View Full Version : Jetstar Recruitment - can go below minima?

training wheels
10th Aug 2007, 01:39
*Minimum 2000 hours total flying total time of which 500 may be helicopter;
*500 hours Pilot in Command or First Officer on Multi-Engine Aircraft; and
*250 hours Pilot in Command of which 150 may be ICUS
In some circumstances the General Manager Flying Operations may determine that a pilot is sufficiently qualified and experienced for recruitment with less than the qualifications and experience specified above.
I haven't seen that last paragraph before .... so just wondering whether anyone has actually got a gig with Jetstar with less than the specified minima?
BTW, does the General Manager of Flying Operations have the initials JS?

10th Aug 2007, 11:37
I would hazard a guess that if you had time on type with less than the minimums (ie someone in Europe) you may get a shot. Assuming you can get permanent resident status that is.