is incredible that the aforementioned Coronial Inquest has been avoided.

I have a dream: An EBA negotiation that recognises productivity achievements, increased cost of living, financial success of the "company" and the ability of the frontline to put up with managements continued crap.

Result: Here is a fair and equitable pay increase, with realisitc conditions and a bonus system that you will not find an insult. And by the way thanks for your continued professionalism and commitment. :(

14th Aug 2007, 09:20
Yes a true dilemma between the rorts of privatisation and the mediocrity of a public service institution (although there are some notable departments run very effectively and innovatively). The difference between the solid though dyed-in-the-wool Departmental Secretary vs the short term personal gain and dividend "is all and everything" intellect of new-age executives. Just look at the maginificent collapses and failures of corporations and privatised government utitilites (Energy, Telecon, Hospitals etc) that failed to manage future-driven infrastructure and the people capability needed to manage it.

Let us just hope that the same will not happen to water (purification) utilites - Pure today and Poo tomorrow. And what of safety and other institutions; consider the implications of privatising CASA, Police or Courts?

Long term stategies, low turnover rate, quality over quantity ethos will return when the toe cutters get found out. Problem is, the self-propagation principle by Board and Policial entities, magnificent survivability and unaccountability.

15th Aug 2007, 09:51
Back to the question[s] at hand.

My source says both the CEO - AND GM-ATC are leaving before the end of this year - regardless of election outcome [CEO had had about enough of the organisation this time last year!].

Any ideas who might 'pick up the pieces'?

15th Aug 2007, 21:06
What was with those adverts for a whole procedure design section?? Part of the ongoing restructure?

16th Aug 2007, 09:35

Cannot resist it:

Humpty Dumpty clone number 4.

Circular theory - nothing changes without political and Board change.

Same old same old.

16th Aug 2007, 10:00
Hey Reynolds,

Ad's were just to provide an alternate business case to contracting Naverus..

man on the ground
19th Aug 2007, 14:01
My source says both the CEO - AND GM-ATC are leaving before the end of this year - regardless of election outcome [CEO had had about enough of the organisation this time last year!].

Any ideas who might 'pick up the pieces'?

Hot rumour in the AWB a short while back was GM TAS (reformed) for CEO (he's collected enough box-tops now) and GM safety for GM-ATC.

The latter I could live with, but the former :eek::eek:

19th Aug 2007, 22:40
Don't think so, MOTG.

VERY unlikely that internal candidates will be considered for CEO - and VERY unlikely that current GM Safety has enough business experience [yes - you actually do need some to run ATC]. Also has some awkward skeletons in the cupboard, I hear.

My sources say to think lateral - AND to think Labor - i.e., the CEO will be a direct Labor appointee [within the constraints of natural justice, etc] - and the GM ATC [or whatever it becomes] will be a 'return to the fold' from 'days of yore' - i.e., a former insider who has become an outsider, who will become an insider again!

If this happens, current GM Safety will go.

Ain't the rumour network grand!!

Dick Smith
20th Aug 2007, 01:42
Is it true that the General Manager ATC Reform is the person who was in charge of the wind back?

Wow, that’s a challenge. You’ve wound the airspace back so it is “upside down” – with Class C above airports like Albury where there is hardly any traffic, but the whole of Avalon with over 1 million movements per year runs in Class G – and you are supposed to be in charge of reform? It seems to me like reform in the backwards direction.

20th Aug 2007, 01:51
..... but the whole of Avalon with over 1 million movements per year runs in Class G
... errrrm you sure about that Dick? .... :p
.... CASR Part 71? :E

Dick Smith
20th Aug 2007, 02:41
This was a typo. It was actually over 1 million passenger movements per year.

20th Aug 2007, 04:37
Is it true that the General Manager ATC Reform is the person who was in charge of the wind back? No, he wasn't "in charge of the wind back". The ASA board made the decision, which had widespread industry support.Flightwatch and FIS has effectively been scrapped from today before an alternative system was put in to place?The functions haven't been scrapped, and are available on ATC frequencies.
NOTAM quote: ON-REQUEST FLIGHT INFORMATION (FIS), SARTIME AND EMERG ALERTING SERVICES AVAILABLE ON ATC FIA FREQUENCIES OR HF The Flightwatch VHF frequencies themselves are in the process of being transferred to ATC, so in the meantime the function is available on ATC frequencies till the dedicated ones are available.

20th Aug 2007, 09:18
So you believe that the ATC sectors (in their current 'dynamic' guise) will be adequately staffed and trained to provide this service on-demand, by.... 0800 this morning? Did I say anything remotely like that?
The claim was made Flightwatch and FIS has effectively been scrapped from today before an alternative system was put in to placeI was simply indicating that according to the NOTAM they hadn't been scrapped, and they are available on ATC frequencies.
Let's not go giving people the impression something is no longer available when it apparently is. Someone else is already doing a good job scaremongering here :ok:

20th Aug 2007, 09:32
The original plan was to totally decommission all the standalone Flightwatch Frequencies and simply service the FIS on-request service on FIA frequencies and make redundant the flightwatch staff. Read the AusFIC Services Review recommendations.

Then it was realised that one of the Flightwatch VHF frequencies was in a location that ATC does not have an outlet and so ATC decided to try to take over that one.

Then it was thought that ATC could be better served by taking over all the Flightwatch VHF frequencies and running it as a stand-alone function. EG, replace the Flightwatch staff with ATC staff. You work out the $$ value on that bright idea.

Sources say that the latest run of this is that ATC will take over some of the freqs and shuffle them among ATC consoles if they are not performed on a seperate console (something called the "planner" position??), decommission others and service most requests as well as Flight Following is done now.

Bottom line is that nothing has moved but the redundancies have taken place and there is no staff to provide the standalone Flightwatch VHF function.

Meanwhile the introduction of ATC-provided FIS (that necessitates all Amended TAF, Amended ARFOR, SIGMET, AIRMET and SPECI are directed to any airacrft in 2-way comms within 1hr flight time of the affected area) will only act to futher congest FIA frequencies.

I ask you is that "Affordable aviation" at its best???

20th Aug 2007, 10:12
Whoa, guys, whoa!

This thread was about Airservices' CEO leaving soon - not about DS's totally [not] kool airspace adventures.

Latest I heard was that a former [well respected] Defence person has been approached about 'joining the [very senior] management team' ranks! Next CEO?....

Remember what I said about lateral thinking.

21st Aug 2007, 00:22
I wish you guys would stop getting my hopes up, after doing a job at Hazo's he has a major project underway at ASA.:D

If he can't turn the place into a basket case within three years in office no-one can!

What was once a career is now a job, he has destroyed the organisation.

Dick Smith
21st Aug 2007, 00:58
So-long, you repeat the erroneous claim that I’m against alerted see and avoid. This is the opposite to the truth. I don’t believe there is anyone who has done more to remove unalerted see and avoid than I.

In 1991 I introduced the first UNICOM as part of AMATS.

I then designed the first beep-back unit and financed the original units – because no one would. These AFRUs dramatically reduce the amount of unalerted see and avoid.

I brokered the mandatory transponder requirement for Class E airspace – once again, to reduce unalerted see and avoid.

I wrote the original Air/Ground paper on my kitchen table and arranged for the original Air/Ground demonstration at Wagga Airport.

I worked tirelessly for the introduction of UNICOMs and against the change that was introduced by CASA which meant that the only person who could operate an Air/Ground was someone who had an air traffic control or flight service licence. This means that virtually no Air/Ground services exist, which results in more unalerted see and avoid.

I suggest you stick to the truth in future.

23rd Aug 2007, 07:44
WELLCONCERNED you actually need some safety experience and qualifications to run safety too so what happened there?

But I have the solution. pay the money or clone Gail Kelly, ex St Georges bank and new Westpac CEO. Something new (though old practice) from something that actually works. A CEO with integrity, common sense and brains. At a recent interview, when asked about the dichotomy between stakeholders and customers her answer ignored both and directly referred to the importance of STAFF!!!!!!!!!!! She also spoke about the importance of customers, long term strategy and standards of service. What more could we ask for? Just watch all of the scuttling to align by current managers and execs.

This is what we need; long long time coming.

23rd Aug 2007, 08:13

"I have a dream..."

23rd Aug 2007, 09:07
Hi 44Wing,

Agree that she'd make a good candidate for CEO - but suspect the salary might be just a wee bit on the short side! I suspect she'll be pulling in $2M-$3M a year in saklary, bonuses and options [probably more].

AsA CEO is on what - about $500k all up?

Also agree about the safety qualification for GM-Safety - but it doesn't seem to be a prerequisite at eith AsA or CASA for that matter. Even senior ATSB staff are short a few basic safety quals.

Still think you need to keep your eyes open for an ex-mil person for CEO - can't be more specific than that without giving my ID away....

23rd Aug 2007, 10:25

Who said ex-RAAF?

Look wider and higher, mon ami.....

...and not necessarily a uniformed person......[i.e., DoD, perhaps?...]

He [and it is a he - sorry girls] is ready to jump, and has been approached...

23rd Aug 2007, 10:54
.... has been approached :hmm:
.. forgive me for being cynical, but most people in that club are cut from the same cloth (certainly in the last 11 years) .... folks are not 'approached' unless they have certain ideological runs on the board :suspect:
... tell us that ain't true .. lest there be mass depression :(

23rd Aug 2007, 12:47
Oh please non denominational higher power, please give us a CEO that understands that staff are an ASSET not a cost. :D

That STAFF run the business and not Management at self serving meetings, junkets and lunches. :yuk:

A CEO that realises another drawn out EBA process will only further undermine (yes - although at historic lows it could fall even further) staff confidence and morale.

Someone who nows that the last thing we need is another bloody F*&*^%%ing restructure. You can only re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic so many times - she is still going down. :ugh:

Oh, and N.D.H.P please protect the travelling John's and Jane's and ensure that Australia does not suffer a major event due to the short sighted, narrow minded, penny pinching, moral murdering shite that the ATC (and many other Aviation professionals just quietly) have had to put up with for far to long.

Nema. :ok:

23rd Aug 2007, 13:07
:D .. Bravo That Man/Woman :D

23rd Aug 2007, 20:51
Bravo again.

Department of Defence, (not the ADF bits) is THE MOST dysfunctional organisation this county heralds (no bets on second). I cringe at any association with management from THAT organisation. The sweeping statement label is justified considering the risk.

I do, however, know of an ex senior RAAF ATC manager, that was not a controller, but had the sort of head talked about by a couple of people above and without the same cloth issues. He'd be in "the best' category without the cost of Kelly but similar capabiity.

Track Coastal
24th Aug 2007, 06:02
I do, however, know of an ex senior RAAF ATC manager, that was not a controller, but had the sort of head talked about by a couple of people above and without the same cloth issues. He'd be in "the best' category without the cost of Kelly but similar capabiity.

Are you referring to the current DCAF (who one upon a time was OC41WG, maybe even its first OC after its rebirth)? If so, surely you jest.

The last senior blue suiter that gave a toss about the staff was the Zimbabwean (or was he Seth Effrican?) a decade ago.

24th Aug 2007, 10:15
NO definiteley not current DCAF.

The person to which I refer to actually understood and supported ATC and had similar personality and intellectual traits as Kelly.

Easily capable of CEO or Manager ATC. Would certainly be a refreshing change for us.

SM4 Pirate
24th Aug 2007, 10:20
New Board Member:


Track Coastal
24th Aug 2007, 14:53
The person to which I refer to actually understood and supported ATC and had similar personality and intellectual traits as Kelly.

Can't think of anyone above SQNLDR that met/meets that description (and even amongst the 2.5 bar fraternity they were/are not easily found). The fundamental aim of a RAAF ATC officer once he ditches his ericophone/headset (or gets scared of the said communication equipment) is simply to get promoted (climb the greasy pole),collect rank slides, pick up junkets overseas (preferably with tax free dollars). IMHFO, you infer that this person was not a controller but supported and understood (empathy?) ATC staff, if so, please take him/her to the Alan Woods building poste haste!

24th Aug 2007, 22:22
If Avalon (or any other aerodrome) gets a privatised tower, the next CEO might be the last. May be a case of when, not if.

24th Aug 2007, 23:09
Come now,

Does it matter a rats ar$e who the new CEO is?

You all breathlessly announce a possible new CEO as if they are the messiah :ugh:

They are all the same, does anything really change? They are there for 3 years max and you are there for 30. Have any of you seen anybody (past CEOs) who stood out as a leader? Thought so!

Dream on boys and girls

SM4 Pirate
24th Aug 2007, 23:40
En-rooter I agree with your sentiments fully; but, Im sure you will agree, the current CEO has seen (ATC particularly) morale plummet and really stupid ideas propagate unabated; any change IMHO will be a good change. Doesn't mean it will get better; but with the incumbent it will only get worse.

A (normally) good source was rabbiting on about some bloke called Gumley? Are there any legs to that one?

25th Aug 2007, 01:58
Maybe we could get Bill Pollard back. He left ATC to run itself and concentrated on his golf game.

But again bravo FlightFocus, you are absolutely correct.:D The CEO does drive the organisation. Just look at what TFN has done to us.:hmm:

25th Aug 2007, 04:19
en-rooter yes it does and there are good people out there who will not cost an arm or a leg.

There have been good senior execs in Airservices in the deepest past but mad-energy from a certain quarter has had equally disastrous effect upon this organisation as it has upon our system. That brought along persons who could not see past the tatoo on their left-one that read "Commerce" and on the other one - "at all costs".

The problem is, as it always has been, a matter of self-propagation. A mediocre Board or political element will always choose someone of their like. Gumley is from DMO, which is about as deep in the mire of incompetence and beauracratic porridge as anywhere else in the Department of Defence.

As difficult as it is to admit it - I agree with your sense of pessimism.

I had a dream!

25th Aug 2007, 04:39
Maybe we could get Bill Pollard back. He left ATC to run itself and concentrated on his golf game.

Buck Brooksbank was better, he had a deadly "leather wedge".

26th Aug 2007, 11:18
Hot off the press!!!

Look for a significant announcement re AsA CEO's future before the end of this coming week!!

GM ATC will make follow up announcement.

Remember, you heard it first on PrPruNe!!

26th Aug 2007, 11:31
:} ..... comon ... spil yer guts :E

26th Aug 2007, 12:52
I can't stand it, the whiskey on ice has just sailed down.:ok:

Any chance of clearing the decks lets start again, goodness I'll have to invent a new user name, my restructure initiated depression may yet subside.

Oh the humanity.

Very Plane
27th Aug 2007, 06:52

"GM ATC will make follow up announcement. "

I understand the weather on the East Island is very pleasant. Bye!

But we are probably in for a re-structure of the re-structure we had to have.

papi on
1st Sep 2007, 15:02
Hot off the press!!!

Look for a significant announcement re AsA CEO's future before the end of this coming week!!

GM ATC will make follow up announcement.

Remember, you heard it first on PrPruNe!!

So whats the latest well concerned?

2nd Sep 2007, 21:09
Would be interested to hear what's happening with the procedure design section - if anyone knows..... I have a third party interest

Very Plane
2nd Sep 2007, 23:25
With the annual "Waypoint" industry brief in canberra last week (31 August 2007) we learned of the "National Operations Centre" being established in Canberra.

That WILL be good??? Given that Melbourne and Brisbane are where our ATC Centres are located, it is hard to imagine how that will work. Perhaps the GM ATC will do it.

I seem to recall that it was in fact the current GM ATC who (only a couple of years ago) spent a long time doing a report that concluded that the Sydney, Perth and Adelaide Terminal Control Units would be closed and re-located to the Melbourne Centre.

That didn't happen. Is it part of the new plan? What will be the next idea?


3rd Sep 2007, 07:21

Apologies re lack of announcement by CEO AsA - apparently 'encouraged' by a certain party [officed in a very central Canberra location] to hold off on any precipitous announcement prior to next month's election.


National Operations Centre is a euphamism for 'strike break headquarters'. It is being designed to allow ATC feed data [radar, comms etc] to be funneled into Canberra, to allow management to run stop-work or strike breaking manouevres. Forget what else you may have been told.

3rd Sep 2007, 09:51
AWA's ... ALM co-ord ratings .... a so-called NOC at the Alan Wood's Building that none of the coalface staff hear about before anyone else!
If your mail on the new CEO is even close (DoD), then the pieces fit nicely!
Were it not that Corrigan has other issues on his plate, I'd be betting money he were in the 3 peice suit ring somewhere as well!
Wonder what Martin Ferg's thoughts are .... does he know of or condone this stuff? :hmm:

3rd Sep 2007, 20:13
Here's a novel idea - Risk Manage the selection proponents (CEO/GM ATC) by an independant entity. Discard, or at the very least establish, the damage before the event. Perhaps "after the election" is our best hope of something illuminary.:ok:

man on the ground
4th Sep 2007, 12:46
National Operations Centre is a euphamism for 'strike break headquarters'. It is being designed to allow ATC feed data [radar, comms etc] to be funneled into Canberra, to allow management to run stop-work or strike breaking manouevres. Forget what else you may have been told.

You might be well concerned, but not that well infomred. Don't believe all the office gossip. A few matters of 'reality' intrude on your scenario.

And your mail on the big boss wouldn't be 180 degrees out either, would it?

5th Sep 2007, 20:07
A gentle reminder to the Board, the CEO and managers of ATC when considering commercialisation of the air traffic control business vice safety, quality management and managers.

Rethink the question of who exactly the stakeholders are...........The Flying Public perhaps, through the intent of the Commonwealth?

The court decided the Skyguide managers had failed in their duty of care.

Equally, managers knew the lack of technical equipment made the controllers' work more difficult but had failed to introduce additional support systems to ease their task.


6th Sep 2007, 00:09
... Indeed .... :(
On the other score ..... not sure if it is another cruel curve ball just to keep the troops guessing/wrong footed :ooh:
... he has supposedly signed another contract!
... something about reading the latest polls etc .. who knows? .... more importantly .. who cares!

Capt Claret
6th Sep 2007, 01:17
There was a snippet in The Australian, a week or so ago, suggesting that Gerry McGowan was to be the new man, and touting his industry experience and expertise, as signifying he'd do well.

8th Sep 2007, 13:27
A NOC operated by those who could not control in the first instance and who subsequently ran away to a management hole, all is lost.

Alas, I have descended back into my restructure initiated depression, do not weep for me as the whiskey is still fine. :}